Tidings – Canada

British Columbia

Langley, Prayer is requested for tent meetings to begin July 5 with Dave Richards and Bryan Funston in south Langley.

Port Alberni, A teenage girl was baptized on May 24, bringing joy to the saints.


Saskatoon, During the past few months, the saints have been encouraged by the baptism of three young people and the addition to the assembly of two believers. The weekend of meetings with Sandy Higgins in March was an encouragement to the good number in attendance.


Winnipeg, The April conference went well with profitable ministry. The saints have an annual booth at the Red River Exhibition and some are in fellowship today because of contacts at the booth.


Clinton, In early April, the saints enjoyed a visit by David Gilliland for a Lord’s day and three nights of ministry on the Reign of David. On April 29, Jack Nesbitt made an appreciated visit.

Hamilton, Recently, the assembly a predated visits from W. Gustafson, Allen, E. Higgins, M. Poidevin, D. Ussher, E. Miller and L. Steers. The mother of one of the believers who was saved last fall, has been baptized and recently received into fellowship.

Kapuskasing, At the Easter conference, the Bible reading was profitable and excellent ministry was given by six brethren. One brother and one sister were recently added to the assembly

Kenora, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Murray Pratt expects to commence on July 5.

Lake Shore, To commemorate 125 years of continuous assembly testimony, a special meeting was held on March 21. A good crowd gathered and heard ministry by N. Crawford, E. Higgins and D. Oliver as well as a rsum of the early history of the assembly.

London, The assembly appreciated visits for ministry and reports by James Allen, John Dennison, Tom Baker and Bruce Cottrill. One hundred and forty people from 14 countries were present at the Spanish conference in May. Ministry was given by T. Baker, E. Doherty, R. Hanna, W. McBride, D. Rodgers and J. Thropay. Blessing was seen in salvation.

Nipissing Junction, The assembly enjoyed two and a half weeks of gospel meetings by Andrew Fletcher, helped by local brethren. One boy professed during the series, for which the saints thank God.

Oil Springs, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which William Metcalf and Bert Snippe expect to commence on August 2.

Ottawa, There was blessing in salvation during gospel meetings by Peter Orasuk and Ken Taylor.

Parry Sound, In May, Eugene Badgley had a week of helpful ministry on assembly truth.

Peterborough, Lorne Mitchell and Eugene Badgley finished three weeks of gospel meetings in early May. Unsaved were present nightly and one soul professed faith in Christ. The May conference was very large. The hall was filled, many assemblies were represented and 11 of the Lord’s servants were present to help.

Rexdale, A college student professed salvation during two weeks of gospel meetings by Gene Higgins and Fred Hannah Sr. (Highfield) in May.

Sarnia, Prayer will be valued for tent meetings which James Smith and John Dennison plan to start in July and continue into August.

St. Thomas, The assembly enjoyed ministry recently from Danny Ussher and Tom Baker. Ed Miller and Bruce Rodgers expected to begin tent meetings north of the city on June 14.

Unionville, On May 31, Peter Orasuk and Brian Crawford started tent meetings with a good response from the area.

Wallaceburg, The saints were encouraged by seeing 40 from surrounding assemblies helping with the distribution of 5,000 Seed Sowers texts in view of purposed tent meetings by William Metcalf and Bert Snippe.


Sainte-Flavie, Prayer is valued for tent meetings which Grard Roy plans to have in July.

New Brunswick

Fredericton, Prayer is requested for tent meetings that Peter Orasuk and Peter Ramsay expect to commence in early August.

Green River, In late March, Leslie Wells had two ministry meetings on Romans 8. The hall was filled for the May conference, which was a time of profit and confirmation of basic assembly truths. Vernon Markle spoke by interpretation and Larry Buote, Ivan Poirier, Grard Roy and Leslie Wells shared in ministry. Prayer is requested for tent meetings which brethren Buote and Wells expect to have in July.

Pigeon Hill, Leslie Wells had seven meetings for ministry on the Book of Ezra in early April.

Point la Nim, In early June, Leslie Wells and Grard Roy started gospel meetings in an empty restaurant. This village is in the Campbellton/Dalhousie area.

Shediac, Speaking from the Psalms, Leslie Wells had eight nights of profitable ministry.

Nova Scotia

Barrington Passage, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Albert Hull and James McClelland plan to start in mid July in this needy area. Interest in the past three years has been encouraging.

River Hebert, The assembly enjoyed three visits from Ken Taylor on April 2, April 5 and May 28.

