British Columbia

Burnaby: The South Burnaby assembly held a gospel mini-series with Gaius Goff every Lord’s Day evening in November. The gospel was faithfully and solemnly preached.

Vancouver: The Victoria Drive assembly appreciated ministry by David Richards and John See via Zoom on November 12 and December 3, respectively. J Rai (India) shared his testimony and reported on his labors via Zoom during the adult ESL Bible class outreach on December 1.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Flower’s Cove: The assembly commenced gospel meetings with David Hierlihy and Brody Thibodeau on November 22.


Brampton: The assembly held online gospel meetings November 15-29 via Zoom and YouTube with Tim Burton (Summerside, PE) and Jim Jarvis speaking on alternate evenings. They were encouraged by a good number that attended online.

Kitchener: The assembly is planning to have their conference on September 11, 2021, D.V. It will be online if pandemic restrictions are still in place. Otherwise, it will be live and in person. The conference will run from 1:30pm to 6pm. Expected speakers are David Petterson and Jonathan Seed.

London: The assembly held a gospel series November 29-December 4 with Eugene Higgins. The theme was “The True Meaning of Christmas as Seen in Christmas Carols.”

Mississauga: The Applewood Heights assembly held a 3-day gospel webinar December 4-6 via Zoom with Ross Vanstone on the topic “Why did Christ Come?”

Prince Edward Island

Summerside: The Pope Road assembly enjoyed seven nights of Bible readings November 25-December 2 on the life of Moses, conducted by John Meekin over Zoom.



Alpena: The conference November 7-8 was a blessing to the believers, who were given a glimpse of how wonderful it would be to sit in the presence of the King in a coming day. Their hearts were filled with gladness and peaceable hope in anticipation of that glorious day. Surely God furnished a table for all who attended. Eight different assemblies were represented at the conference. A warm note of thanks is extended to all who came and gave support, especially to Paul Barnhardt, Jerry Jennings, Bill Lavery and William Skates.


Marion: The live-streamed gospel meetings that began October 18 with Shad Kember and Dan Shutt concluded November 6.


Arlington: The assembly is planning an online conference for Saturday, September 4, 2021, during the Labor Day long weekend, D.V.

West Virginia

New Creek: The assembly held gospel meetings with Brandon Doll and John Fitzpatrick, closing after three weeks on Friday, November 13. A nice number attended, and they were encouraged that one woman professed to be saved.



Chihuahua: The assembly is still unable to meet together in person but enjoyed a week of ministry on Zoom with Dr. Alexander Higgins taking up lessons from the book of Ruth.


Hermosillo: The assembly was encouraged when a young man was received into fellowship in November. He was saved during the gospel series last January and baptized just before the pandemic affected their ability to meet together for several months.

Eleonor Mosquera has been visiting the Laura Alicia Frías neighborhood once a month since the pandemic commenced to visit the children who were attending the Saturday morning children’s meeting and were also part of the regular Sunday School at the hall. Besides maintaining contact with these children, she is also helping their families in a practical way, as many in this area are very marginalized.


Guasave: The gospel is being preached each Sunday night on the assembly’s Facebook page. In November it was possible to have one gospel meeting in one of the homes of the believers.


Iguala: The assembly has left the hall they rented for the last seven years and were able to start meeting together again in a larger building that allowed for social distancing.


Xalapa: On November 22, the assembly here and in the port city of Veracruz commenced an online gospel series.  José Manuel Díaz (Veracruz), John Nesbitt and Timothy Stevenson shared the responsibility of preaching nightly.

The believers here have been visiting nearby towns and villages over the past several weeks to share the gospel in the open air using a megaphone.

Veracruz: The assembly held a virtual conference November 14-15 via both Zoom and Facebook and appreciated the number of brethren that helped both in the gospel and in teaching.


Ciudad Hidalgo: The assembly celebrated the opening of a new hall with special meetings November 13-15. Anderson Hernández gave appreciated ministry and preached the gospel. On the Friday evening, the mayor arrived, along with others, to hear the gospel message.


Jackson, MI

February 12-14, 2021 (Cancelled)

Arlington, WA

February 13, online. We are planning a young people’s conference via Zoom from 10am to 2:30pm.


