The Development of Gift

In the previous article we had a few thoughts on the planting of an assembly. After the planting of an assembly, it is necessary to look for the development of gift among the members. A desire to please the Lord is what we look for in those who profess to be saved, a desire to do something for the One who has done so much for them. Encouraging brethren to take part in the meetings needs godly discernment, as some will be shy while others will be forward. Some brethren will take advice kindly, while others could get annoyed.

It is important to get brethren to understand the difference between the prayer meeting and the breaking of bread. In simple terms we would teach that the prayer meeting is where we ask the Lord for blessing and return thanks for blessings received. At the breaking of bread it is more the idea of giving to the Lord the adoration of our souls. Peter tells us to “Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18). As young believers grow in their appreciation of the Person of Christ, they will worship more intelligently.

Open-air meetings are good for brethren to get practice in preaching the Gospel. Tent meetings during which brethren tell their conversion are also valuable. In both areas it is good for young brethren to be brief and to the point. Some believers are very good at giving out tracts and talking to people about salvation. The ability to get people into the Gospel meeting is a useful gift as well. Sunday School work is vital. Some are gifted in speaking to children. Holding the interest of the children is important, as children will not pretend to be interested if they are not.

It is important to look out for brethren who take part publicly that are “readers.” This means more than just the ability to read. It is the desire to do so. Good literature should be put in the hands of such and even encouragement to get a little library of study books. It is a great blessing when we get godly couples into the assembly. A spiritually intelligent wife will be a great help to her husband in studying the Word. We have known of cases where help has been given at home by the wife in preparation of messages.

House meetings need careful monitoring as they can be a source of blessing or mischief. The Aquila and Priscilla approach is good (Acts 18:26).