Sydney Mines, Work continues to progress on the new hall. The saints enjoyed a recent visit from David Swan.

Prince Edward Island

Crapaud, The Island conference on May 15-17 was very large, with as many as 900 present. The gospel was preached and ministry given by ten brethren. A Bible reading on Psalm 69 was opened by Norman Crawford.

Rosebank, At the one day meeting on April 25, William Bingham and local brethren ministered the Word and preached the gospel. Brother Bingham remained for the Lord’s day and two men professed faith in Christ.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander Bay, Several of the Lord’s servants were present for the conference in May and the ministry was very uplifting.

Mt. Pearl, Gospel meetings by David Oliver and Marvin Derksen closed on May 14 with two souls professing salvation.

Seal Cove, Bryan Joyce visited on the weekend of May 3 and his visit was encouraging. Our brother was at Sandringham on the following weekend.

Tidings – U.S.A.


Seattle, William Lavery and Bryan Funston had two and a half weeks of gospel meetings. Good numbers attended with many new ones out. During the meetings, one young lady and three young men were baptized, bringing much joy to the saints.


Grant’s Pass, A good spirit prevailed throughout the Memorial Day conference and the saints were greatly encouraged.

South Dakota

Rapid City, Allan Christopherson expected to start tent meetings at the fair grounds on June 14 with the help of a few local brethren.


Hinckley, Robert Orr and Roy Weber are preaching the gospel.

Minneapolis, Gospel meetings by Eric McCullough and Arthur Ward were excellent. Many outsiders attended and two boys professed salvation.


Stout, The conference was most encouraging with profitable ministry and a large number attending. Fourteen of the Lord’s servants were present to help. The assembly also enjoyed ministry by Hans Bouwman (April 2 and 3) and Alex Dryburgh (April 20-24).


Brodhead, A young man was baptized on May 17 and William Skates was present for this happy event.

Egg Harbor, William Skates had helpful ministry meetings from May 24-27.

Juda, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Robert Orr and William Skates expect to begin on July 5.

LaCrosse, Gospel meetings by James Smith were well attended and God graciously moved in salvation.


New Lenox, The conference was a time of spiritual blessing. Help was given by M. McCandless, J. Portman, W. Skates, J. Slabaugh and D. Ussher. Following the conference, brother Ussher remained for a Lord’s day and two nights in ministry.


Alpena, Prayer is requested for tent meetings which Larry Perkins and James Beattie plan to start on July 26.

Livonia, David Gilliland had a week of ministry in April which was much appreciated.

Saginaw, Jack Nesbitt and William Metcalf encouraged the saints in Saginaw and the surrounding assemblies at the all day meeting on June 7.


Akron, The saints appreciated helpful visits from Alex Dryburgh, Murray McCandless, William Lavery and Joel Portman recently.

Clyde, Gospel meetings began on May 17 with Jack Nesbitt, helped by three local brethren. Via magazines were distributed with invitations throughout the town and unsaved have attended the meetings every night.

Mansfield, The assembly saw blessing in gospel meetings by Murray McCandless and Dale Vitale.

West Virginia

New Creek, The saints enjoyed a week of ministry by Joel Portman before the Frostburg conference and two nights by Alex Dryburgh following the conference.


Frostburg, At the conference on May 15-17, the ministry was timely and encouraging. A good number of visitors came to the conference gospel meetings. On May 26, Dale Vitale spoke the gospel at the high school graduation service to about 250 people.

North Carolina

Denver, Jonathan Procopio and David Petterson continued their tent meetings into the fourth week with good attendance and blessing in salvation. Denver is 20 miles south of Hickory.

Hickory, The conference was well attended; joy and thanksgiving characterized it. Help was given by six visiting brethren. During the conference, the assembly commemorated our beloved brother Oswald MacLeod’s 70th year in the Lord’s work. David Oliver and Norman Crawford were asked to give their personal memories of our brother’s life and labors. An elder from Hickory gave an interesting account of the pioneering work of brother MacLeod in the area.


Hatboro, On May 31, James Smith and William Seale commenced tent meetings and two professed to be saved during the first week.

New Jersey

Pennsauken, Tom Baker and Gene Higgins expected to start tent meetings on June 28.


Byfield, Five brethren gave appreciated help at the recent conference.

Tidings – Other Countries


Ballymacashon, The hall was well filled for the conference and helpful ministry was given by H. Paisley, D. Gilliland, S. Ferguson and M. Radcliffe.

