Book Review: Following Christ in an Age of Confusion by Craig and Hannah Munro

coverCraig and Hannah Munro, Following Christ in an Age of Confusion (Kilmarnock, Scotland: John Ritchie Ltd., 2020), 125 pp.

Reviewed by David Hanley

Confusion has characterized the world and humanity since the early pages of Genesis. The current confusion surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has distracted from the escalating confusion in other spheres of life. The enemy is behind it all. This book helps the young Christian combat the confusion of the world, and much of its content will benefit older believers as well, especially parents of young Christians.

Our chief commendation of this book is that there are copious Scripture references throughout, countering confusion with truth. Subjects include relationships, moral purity, separation, mental health matters, the transition to young adulthood, and others. Much is written regarding the impact of social media, and contemporary issues such as video games, video streaming, internet safety and entertainment are discussed. It’s clear that the content of this book is presented with a spirit of love. The authors demonstrate an understanding that young believers today are being influenced by a confused and ever-changing worldview that is antithetical to the ways of God, and they have an interest in equipping their readers with the truth. It should be mentioned that this book also contains the personal experiences of other young believers who themselves have navigated the troubled waters of the world and its confusion. The book is available for purchase at, and