British Columbia

Kamloops: During March, a young boy of 10, a grandson of a sister in the assembly, professed salvation after the gospel meeting. In April, the assembly enjoyed helpful ministry and a report by Bryon Meyers of Arlington, WA, and a series of meetings on “Creation” by Gordon Williams.

Langley: The assembly appreciated visits from Mervyn Hall, Malcolm Radcliffe, and Peter Ramsay during the month of April. A Centenary program is planned for May 26, 2-4pm, followed by special gospel meetings with Gaius Goff and Peter Ramsay, in the will of the Lord. Prayer will be appreciated.

Surrey: The Fleetwood assembly concluded three weeks of gospel meetings which began April 15 with Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay preaching. The meetings were very well attended and the Lord blessed in salvation.

Vancouver: The saints in the city were blessed by the rich ministry of Malcolm Radcliffe after the Easter Conference. He remained in the area for two weeks taking up the book of Ruth in Deep Cove, and the life of Elijah in Victoria Drive.


Brandon: The assembly enjoyed five nights of ministry from Peter Simms, and also brief visits from Howard Barnes and James Ronald.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander Bay: Wallace Buckle was with the assembly the first weekend of April.

Parsons Pond: The assembly held a four-week gospel series commencing March 25 with Gaius Goff and David Hierlihy. There was a good number that attended to hear the Word powerfully and clearly presented.


Goodwood: Two weeks of tent meetings commence June 11 with Ed Miller and Lorne Langfeld. Specific information is available at Goodwood.GospelHall.com.

St. Thomas: The assembly commemorated 100 years of testimony on April 21 in the hall, with many assemblies represented. Norman Lorimer, Lyle McCandless, Murray McCandless, Tim Woodford, and Bruce Rodgers shared memories and ministry. David Beckett and Ted Walser read letters from Tim Kember and Murray McLeod recounting their memories with the assembly. It was a real time of encouragement to reflect on God’s goodness over the years.  On April 29, two young people obeyed the Lord in baptism. The gospel was preached clearly by Jason Younan, and Doug Mason gave clear teaching on baptism to the many in attendance. Prayer would be appreciated for the purposed gospel meetings in August with Bert Snippe and Shawn St. Clair.

Straffordville: God blessed in the salvation of a married couple during the gospel series held March 11-18 with Max McLean preaching the gospel and various brethren giving their testimonies. Three weekly home Bible studies continue in the area. Two marriage seminars on “Love and Respect” in two homes with 12 couples have been a blessing and useful as an outreach tool. Complimenting this work is consistent Sunday school work and youth outreach. Recently six believers have been added to the assembly and several others have expressed an interest in assembly fellowship. On April, five believers from Mennonite backgrounds identified with the Lord Jesus in baptism before many friends and relatives, overcoming much opposition and reproach. On April 21, the assembly hosted a seminar on “Creation” with about 140 in attendance.

Sudbury: In April, Eugene Badgley was with the assembly for the annual children’s treat and had a week of appreciated ministry.

Toronto: The Easter conference was a time of answered prayer in which the Lord blessed with ministry directly suited to the needs of the saints, warm fellowship one with another, and news of God working in salvation. The missionary reports drew in the hearts of the believers to pray for God’s work in foreign lands and to apply the ministry heard over the weekend in our personal fields of service.


Whitehorse: As a follow-up to last month’s report of gospel meetings in April with John Fitzpatrick and Pete Smith, there was an encouraging response to the mailing of 8000 gospel magazines which preceded the effort and 3000 Seed Sowerpacks. The venue was a sizeable downtown building in this city of 26,400. John and Linda later had Bible studies with two key families, and hope to return in the early fall to follow up this work and fulfil a request from another community for the gospel. Please pray that the Lord will raise up others to share with John in this pioneer effort.



Terryville: In April, the assembly appreciated visits from Larry Buote and Eugene Higgins. The saints rejoice that a young sister has asked to be received into fellowship.


