Grande Prairie: The assembly held gospel meetings September 15-16, 20-21, 26-29 at the Peace Country Safety Resources Centre. Meetings were also held September 18-19, 23, 25 in the town of Hythe, AB, at the Hythe Community Centre.

British Columbia

Vancouver: The Fairview assembly held one week of Treasure Seekers meetings September 19-23 with Pete Smith in the South Main Street Gospel Hall.

Nova Scotia

Halifax: The assembly started gospel meetings on September 27 with David Hunt and Paul Robertson.


Brampton: The assembly commenced a gospel series in person and livestreamed on September 11 with David Booth and Jim Jarvis.

Kemptville: Lorne Langfeld, with the help of believers from several assemblies, distributed gospel literature September 20-24 at the International Plowing Match. This large agricultural event provided opportunities to make contacts and have conversations about the gospel.

North Bay: The Nipissing Junction assembly held gospel meetings October 16-28 in person and livestreamed with Bert Snippe and local brother Mike Trahan.

Oro Station: Lorne Langfeld set up a gospel booth September 8-11 at the Barrie Auto Flea Market near Orillia, ON.

Perth: The Maberly assembly, after a three-year hiatus, had a gospel outreach at the Perth Fair with the help of Lorne Langfeld.

Windsor: The assembly held gospel meetings September 18-October 2 with Robert Fairley (Lisburn, NI) and Bert Snippe. A community BBQ was held just prior to the meetings on Lord’s Day to reach out to the local community of many university students. Good conversations were had on the front lawn of the hall, and a few came in to hear the gospel. A number of people joined live on Zoom, as this was also promoted on the invitations. Personal visits were made by the speakers to friends and family of those in the assembly. Please pray for salvation and for the gospel to still resonate in the hearts of those who heard the message. We also pray for the redistribution of the video messages on Facebook and YouTube to continue to reach souls.

Prince Edward Island

Summerside: The assembly had a week of children’s meetings with Jonathan Procopio during the last week of October. The meetings were well attended by children from the community.



Phoenix: The Orangewood assembly continues their series of short Saturday night devotionals via Zoom on the “Person and Work of our Lord Jesus Christ” to help believers prepare for worship on the Lord’s Day. Brethren taking part to date include Gaius Goff (September 10), Andrew Ussher (September 17), Lindsay Parks (Indiana, PA, September 24) and Paul Thiessen (October 1).


Garnavillo: Brody Thibodeau was with the assembly for ministry September 21-23.

Stout: The assembly was encouraged by three believers obeying the Lord in baptism on September 25 at the Grundy County Lake in Dike, IA.

Waterloo: Brody Thibodeau visited the assembly September 19-20 for ministry.


Livonia: The Stark Road assembly held gospel meetings September 20-October 9 with Tom Hoy and Dale Vitale in person and livestreamed.


Fridley: Joel Portman visited the assembly for ministry October 9-12.


Matoaca: The assembly held two weeks of gospel meetings August 28-September 9 in the tent, with David Hierlihy and local brethren helping.

West Virginia

New Creek: Gospel meetings with Joe Camarra (Worcester, MA) and Joel Portman that commenced August 2 closed on September 9.


Ontario: Scott MacLeod gave ministry in person and livestreamed September 28-October 12 on the book of Revelation using new charts.


Nuevo León

Monterrey: On September 16, the assembly convened a special meeting because of its being Independence Day. After enjoying a meal together, the gospel was shared with those who were invited.


Chihuahua: The Wednesday afternoon Bible classes for children recommenced in the outreach work in El Porvenir with encouraging attendance.


Hermosillo: The house meetings held in the south of the city continue each Monday evening. It was encouraging to see a young married couple, who were subjects of prayer since 2020, start attending in September.


Iguala: On September 4, the assembly celebrated its eighth anniversary. The believers appreciated the visit from Samuel and Ruth Chesney, labouring in Xalapa, Veracruz. Samuel shared two messages with those present, including one on believers’ baptism before a brother saved in March was baptized.

Shad and Deborah Kember visited the assembly at the end of September and they were also able to visit the work in Oacalco, Morelos.


