Editorial: Preservation of Testimony

There is much to humble us as the people of God. Weakness, failure and inconsistency stalk our steps and confront us daily. Yet we have much for which we can thank God as we consider how mercifully God has preserved testimony to His Name. This measure of preservation is not related to our efforts or faithfulness but to God’s mercy and kindness.

But how is this mercy visible to us in a tangible way? In His infinite wisdom, God has ordained that assemblies should preach the gospel and remember the Lord in the breaking of bread. These two activities have far more to do with preservation of testimony than we might, at first, appreciate.

The simplicity of the Lord’s supper and its observance bring us back to the cross and engender a fresh appreciation for the person and work of our Lord Jesus. Just as Paul brought the doctrine of the cross to bear upon all the problems at Corinth, so an appreciation of the cross serves as an invaluable balance on assembly life.

But it is perhaps the clear proclamation of the gospel which has maintained assemblies and prevented false teaching as well as worldly inroads. When the gospel is preached simply and with power, when the condition of man and the grace of God are presented, we are reminded of what we are in ourselves and the wonder of divine grace. Souls are warmed, hearts are humbled, priorities are adjusted and worship is created.

With this issue of Truth and Tidings, we begin a series on this very subject: The Preaching of the Gospel. These articles are written with young men in mind who must bear the responsibility for gospel testimony in local assemblies. They are practical and helpful. There is no intention of creating a stereotyped approach to the honored service of heralding the message of the gospel.

The series will contain several articles in each issue written by men who are esteemed for their labor amongst us in the gospel. The articles will cover such subjects as: Preparation for Preaching, the Presentation of the Message, Prayer and the Message, Personal Work as well as others. Those with a care for the assembly are encouraged to get these articles into the hands of younger brethren.

Other articles in this month’s issue include the beginning of a series on “Men who Touched My Life for God.” In this series we will be reminded of the many ways and means which God employs to shape and mold lives for His use. Our brother, Mr. Robert Neill of S. Africa has consented to write the first article.

As we enter 1998, we solicit and covet the prayers of the Lord’s people for the usefulness of Truth and Tidings in furthering and preserving testimony for God.

On behalf of the board,