Cedar Falls: The annual joint Waterloo/Cedar Falls Bible conference in April was well attended with a variety of encouraging and practical ministry given by a good number of the Lord’s servants.

Stout: The Easter conference was excellent with very good attendance and help given in the ministry and gospel by 14 of the Lord’s servants. In June, the assembly is planning children’s meetings.


Battle Creek: The Christians enjoyed a visit from Stu Thompson in April.

Livonia: Tom Hoy and Peter Ramsay conducted gospel meetings in March at the Stark Road Gospel Hall. Attendance and interest were good, and the Lord abundantly blessed in salvation, with seven souls professing faith in Christ. Please pray for several others who were troubled and expressed interest.

Deckerville: Larry Perkins gave encouraging ministry on character traits of the Lord Jesus Christ that should be found in the believer. The meeting was well attended and supported by the Cass City assembly as well.


Fridley: Stu Thompson visited the first week of May for ministry and plans to return in late June with Jerry Jennings to commence a gospel series on June 24, Lord willing. Please pray.


Campeche: The assembly of Santa Rita is planning a conference for February 21-24, 2013. All full-time workers in Mexico among the assemblies are invited. The closest airport is in Villahermosa, Tabasco, a three-hour drive to Campeche.

Chiapas: In Aurora, Municipio Panteloh, the Easter conference was held April 6-8. This is a remote Mayan Indian area in Zapatista territory. One professed faith and one was baptized; a third found reassurance. Speakers present were Eleazar Gomez (Tuxtla Chico, Chiapas); Francisco Rosales (Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas) and John Thropay (East Los Angeles).

Chihuahua: Harrys Rodriguez had two appreciated ministry meetings in the Valle de la Madrid hall, as well as a children’s meeting in the Porvenir hall.

El Barril: The work here has enjoyed recent visits by John Nesbitt, and Tim and Eunice McCalley.

Emiliano Zapata: Ryan Langley (Langley B.C.) gave a week of excellent ministry here, by interpretation, to the new believers in this outreach gospel work. He also was an encouragement to the assemblies in Ciudad del Carmen and Santa Rita, also in the state of Campeche. Kevin Procopio (Boston) and four other brethren from the U.S. worked very hard for a week in the construction of the hall here.

Hermosillo: Jesse Klein and Abisaí Vieyra (of this assembly) have been having children’s meetings in an outreach on the north side of the city. A few unsaved adults have also attended the meetings.

Iguala: Shad Kember has made another visit to this city in the state of Guerrero, in south western Mexico, this time with Abisai Viayra (Hermosillo). Ministry and gospel meetings were held in homes of two families. All who have professed faith are related to believers in the Spanish speaking West Phoenix assembly. Our brethren had the joy of hearing of one person who trusted Christ during their visit. Two new believers obeyed the Lord in baptism.

Pachuca: Paul Thiessen, helped by Timothy Stevenson, had an enriching week of Bible Readings on truths relating to assembly testimony.

Purisima: In mid-April, there were about 55 people out to hear the gospel. Much prayer has gone up to God regarding a full-time worker in this area. There are 10 baptized believers here. The brethren from Zamora make the two-hour trip every Saturday to help this new work where there are 10 baptized believers. About an hour away, in the large city of Leon, there are believers who are longing to see a work of God done in their city as well.

Santiago: James Dyck has really appreciated the help of several brethren from Canada in the construction of the hall. Please pray for the work in the state of Nayarit.

San Juan: The new hall here was filled for a ministry meeting.

Tepic: The assembly rejoiced over a visit from Marcus and Allison Cain. Sid and Irene Emberly (Portage la Prairie) are also helping in the area.

Veracruz: Shawn St. Clair’s one week visit was appreciated, both here and in the growing work of Cotaxtla. The saints were also refreshed again by a visit by Jack Nesbitt. A new monthly outreach has started close to the state capital, called Xalapa. Six adults attended the first meeting.