Xalapa: The assembly was thankful for the visit from John and Margaret Moore (N. Ireland) in September. Timothy Turkington also helped in some open-air meetings in nearby towns during his brief visit.


Tampa, FL

January 14-15, at the Clark Family Farm. Meetings begin at 10am both days. Speakers expected are John Dennison and Sandy Higgins. There will be an activity planned for Monday, January 16, as this is MLK day. These are assembly meetings and believers of all ages are encouraged to attend. For the address, more information, or accommodations, please contact Gordon Armstrong, Email: gparmstrong@icloud.com; Tel: 813-848-4056.

Bicester, UK

February 23-26, Bible Teaching Weekend at the Hebron Gospel Hall. Speaker: Alasdair Baijal (Glencraig). Thursday: Ministry 8-9pm. Friday: Ministry 8-9pm followed by light refreshments. Saturday: Three sessions with buffet dinner. Lord’s Day: Ministry 1-2pm followed by lunch at the hall. Details will be uploaded on http://www.hebrongospelhallbicester.org. For accommodation enquiries, please contact info@hebrongospelhallbicester.org, Graham Keene, Tel: 07850009328, or Josh Jacob, Tel: 07884364167.

Conferences Previously Published:

Alpena, AR – November 5-6

Saskatoon, SK – November 5-6

Bryn Mawr/Hatboro, PA – November 11-13

Maberly, ON – November 26

Phoenix, AZ – November 26-27


Change of Address

Irene Dryburgh: 24-1486 Richmond St., London, ON, N6G 2M3; Email: quiet.waters@hotmail.com

Change of Correspondent

Saginaw, MI:  Jon Nicol, Tel: 989-860-8256; Email: jnicol930@gmail.com

Tampa, FL: Email: ntghoversight@gmail.com


William Stainton of Unionville, ON, on May 23, 2022, age 88. Born and raised in Toronto, Bill was a founding member of the Unionville assembly and long-time elder. Saved at 15, he preached the gospel, led sings, shepherded the flock, and showed love to believers through acts of service. Bill was the administrator at the Bethany Lodge Christian home in Unionville from 1986 to 2000. He was married for 55 years to Norma (née Joyce) until her homecall in 2012. Despite dementia in his twilight years, Bill never lost his love for hymns, the Psalms or sweets. He leaves behind two sisters Frances and Marian; four children Sharon, Janet (Byron), Paul (Elizabeth) and Patricia (John); eight grandchildren; and eleven great-grandchildren. Bill will be remembered for his hard work outdoors and in the gospel, sense of humour, musical voice and sweet tooth. His funeral was held in Markham with contributions by family and friends.

Lee Stenerson of La Crosse, WI, on June 13, 2022, age 95. Born and raised in Ontario, WI, on May 16, 1927, he was a deacon in a local denomination when the Gospel Tent came in the summer of 1952. Hearing the gospel faithfully preached, Lee was convicted of his sin and told his pastor, “I’ve never been more deceived than I was in your church!” On September 22, 1952, he was saved through Luke 19:10. Lee and his wife Beverly were among the founding members of the Ontario assembly planted in 1954. He was a faithful brother, elder, teacher and evangelist.  Lee’s godly testimony drew men to the Lord. After moving off the farm, he and Beverly spent nearly 45 years gathering with the saints in La Crosse, WI. He leaves behind his wife of 74 years, son Michael, daughter Diane (Ron) Doll, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Elsie Mary Taylor, of Port Alberni, BC, on June 26, 2022, age 98. Born in Desford, England, on April 19, 1924, she was affectionately known as “Aunt Mary” in Labrador, NL, where she served as a nurse with the International Grenfell Mission for 50 years beginning in 1953. She was saved as a teenager in March 1941, and her assurance came through Isaiah 53:6. Through consultation with doctors by radio only and with constant prayers, Mary treated many people from Forteau and all the way up to Red Bay. Known for her love and compassion, her greatest joy was delivering babies (close to 900) and leading souls to Christ. After she retired, she wrote a book about her sojourn titled Light on the Labrador. She served the Lord faithfully all her days. Eric Fowler spoke during her funeral and at the graveside. “She hath been a succourer of many” (Romans 16:2).