Change of Address

Englehart Gospel Hall, 79 – 5th Street, Englehart, ON, P0J 1H0

Change of Address of Correspondent

Englehart, ON: Wayne Marshall, Box 902, Englehart ON, P0J 1H0; Email: rxwayne@gmail.com

Guelph, ON: Dean O’Mard, c/o Yorkshire Street Gospel Hall, 4 Yorkshire Street South, Guelph, ON, N1H 4Z8; Tel: 416-858-9009; Email: dean.barry@me.com


Marvin Johnson of Ontario, WI, on November 6, 2020, age 70. He was raised in a Christian home and was saved March 11, 1977, when he realized that the work on the cross was finished for him. From that day forward he sought to glorify the Lord in whatever way he could. Marvin was a faithful elder in the Ontario assembly for many years. He cared for, encouraged and taught the saints. He operated a business in the local area for 42 years with a good testimony and was faithful to share the gospel with many in the community. Marvin loved to talk about his Savior and tell all that the Lord had done for him. Many remember him for his consistent smile, uplifting attitude and contagious laugh. Through good times and hard times, Marvin truly praised God. He will be greatly missed. Please pray for the family.

Richard Washington of Anchorage, AK, on November 9, 2020, age 98. He was born on May 28, 1922, and saved on November 21, 1963, during meetings with Gordon Reager and Tommy Thompson in the old Northern Lights Boulevard Gospel Hall in Anchorage. Dick was in his 99th year, still driving, and rarely missed an assembly meeting. He was in assembly fellowship for 56 years, and to the end, he was always prepared with a hymn and offered intelligent prayer, praise and worship. He owned Peacock Cleaners, and his old friends would call him Peacock and say one to another, “Peacock won’t go out Saturday night because he has to go to church on Sunday.”  Dick loved John 15:13. As a black man in a white society, he was very Christ-like in his forgiveness, love for others and kindness toward all. He will be greatly missed by all, young and old.

Athina (Tina) Stamatyades of Unionville, ON, on November 15, 2020, age 79. She came to know the Lord Jesus and trust in Him as her Savior at a pivotal moment in her life. Her husband Kosta faithfully witnessed to her through his consistent Bible devotions and discussions. On July 15, 1970, Tina came to understand that she was a sinner, lost and helpless, and that God had sent His Son as a substitute for her. She claimed Romans 10:9 as her verse and rested on the truth and promise found in these words: “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Her only daughter Evelyn and husband Phil Margerison, and three grandchildren gave testimony to her loving heart of kindness until affected by a stroke several years ago. “She rests in peace.”

Elaine Patricia Reed of London, ON, on November 19, 2020, age 66. She was born November 23, 1953, and went home four days before her 67th birthday after fighting cancer for 25 years. In 1977, Elaine was invited to a church service in St. John, NB, and heard that the blood of Christ was sufficient to cleanse her sin. When an altar call was given, she said, “Jesus’ blood has washed my sins away; I do not have to go to the altar to be forgiven.” Her faith was unwavering right until the end and was an outstanding testimony to her caregivers. She leaves her husband, Matt, and her daughter with the assurance of meeting them at the Rapture. Prayer is requested for other family connections that are unsaved. The gospel was presented at the funeral home by Ross Parker, with the interment in Sussex, NB, at a later date.

Jim Ferris of Marion, IA, on November 24, 2020, age 75. He was saved November 1, 1953, while reading Romans 10:9. He and his wife Myrna have been in fellowship in the Marion assembly since their marriage in 1966. They “addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints,” surrendering themselves for the good of others. Many young believers found room and board at the Ferris’ home. Jim had great affection for the assembly, displaying it with his leadership as a shepherd and feeding the flock of God by laboring in the Word. In all phases of assembly gatherings, he was ready to be a help, and he will be greatly missed. He is survived by his wife Myrna, daughter Beth (Cory) Peppler, two grandsons, two sisters and one brother. The funeral service was taken by Al Christopherson and Russ Nesbit. John Ferris (Jim’s brother) spoke at the grave.

Berniece L. DeGroote of Stout, IA, on November 29, 2020, age 95. She was saved on March 17, 1947, while reading Romans 10:9. Shortly afterwards, she was received into the fellowship of the Stout assembly. She was known for her friendship, faithfulness to the assembly and hospitality to the Lord’s servants and all other saints. Her testimony demonstrated a love for the gospel and all souls in need of salvation. She is survived by her husband Harlan of nearly 72 years; a daughter and son-in-law, Karen and John Tolsma; a daughter-in-law and husband, Mary and Eldon Winkle; grandchildren; and great-grandchildren. The funeral was conducted by Sid Hayes and Robert Orr. Prayer is requested for her family.