British Columbia

Vancouver: In mid-January, David Richards ministered from the book of Philippians in Victoria Drive for a week, and the following week was expected for ministry in the Fairview assembly.

Surrey: As of December 13, the Fleetwood assembly began meeting in the Tynehead Community Hall, 9568 – 168th Street, Surrey, B.C. All meeting times on Sundays and Wednesday nights are as usual. The old hall is in the process of being demolished and new construction will begin soon. Please pray for the progress of this project.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander: The assembly had three weeks of gospel meetings from November 8–29 with Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay. The meetings were well attended, with unsaved out each night, which was encouraging to the saints. On December 27, there was a baptism following the gospel meeting when two women obeyed the Lord. Roy Foster and Bernie Payne spoke in the gospel. There were over 70 people present, some of whom have never been out to a gospel meeting before.

L’Anse Au Loup and English Point assemblies joined in ministry for two weeks in November as Dave Patten spoke on relationships from Hebrews 11. The meetings were well attended and the teaching was well received and appreciated.

Sandringham: It was a blessing to have Gaius Goff here for a week of ministry commencing on December 14. The saints were encouraged, and appreciated the visit.


Straffordville: The assembly had the joy of seeing a young couple received into the assembly in December. Children’s meetings ran from September to December with the theme, “Adventures By The Sea.” Local brethren worked together, gathering in 60-70 children and about 12-15 parents from the community for a clear presentation of the gospel. On the last night, about 150 attended. The assembly had a float in the local Christmas parade in December. The theme was “Thanks be to God for His Unspeakable Gift.” A large number of young people gave out 500 little red bags which included a tract called “The Best Gift.” The Christmas Program, “A Night Like No Other,” was very well attended by visitors and relatives and the hall was well filled. At the end of the year, young people packaged and delivered 350 gift bags containing a gospel calendar, invitations, and various other items to every home in Straffordville. There has been very little immediate response, but it is felt important to keep the gospel before the people with a view to God using it for His glory in His time.



Stout: The assembly will begin a gospel effort on February 7, DV, each night at 7pm, except Saturday. Jonathan Procopio and John Meekin are expected to preach the gospel. Prayer is appreciated for these meetings.


Saugus: The conference in early December was well attended. The ministry challenged hearts and reminded us that serving the Lord requires an emptying of self and a willingness to suffer for His sake. The Lord’s servants present were P. Barnhardt, B. Joyce, E. McCullough, D. Petterson, J. Procopio, D. Shutt, S. Simonyi-Gindele, and B. Thibodeau. The gospel was faithfully preached both evenings and at the Sunday School.  The 3rd annual Christmas program was held on December 20. There were about 160 present which included 50 or so from the surrounding area and the rehab center. It was an excellent opportunity to present the gospel, followed by refreshments which provided opportunity to speak further to visitors. The seed was faithfully sown, trusting that blessing will follow.


Battle Creek: The saints appreciated the ministry given by Stu Thompson on the first Lord’s Day of January, 2016.


Fridley: Robert Orr and Jerry Jennings held two weeks of cottage gospel meetings in St. Cloud, MN with good interest. This is an area where several have professed within the last year and a half.

Sauk Rapids: Jerry Jennings and Robert Orr closed two weeks of gospel meetings which began November 29.


Omaha: The assembly planned a weekend of ministry January 15-17, and is expecting Sandy Higgins to speak in a series of messages entitled “Lesser Lights but Large Lessons.”


La Crosse: The first Wisconsin Winter Bible Reading on 1 Thessalonians 1-2:12, led by Jeff Scherer, was very profitable, with brethren from eight assemblies participating. Readings covering the rest of the epistle will be shared by Ontario(January 10), Mt. Sterling (January 31), and Blue River(March 6).

Ontario: Robert Surgenor held several ministry meetings beginning December 9.



El Vergel: This town was visited from December 12-17. A good number of people listened to the gospel with good interest. During the meetings, two young sisters took the children aside and taught them separately. At the end of the week, the children quoted verses they had learned. The town of Parral was also visited, where there are a few believers.

Chihuahua: At the end of the year, the annual Sunday school treats were held in both halls in this city, with a number of relatives present to hear the children quote their memory verses.

Nuevo Leon

Monterrey: Anderson and Maria Eugenia visited this large city for six days in December. They were thankful for open doors here where they could preach the gospel, as well as in the neighboring municipalities of Ciudad Guadalupe and Juárez.


