A Few Good Men

The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand (act wisely), and seek God” (Psa 14:2).

God is looking for a wise person. Heaven is searching for those who are spiritually aware. The magnificent LORD is seeking for a meek man. The ETERNAL is looking for someone in time, someone who will seek and serve Him without distraction, without limitations, without preconceived ideas, without allowing one’s own weakness to confine the glorious might of Him with Whom there are no bounds.

There have been men like this in the past. There was One outstanding Man like this! Amongst His followers there were men who arose and did His will. Is there such a man amongst us? Is there such a man today?

The meeting was not a particularly well-publicized event, and seemed to have little impact on the hearers. Not much is told of the message except as it pertained to the young man sitting in the back. The old preacher made the statement, “The world has yet to see what God can do with one man that is wholly committed to Christ.” The words so touched the young man that his response was: “By the grace of God, I’ll be that man!” The young man was Dwight Lyman Moody, and the rest is history.

Are there still among us, believers like this, who will take up the challenge to be:

– an integral functioning part of an assembly of believers, finding your niche of service and filling it fully?

– an active worshipper, pouring out the heart’s devotion to the One Who is altogether worthy?

– a true seeker of souls, whether individually, or publicly, privately, or in small groups?

– an elder doing the Biblical work of shepherding, teaching, delegating, and training others for their service for God?

– a laborer who knows and communicates the truth and only the truth?

– a Sunday school teacher who understands the value and potential of a child and a work for God?

– a runner who will take the baton that has been forgotten and carry it to those who are waiting to go on?

– a giver who understands the unique place God has given them to use what has been entrusted for His work and His glory?

– an encourager (like Barnabas) who knows how to nurture, stimulate, and involve young believers?

– a discipler and leader of those who can be taught to work while it is yet day?

– a brave soul willing to start some fresh incentive, providing access points or “seed plots” for assembly growth?

The questions need to be asked. The heart must be searched. Only you and I can answer this question. Only God truly knows the answer.