Drumlough, At the well attended conference, W. Nesbitt, D. Kane, A. Mitchell, T. McNeill and B. Glendinning shared in ministry

At last report, gospel meetings were being conducted in the following places:

Ballybollen, J. Thompson and N. Fleck.

Belfast, J. Hutchinson and A. Aiken in Creghagh Street.

Clones, D. Gilliland and R. Eadie.

Coleraine, H. Paisley

Cookstown, N. Coulter.

Lurgan, A. McShane and M. Radcliffe.

Rathfriland, B. Glendinning and R. Fairley.

Richhill, S. McBride and I. Wright.


Sao Gabriel, Quite a few professed, including some long prayed for, during seven weeks in the gospel by John McCann Jr. and Roberto Ploia.


Note: We requested our brother Jesse Fitch to give an update on the work in Russia. On June 1, he wrote the following report on his 1998 Spring visit to the Ukraine and Russia:

“In March, I accompanied Louis Smith and David Richards for our first visit to the Ukraine. Contact was made with several groups of Christians, loosely linked with the Baptist movement, but they requested a return visit this summer for distribution of the Word of God and teaching on the New Testament local church.

“We joined up with Eric Fowler and Howard Pratt in Russia. Brethren were able to minister to the several assemblies, preach the gospel and distribute New Testaments and literature in several villages. We had to keep what is called ‘low-keyed’ due to a new religious law that restricts public gospel activity. Howard Pratt and I visited a new area farther east in Siberia near Novasebersk. Several small gatherings were held in a home of two sisters who moved there from the Surgut assembly. About ten people wish to be baptized and taught New Testament church principles. Most people in the area do not have the Bible. A second visit was made to the city of Veronish in S.W. Russia. Five thousand New Testaments have been sent there for distribution in July.

“Max McLean and Tom Cooper are currently with two local assemblies and following up on previous contacts. We purpose two more eight to ten week trips this summer and fall, and value the prayers of the saints.”

Conferences, D.V.

Arnstein, Ontario

September 19 and 20 in the Gospel Hall, with prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. Bible readings at 8:45 a.m. on John 15 (Saturday) and John 20 (Lord’s day). Breaking of Bread at 10. Supper served at 5 p.m. on Friday for any arriving early Corr. Don Brunne, Arnstein, ON, POH lAO, (705) 757-2030.

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Michigan

September 5 and 6 in St. Basil Secondary School, 250 St. George’s Ave. East, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Meetings on Saturday at 10, 1:30,3:30 and 7. On Lord’s day, meetings at 10:15, 1:30, 3:30 and 7:30. Bible readings both days at 1:30 on Spirit Filled Life – Individual and Assembly Prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the Gospel Hall, Wellington and Spring Streets. Corr. R.A. Clark, 462 MacDonald Avenue, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6B IH9, (705) 759-0968.

Clementsvale, N.S.

September 5 and 6 in the Gospel Hall, commencing with Prayer and Ministry on Saturday at 10 a.m. Bible reading on Lord’s day at 8:30 a.m. on Luke 22:3946. Breaking of Bread at 10. Corr. Ronald Berry, RR 1, Clementsvale, N.S., BOS IGO, (902) 467-3287. Accom. James McClelland, (902) 467-3351.

Kansas City, Missouri

September 6 and 7 in the Gospel Hall, 4603 E. Linwood Blvd. Prayer meeting on Saturday at 7 p.m. On Lord’s day, Bible reading at 9:30 on Col. 2, Breaking of Bread at 11, Ministry at 2 and Gospel at 7. On Monday, Ministry at 10 and 2 with Gospel at 6. Corr. William L. Jackson, 1613 Ashland PI., Blue Springs, MO 64015, (816) 228-3591. Hall (816) 924-6346.

Akron, Ohio

September 5 and 6 in Copley High School, 3797 Ridgewood Rd., Copley. Exit Interstate 77 at Ridgewood Road. On Saturday, Ministry at 10, with Bible reading at 1:30 on Personal Restoration and Collective Revival. Breaking of Bread at 10. Prayer meeting on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the Gospel Hall, 2705 Smith Road, (330) 867-3818. Accom. David Metcalf, 3228 Blake Road, Wadsworth, OH 44281, (330) 334-9691. Corr. Kenneth Webb, PO Box 13350, Akron, OH 44334, (330) 836-9694.