Debra Kay Pfalzgraf of Waterloo, IA, on June 29, 2022, age 62. She was saved August 14, 1974, at the age of 14. While in deep soul trouble, she knelt by her bed and asked God what she had to do to be saved. The answer flashed into her mind: Jesus did it all, He did it all. Debra enjoyed fellowshipping with the believers who meet in the assembly on Western Avenue in Waterloo. For the past year she suffered patiently with cancer. Debra is survived by her daughter Kimberly (Jacob) Hunemuller, son Michael, parents Delmer and Joyce Stickfort, and her sister Susan. The funeral service was taken by Russ Nesbit and George Farber.

Harri Ollila of Kirkland Lake, ON, on July 11, 2022, age 60. He was saved at age 18 while attending Bible classes in preparation for his confirmation. After paying close attention to the Scriptures, Harri realized that a certificate in itself was insufficient to satisfy God. While reciting the creed, he appreciated the work of the Lord Jesus and was saved. Harri’s work in the mining industry led him to fellowship in a number of Ontario assemblies, including Earlton, Timmins, and recently in Kirkland Lake where he was raised. His warm and helpful ministry, shepherding care, and zeal for the gospel will be missed in all the places he lived. He is survived by his wife Sharon, his sister Eliisa, and his five children Mylon (Melina), Benjamin (Olya), AnnaLiisa (Stephen), Bethany (Joshua), and Abigail (Claude). The service was shared by Douglas Yade (Kirkland Lake) and Wayne Aldred (Timmins).

Rosanna Tries of Welland, ON, on July 24, 2022, age 89. Devoutly religious Catholics, she and her husband John sacrificially gave to the less fortunate in Niagara Falls. They began listening daily to Vernon McGee’s “Thru the Bible” radio program, and she professed that her “burdens were lifted.” John, through his son-in-law, hesitantly attended a gospel meeting in Guelph, ON, and proclaimed, “How can I meet a group of people like this in Welland?” Some believers then took him to a special gospel series in Niagara Falls, where he was saved, and Rosanna soon after received assurance on February 14, 1994. She leaves behind six children, and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, most of whom are still unsaved. Her kind demeanour and love for singing will be missed in the meetings but she has a sweeter song to sing now and forever. Brian Owen spoke words of comfort as well as warning.

Allan E. Bean of Allison, IA, on July 28, 2022, age 68. He was born on March 24, 1954, in Charles City, IA, to Russell and Irene (Ferch) Bean. His neighbor gave him a Bible and invited Allan to gospel meetings in Nashua, IA. Speakers Bruce Collins and Frank Erskine had Allan look at John 3:18. He realized for the first time he was condemned already, that he was a sinner needing a new birth. He drank in the truth on that day, October 7, 1978. The well-attended funeral was shared by Jerry Jennings and Robert Orr, where the gospel was preached. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints” (Psalm 116:15). Allan will be greatly missed by his wife Greta, one daughter, one grandson, two brothers and four sisters. Prayer is requested for all and any outside of Christ.

Anderson Hernández of Mérida, Mexico, on July 30, 2022, due to an auto accident in the city. He was born on May 19, 1981, and saved on January 23, 1995. At 41, he was full of energy, health and a fervent love for the people of Mexico. Anderson arrived in Mexico in April 2014 with his wife and faithful companion, María Eugenia, and their young son Timothy. From their arrival onward, they labored together, dedicating their strength, time and energy to the Lord’s work. Initially they resided in Chihuahua, helping in the assembly in Valle de la Madrid, the work in Ciudad Delicias and the children’s work in El Porvenir. The Lord later led them to Monterrey, where they tirelessly worked in evangelization, door-to-door visits and open-air preaching. Along with others, they labored until seeing an assembly established for the glory of God. Finally, the Lord led them to Mérida in 2021, where they quickly began the work of evangelizing with meetings in a rented hall; by God’s grace they saw souls saved. Anderson lost no time, and they soon began children’s meetings in a kiosk in Puerto Progreso, a coastal town 25 miles away. More than 50 children came to hear God’s Word twice a week. Anderson’s homecall has left a large hole and tremendous sorrow in the lives of his family. Pray for María Eugenia (his wife of almost 20 years), and their children Timothy (11) and Ximena (6). The Lord’s work has suffered the loss of a wonderful evangelist, teacher and shepherd. Are there any reading these lines who are being called by the Lord to serve in this country? Who will go to Mérida? Progreso? Who will continue these new works?