Zacatecas: From December 26-31, over 100 believers from Mexico, Canada, and the United States gathered in this city to deliver about 80,000 John 3:16 Seed Sower texts here and in the neighboring areas of Guadalupe, El Barril (where there is an assembly), and other nearby towns. Calendars and tracts were also handed out in these areas. Gospel meetings with Jason Wahls and Ross Vanstone commenced on January 1st. Prayer for God’s blessing on this new work is greatly appreciated.


Puerto Vallarta: The believers in the assembly in El Palmar de Ixtapa enjoyed a visit from Harrys Rodriguez in December, giving rich teaching from Ephesians. He also visited the assembly in El Coapinole and gave teaching from 1 Timothy.

Later in the month the Coapinole assembly held its annual conference with believers present from several assemblies in the country. Paul Thiessen, Shad Kember, Jonathan Seed, Dr. John Thropay (East Los Angeles, CA), and others shared in the responsibility of handling the Word of God.


Irapuato: Ricky and Erika Sawatzky continue making new contacts in this city, especially with neighbors and friends of those who attend the meetings. Much time is invested in helping new believers understand the priority of feeding themselves from the Word of God.


Xalapa: The assembly enjoyed David and Penelope Alves’ visit during a week in December when David gave appreciated help both in ministry and in the gospel.


Oacalco: In 2012, Josefina Montaño was saved in El Barril during a gospel series. In 2013 she moved to Oacalco to care for her aging mother. This led to an open door in this town where Abisai Vieyra and Duncan Beckett have been preaching, helped by other believers from the assembly in Iguala. In November, Josefina was the first believer to be baptized in Oacalco, with a good number present to witness this joyous event. Please pray for Armando, Josefina’s husband, who attends all the meetings, but is not yet saved.

Quintana Roo

Cancun: The annual Sunday school treat was held on December 20 with a good number of children present.

On January 3rd the believers were able to meet in a new hall, recently purchased near where the work began a few years ago. This is a real answer to prayer for Timothy and Amy Turkington. Pray that it might not only be the spiritual birthplace of many souls, but that the Lord will bless in regards to the establishment of an assembly in this large city. Timothy and Amy also make monthly visits to El Paraiso, located four hours away from Cancun in the Yucatan State, for children’s and gospel meetings.


Obregon: Duncan Beckett visited for a week in December, giving profitable ministry from the book of Jonah, and helping in the gospel. Jesse Klein and Ivan Penner (Portage la Prairie, MB) returned in November for a month to continue with the construction project.

Hermosillo: Abisai Vieyra and his family visited the area during December, where he gave good help in the gospel and ministry. He also visited Nogales to preach the gospel.

Nacozari de García: On December 19, Tim Woodford, Marcus Cain, Abisai Vieyra, and Jairo Gracia (Hermosillo) visited this mining town located four hours from Hermosillo in the mountains where they had two gospel meetings in a home. A young lady from this town is studying in Hermosillo, and attends the assembly meetings, as does her mother who comes down to visit on a regular basis. Ten adults heard the gospel preached.

Republic of Ireland

Longford: A.J. Higgins visited this small assembly for a week of ministry in early December. The ministry was both helpful and challenging on the subject of “God’s Order in a World of Disorder.” The Christians were greatly encouraged by the meetings. Please pray for the planned visit of Gary Woods for an extended weekend of gospel in January. The assembly has been encouraged by seeing numbers increasing at the monthly children’s meeting. Pray also for two men that are not familiar with the gospel that have started attending the monthly outreach in Billis.


Turlock, CA

February 20-21, in the Turlock Gospel Hall, 3446 N. Golden State Blvd., Turlock, CA. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10am, Ministry/Gospel 1:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:45am, Ministry 1:30pm. Lunch provided each day. Tom Baker and John Fitzpatrick are expected. Accommodations are available at a number of motels in the area. Corr: Narendra Singh, Tel: 209 526-0910; Cell: 209-499-0519.

Cambridge, ON

March 5-6, Bible Reading Conference to be led by Scott Macleod (PEI). Friday: Prayer Meeting 7:30pm. Saturday: Prayer 10:30am, Bible Readings (James 1-3) 11am, 1:30pm and 3pm, Gospel 6pm, Sing to follow. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 11am, Bible Readings (James 4-5) 2pm and 3:30pm, Gospel 6pm.

Matoaca, VA

March 5-6, in the Matoaca Elementary School, with Prayer Meeting on Friday, March 4 at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 6204 River Road, Matoaca. First meeting on Saturday at 10:30am. Contact John Nobles at Tel: 804 265-5455, or E-mail: jnobles6@aol.com.