Zamora: The annual Easter conference was well attended by believers from 10 different states in the country. Most encouraging was the attendance of new believers and unsaved people from new works like Purisima, Los Reyes, and El Barril. It was a special joy to have Harrys Rodriguez, along with seven of the missionaries in the country, and help was given in the Bible Reading, ministry, and gospel meetings. Two believers obeyed the Lord in baptism. The plans for the University (UMAJA) are nearing completion and have preliminary approval from the department of school construction.

Republic of Ireland

Longford: The assembly enjoyed an afternoon of missionary report and ministry by Lindsay Carswell (Brazil) in early February. There was good support from surrounding assemblies. Brother Carswell preached the gospel on the Lord’s Day in a community hall where the assembly carries on a monthly outreach work. Sam Patterson was with the assembly in late February for the Lord’s Day gospel meeting, and a number of contacts he visits regularly in their homes came along to hear the gospel clearly preached.

Rathmines: The assembly was encouraged by the visit of Phil Coulson in March for a number of nights of ministry and for the gospel meeting as well. Some Hindu students heard the gospel preached.


Glen Ewen, SK

June 15-17, with Prayer on Thursday, June 14, and continuing for three full days. Bible Readings are on 1 Corinthians 12:31 through 1 Corinthians 13. Contact Sidney Griffin, Tel: 306 925-2248, E-mail: sgriffin@sdcwireless.com.

Straffordville, ON

June 23-24, in the Straffordville Gospel Hall, 9142 Plank Rd. (Hwy 19) Straffordville, ON. Saturday: Ministry and Missionary Reports 10am and 1:30pm, Supper and sing 5:30pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Sunday school & Ministry 11:30am, Ministry & Missionary Report 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Speakers: Jim McMaster (England), Ross Vanstone, and Bryan Joyce. Accom: Tel: 519 866-5929, Info: Tel: 519 860-6792.

Pugwash Junction, NS

June 30-July 1, Corr: Merlin Russell; E-mail: m.russell462@gmail.com.

Sioux City, IA

July 15, in the Gospel Hall, 120 S. Leonard, Sioux City, IA. Saturday, July 14: Prayer 7:30pm (refreshments following). Sunday: Breakfast 8:30am, Breaking of Bread 9:45am, Bible Reading 11:15am (Revelation 5), Lunch 12:30pm, Children’s meeting 1:30pm, Ministry 2pm, Dinner 4:30pm, Gospel 6pm. Corr: Gary Hayes, Tel: 712 560-6911.

Conference Reminders:

Burgessville, ON – June 2

Saugus, MA – June 2-3

Garnavillo, IA – June 9-10

North Bay, ON – June 9-10

Portage la Prairie, MB – June 8-10

Victoria Road, ON – June 16-17

Cornerbrook, NL – June 23-24

Augusta, ME – June 23-24

Taylorside, SK – June 22-24

Kamloops, BC – June 30-July 1

Kirkland Lake, Englehart, Earlton, Charlton, ON – June 30-July1

Clinton, ON – July 21

Change of Address

J. Albert Joyce, RR.1, Box 174, Corner Brook, NL, A2H 2N2.

Mrs. Maxine Orasuk, 113 Primrose Drive, Cornwall, PE, COA 1H4.

Change of Correspondent

Hickory, NC: Philip Moore, 39 – 37th Avenue Court NW, Hickory NC 28601. Tel:  828 324-1532, E-mail: pemchilr@charter.net.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Lake Shore Gospel Hall: Russell Fuller, 8578 Vance Dr., Lambton Shores, ON, N0N 1J7.


Kenneth Weatherbee of Pugwash Jct., NS, on January 30, age 93. Our dear brother was born in South Pugwash on January 16, 1919. During gospel meetings held by the late John McCracken and William Bingham, Ken received the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior on May 11, 1977. He was a faithful brother in the assembly at Pugwash Jct. Ken, although not a public speaker showed his love for the gospel and his Savior to many around the community by his Christian walk. The home property of Ken and his only sister Constance along the Doherty Creek was the place where many in the assembly were baptized. The funeral was taken by David Hunt, with Noel Burden having the committal service.