Ida Iris Pratt (née Rodgers) of Charlton, ON, on August 2, 2022, age 92. She was born September 4, 1929. Several years before her birth, her parents had been reached by the gospel. The tenth of twelve siblings, Iris was raised in an active Christian home. As a young girl, she placed her trust in Jesus Christ as her Savior. Iris married Harvey Pratt in 1949. For 59 years, they lived near Charlton, where they raised their family and used their home for the blessing of many. She was a faithful partner for over 72 years of marriage. Harvey’s homecall was seven months before her own. Iris was quick to laugh at herself but showed a tender heart for others. She leaves behind many loved ones who remember her smile and practical care. Her nephew Bruce Rodgers and her sons Murray and Larry Pratt shared the funeral service.

Chancy A. Spencer of Sherman, MI, age 89, went to meet his Savior on August 15, 2022.  He came to know Christ on July 22, 1956, shortly after serving his country in the army during the Korean conflict.  Soon after, Chancy married his lifelong companion of 65 years, Gertrude Joy Spencer. Through the ups and downs of self-employment and running a successful business, he and Gertrude faithfully served the Christians in the Sherman assembly for those 65 years.  He was a committed shepherd and overseer.  Chancy is survived by Gertrude; his children Jennifer (Ken) Puffer, Kay (Ken) Mack, David (Tammy), and Tom (Sandi); 10 grandchildren; and 16 great-grandchildren.  The large funeral service was attended by friends, family and many from the community. The God-honoring service was taken by Tom Spencer, Dan Shutt, and Stu Thompson.

Doreen Swindall of London, ON, on August 17, 2022, age 91. She was born on December 2, 1930, and was saved in a house meeting at Clinton, ON, in the home of brother Sam McDonald at the age of 23. Her life was not easy, but she witnessed to her three boys, who testified of her steadfast faith in the Lord and her happy smile every day. Doreen was respected by all that knew her, and 40 unsaved family, neighbors and friends attended her funeral service at the Highbury Avenue Gospel Hall. Ross Parker spoke in the gospel, followed by Phil Lampkin at the graveside. Her seat will be empty and she will be missed.

John McPherson Amadio of Barrington, NJ, on September 18, 2022, age 86. Born on August 22, 1936, he was saved on November 17, 1963, during a time of remarkable visitation at gospel meetings held by Lorne McBain and Eric McCullough. John was marked by service to his family and to the assembly. Whether it was the arranging of chairs or the construction of the present hall, he was always giving of himself. He was a quiet and retiring man who spoke with his character and integrity. He served as an overseer for many years until his health prohibited his ability to carry out his role. John leaves his wife of 65 years (Jane), two sons David (Pat) and Douglas (Dawn), and one daughter Debbie (Dan) Shutt, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Whose faith follow.

Charles Thomas Stefl of Milton, GA, on September 28, 2022, age 87. Born February 19, 1935, he was saved at the age of 47 while speaking with the late Ben Sutton after a gospel meeting. For almost 23 years he practiced dentistry as a Captain in the US Navy. After retirement, he set up his private practice, first in Oceanside, CA, and later in Middleton, MA. During off days he also taught students at USC first, and then at Harvard. Initially he was in fellowship in San Diego, CA, and later in Saugus, MA. In his practice, Dr. Stefl aided numerous believers by means of his expert skill. He is survived by his wife Bernice (“Niece”), son Tim (Wavey), and three grandchildren (Olivia, Jordan and Luke). At the funeral service, touching words spoken by his grandchildren indicated how greatly loved he was and how greatly missed he will be.