Tampa, FL

March 12-13, in the North Tampa Gospel Hall, 12704 Marjory Ave., Tampa, FL. Saturday: Ministry 2:30pm, Supper 4:30pm, Gospel 6pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday school 11:45am, Lunch 12:30pm, Ministry 2:30pm, Supper 4:30pm, Gospel 6pm. Expected Speakers are A. J. Higgins and Dale Vitale. Contacts: Edward Armstrong, E-mail: edwardarmstrong3@gmail.com, Tel: 727 785-5998; or Joe Procopio, E-mail: joejanpro@verizon.net, Tel: 813 968-9687.

Manchester, CT

March 19-20, 98th Annual Conference, with Prayer Meeting, Friday, at 7:30pm in the Gospel Hall, 415 Center St, Manchester.All other meetings will be held in the Bolton High School, 72 Brandy St. Bolton, CT (not the original Middle School location). Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry/Gospel 2pm. Contact: Ted Kaulback, Tel: 860 742-0002, or E-mail: kaulted@aol.com for communications, and accommodations.

Clarksville, IA

April 3, 2016, at the Antioch Gospel Hall, 18929 Vail Avenue, Clarksville, IA. Order of meetings: Ministry 10am, Breaking of Bread 11am, Sunday School 1:15pm, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 4:30pm. Corr: John Wessels, Tel: 319 269-3493, E-mail: jandlwessels@gmail.com.

Stout, IA

April 9-10, commencing with a Prayer Meeting on Friday April 8 at 7:30pm. Ministry begins on Saturday at 10am. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 9am (Psalm 69), Breaking of Bread 10:30am. All meetings held in the Gospel Hall. Corr. Gary De Groote, 28073 Westbrook St., New Hartford,, IA 50660; Tel: 319 983-2713; Cell: 319 231-4132; E-mail: gdegroote2@msn.com; Hall: 319 346-1153.

Conferences Previously Published:

Jackson, MI – February 12-14

Kapuskasing, ON – March 25-27

Byfield, MA – Correction: conference dates are May 28-29, 2016


Change of Correspondent

Byfield, MA: Ed Hudon, 127 Main St., Byfield, MA 01922. Cell: 978 502-8756; E-mail: enhudon@gmail.com.


Margaret Elizabeth Schiltroth of Edmonton, AB, on Oct. 1, 2015, age 86. Our sister was saved, March 1947, during a series of gospel meetings by Paul Plubell and Gordon Reager in the Queen Street Gospel Hall in St. Catherines. She was baptized in Lake Erie and received into fellowship in 1949. Her parents returned to Armley, SK with their family shortly after. On August 5, 1952, she married Melvin Schiltroth. In September 1955, they moved to Edmonton, AB and were received into the 97th Street Gospel Hall, later the Connor’s Hill Gospel Hall, where she was in happy fellowship. She was a loving and godly wife and mother. She leaves four children and their spouses, 11 grandchildren, with five spouses, and six great-grandchildren. The service was taken by local brethren, Howard Williamson, and Mark Richards, with Doug King speaking at the graveside.

John Harold Short of Byfield, MA on December 9, 2015, age 81. He was born on February 4, 1934 and saved on March 19, 1953 through the truth of Isaiah 44:22, “I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and, as a cloud, they sins: return unto me; for I have redeemed thee.” He was in fellowship with the saints in the Byfield Gospel Hall for over 60 years and was a faithful believer. His large funeral was conducted by local brethren and family, where many from the town of Byfield came to pay their respects. John is survived by his wife Kathryn (Ward) Short, five children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Please pray for his two unsaved children, two unsaved grandchildren, and his great-grandchildren.

Helen Williams of Sault Ste. Marie, ON, on December 21, 2015, in her 102nd year. She was born on June 11, 1914, and was the beloved wife of the late Harold Williams. When she was in her mid-twenties she discovered she had a great spiritual need and trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior while witnessing a Breaking of Bread meeting. Shortly thereafter she was baptized and received into the fellowship of a local assembly. She loved the Lord and was a faithful witness for Him, testifying to many regarding the great work of Calvary. She was the dear mother of Brian and Beth (John) Orr; grandmother of Heidi (Lee) Stenerson, Kent (Angela) Orr, Holly (Jason) Frazier, Kevin and Heather Orr; and great-grandmother of ten. The funeral was taken by Ron Millette.

Harry Lamont “Monty” Nicholson, of Baddeck, NS, on December 31, 2015. Our brother went to be with the Lord after a long battle with cancer. One hundred and fifty family, friends, and neighbors gathered at the Baddeck Gospel Hall to pay their respects and hear the gospel faithfully and clearly presented by Eric Fowler. Please pray for those that will sense his loss the most: his wife Una, sons Brett and Bruce, daughter Michelle, and their families.