The Gospel: The Woman with a Simple Touch

Within herself she knew she was getting worse. “I’ve spent all I have,” she thought. “I’ve tried everything I can do and nothing has helped. If I don’t go to Him, I’m going to die.”

“I’ve had years of sickness and suffering,” she thought. “Is it possible that it could end today?” She had heard about this wonderful man named Jesus, a great spiritual teacher. Many said He was the Christ. He had power to heal people, and He was right there in the middle of the crowd!

With all her energy, she forced herself into that bustling throng. “If I can just touch His clothes, I know I will be healed,” she thought as she inched closer. It seemed as if the crowd was intent on blocking her way. Something urged her on. She knew she must get to Him, for He was her only hope!

Amid the dust and murmur of voices, she found herself directly behind the Healer, looking at His robe. “I’ll just quickly touch the hem,” she thought, “and then I’ll go.” She bent forward and forced a trembling hand outward, reaching the hem of His garment with a simple touch.

What a glorious moment! The weakness, the suffering, the familiar discomforts that had been her mocking companions for so long were gone. She was overcome with relief, wonder, and joy. “I’m not unclean anymore,” she realized, “I’m free!”

As she began her retreat, she was terrified by a simple question from the Healer, “Who touched my clothes?” She watched in fear as He wouldn’t be persuaded that it was just the thronging crowd. “I can’t hide,” she thought, “He knows.”

As He surveyed the crowd, His gentle eyes rested on her, and even though she was trembling, she moved out and fell down before Him. Before her was the very hem she had touched, and before she knew it her whole story came pouring out.

Oh, what lovely music to her ears were the words of assurance that the Lord Jesus wanted her to hear. “Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.”

Whether we realize it or not, we are so much like this woman.

Her Affliction was causing her to die, in the same way our sin causes spiritual death.

Her All was spent trying to save herself, and to no avail. Likewise, there is nothing that we can do to save ourselves from our sins.

Her Action of reaching out to the Lord Jesus, despite the obstacles, was her only hope. This is like a sinner, earnestly reaching out to the Lord Jesus for salvation. Her touching the hem of His garment is like us simply claiming the finished work on the cross for ourselves.

Her Assurance came from hearing His words. There is nothing like the clear Word of God to give us assurance, beyond our feelings, that our sins are forgiven.

Take a lesson from this woman in recognizing the consequences of sin, and claim the finished work of the Savior, the only One who can forgive sins. If you do, His words to you will be, “Go in peace.”