Book Review: Scripture for a Secular Society

Scripture for a Secular Society: A Christian Worldview

By A. J. Higgins

The Christian faith has had a massive influence upon Western culture. A shift away from that heritage has been underway for decades, but now the pace of that change has quickened dramatically. Popular opinion is not directed by Christian belief. Our society is secular.

How do we remain anchored to truth in a culture that sees no need for it? How do we cultivate a Christian perspective in a society where the secular voices hold sway? A.J. Higgins shows us that the Scriptures were written to address these needs of twenty-first-century believers. He brings the Bible to bear upon contemporary life and helps us to see the big picture as God sees it. The chapters of this book were originally published in Truth & Tidings magazine and are written in a readable and concise format. Digesting this brief volume will contribute to a Christian thinking and living in a God-honouring way.

From the Foreword, by John Dennison:

Our culture applies subtle and significant pressure on us to adopt the mindset of the society in which we live. The only defense is to be “transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Rom 12:2). If we want to have God’s values and perspectives, we must consistently and meticulously align our thinking with God’s as it is laid out in the Bible.

Since he was saved by God’s grace at age 21, “Sandy” has made the study of the Scriptures and the pursuit of getting to know God his lifelong passion. As a physician, he always sought to “keep up” on the latest issues and discoveries in the field of medicine. Likewise, God has helped him to keep in tune with whatever current issues believers are facing. In the chapters of this book, Sandy articulates popular thought on each issue and then analyzes it under the scope of Scripture. Chapter after chapter will challenge the reader to review his convictions on these vital and controversial subjects. With both courage and compassion, Sandy lays out the differences between Biblical and Secular viewpoints on each matter. In addition to the 23 that Sandy wrote, two friends and respected teachers, Mr. Michael Penfold (Bicester, England) and Dr. David Vallance (Livonia, Michigan), have written two chapters each to complete this series.

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