Lila May Victoria Graves (Hatt) of Berwick, NS, on March 14. The late Sadie Walmsley (McIlwaine) was instrumental in Lila’s conversion when the late L. K. McIlwaine took the gospel to their community. The conversion of the whole Hatt family followed, including father and mother. Lila and her husband were associated with the Brickton/Berwick assembly for many years. Lila is survived by her husband, Donald, and three sons. She was predeceased by her daughter, Ruth Marshall.  A large number attended the funeral service where her brother Wayne related the amazing story of God’s grace to the Hatt family. Albert Hull spoke fitting words in the gospel and at the burial.

Elsie Vivian of Gander Bay, NL, on March 28, age 94, after being saved for over 60 years. She gathered with the assembly in Gander Bay for a number of years until poor health confined her to her home, and for the last three years, in the local senior’s complex. A good number of family and friends attended the funeral service. Wallace Buckle spoke a word in the gospel at the hall and Ernest Harris spoke at the graveside.

Walter Eugene Pinch of Truro, NS, on March 17. He was born April 14, 1926, and born again in the early 70’s through John 3:16. He was associated with the Avonport assembly, and then with the Debert/Truro assembly because of employment. He worked on a large Dutch farm and was commended by his employers for his diligence and hard work. Walter was known for his punctuality at the assembly meetings, although not able to attend in later years due to deteriorating health. He experienced the tragic loss of a son, and is survived by his wife Norma (Starrett). Robert and Ross Swan shared the funeral service, with Albert Hull at the graveside.

Elizabeth A. Frith (Mercer) of Langley, BC, on March 22, age 92. Our dear sister was born in Toronto, ON on July 12, 1919, and with her parents moved to the Vancouver area the same year. She was saved as a girl of 14 through Romans 5:6 during meetings of the late Wm. Williams and Eddie Fairfield. She was received into the Cedar Cottage assembly and in 1945 married John Frith. In 1948, they were commended to the work of the Lord in Venezuela where they raised six children and served the Lord for 44 years until her husband’s failing health brought them home permanently in 1992. She was a true soul-winner and helpmeet in the work, and was loved by the people of that country. She was predeceased by John in 1999, son Jim in 2003, and lived her last 6 1/2 years at Hilltop Manor. She is survived by two sons, three daughters, their spouses, 14 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren. Funeral and graveside parts were taken by Phil Broadhead and John Fairfield.

Elena Campos Pulido of Windsor, ON, on April 1, age 88. Our dear sister was born in Malaga, Spain and saved at age 14 during gospel meetings conducted by Tom Smith (Missionary) in a house where the assembly gathered. They were unable to meet openly at that time. She and her husband, Sebastian, were married in 1953 and immigrated to Canada in 1963. After a short stay in Montreal, they moved to Windsor and were associated with assembly there since 1970. Elena was predeceased by her husband in 1984, and is survived by two daughters and their families for whom prayer is requested. Funeral services were conducted by William Metcalf.

William “Willie” Hassman of Aplington, IA, on April 8, age 69, after enduring complications of Parkinson’s disease for about 18 years. Our dear brother was saved in November of 1970 through the truth of Romans 10: 9-10. He was in the fellowship of the Hitesville assembly, but not able to attend the meetings in recent years. His wife, Mavis, who faithfully cared for him, survives, along with a son and a daughter. Russ Nesbit took the well-attended service at the Gospel Hall, with Robert Orr sharing.

Kathleen Harms of Muscoda, WI, on April 9, age 88. She was born again on April 17, 1935, and was baptized and received into the assembly fellowship at Hitesville, IA. After her marriage to Glen Harms she was in assembly fellowship with the Christians at Blue River, WI. She faithfully attended the assembly meetings. The funeral service was taken by Victor Collins who spoke a clear and simple message in the gospel.