Kindly remember:

Sioux City, IA – July 19

Change of Address

David Booth (Russia), Port Loring, Ontario, POH 1YO

Correction to T&T Address List, June 1998

David Rodgers, Postal Code should be N5X 1S5

Change in Meeting Times

Rosebank, PEI, Prayer meeting is now on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Methuen, MA, Gospel meeting is now at 6:30 p.m.

With Christ

Mrs. Francis Todd of Mobile, Alabama on February 17, age 96. Our esteemed sister was saved early in life. She and her husband John saw the truth of gathering alone to the name of the Lord Jesus though reading the Bible in their own home. Her husband went to heaven several years ago. They had no children. She had a quiet, godly testimony and was known for her knowledge of the Word of God. Although far removed from any assemblies, she kept in touch with other believers, and servants of the Lord were always welcome in her home.

Mrs. Pearl Loomis of Stout, Iowa on April 14, age 82. Our dear sister was saved on November 19, 1916 through the efforts of the late Oliver Smith. She was a quiet and faithful sister who appreciated her salvation. Her husband predeceased her some years ago. Mrs. Loomis is survived by a son a daughter; the latter is in fellowship in the Stout assembly. Many unsaved relatives and friends gathered for the large funeral service, and the gospel was faithfully preached by Eric McCullough and Roy Weber.

Samuel Smyth of Ballymena, N. Ireland on April 14, age 75. Our dear brother was saved through John 6:37 on March 10, 1943 while W. Bunting was preaching in Edenderry. Later he was baptized and in Edenderry assembly. The past ten years, he was in Hanyville, Ballymena. He was a wise brother who loved the Lord, the assembly and the gospel. The large funeral was taken by J. Martin with W. Fenton speaking at the grave. Remember his widow, son Graham and his wife, who were two years in Bracondale and Guelph, also his brother-in-law, W. Bingham.

Harold Brandt of Garnavillo, Iowa on May 2, age 82. Our beloved brother was saved at the age of 11 while his mother was reading a Sunday School paper. He was in happy fellowship in the Garnavillo assembly for many years, being a respected and faithful brother. The past 3 1/2 years he resided in Linn Manor Care Center. His wife Ruth predeceased him in May 1996. He is survived by a son George and his family, and also a twin brother Gerold. Grant Hagen, Robert Orr and Joel Portman shared the funeral service.

Norman Fergusson of Earlton, Ontario on May 9, age 86. Our beloved brother was born and spent his life on the farm on which the Earlton Hall is built, and was saved at age 15. in the assembly, he went on faithfully as a leader and example to God’s people. He loved to sing and preach the gospel and was always encouraging others in this work. He is survived by his wife Winnifred, four sons, two daughters, 16 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. E. Doherty preached the gospel to the large crowd who came to show the high esteem in which he was held.

Earl Hayes of Stout, Iowa on May 9, age 80. Our dear brother was saved in the fall of 1950 during gospel meetings at Stout. He was received into fellowship and in August 1952 married Mildred Collings. Mr. Hayes was faithful in his interest and support of the assembly He leaves to mourn his wife, three sons, Bruce, Scott and Sid, and one daughter, Beth Walvatne. The large funeral service was conducted by Roy Weber and Richard Van Mill.

Donald Reed of London, Ontario on May 16, age 79, after a long illness with cancer. Our dear brother was saved in 1937 in St. Thomas and received into fellowship there. He lived in England for a number of years before moving to London, Canada in 1954. He attended the meetings faithfully Predeceased by his wife, Donald is survived by seven children. The funeral was taken by Gordon Brodie.

Marion Shane of Hampton, Iowa on May 18, age 84. Our dear brother was saved as a young man of 19 and lived his life in fellowship with God’s people. Marion was a gentle man, who displayed a kind and compassionate heart throughout his lifetime. He was a pillar in the Hampton assembly where he will be much missed. His wife Pauline passed on to glory six years ago. His son and daughter follow his steps. Leonard De Buhr spoke the Word at the funeral service with Floyd Christopherson speaking at the grave side.

James C. Batterton of Terryville, CT on May 21, age 67. Our dear brother grew up in Plymouth, CT, a suburb of Waterbury, and was saved in 1937 as a result of tent meetings by Mr. Halliday. He was received into fellowship shortly after. Jim was a devoted elder who loved the assembly. His faithfulness and enthusiasm were an encouragement to many. His Christian life evidenced a deep sincerity and courage which made possible many messages of exhortation. He was especially an encourager of young men. His steady, guiding hand will be greatly missed.

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