British Columbia

Port Alberni: P. Smith spent a very profitable two weeks holding children’s meetings. These were well-attended and, in addition, our brother visited a group of PBS students on the East coast of Vancouver Island. As a result, some 11 children and four parents came 30 miles over the mountains to add to the meetings in Port Alberni. The saints benefited from very profitable ministry on weekends and the time of sowing had a unifying effect on all.


Brandon: The assembly enjoyed a week of children’s meetings with G. Sharp. There was a baptism and reception of three former Hutterites, along with a young couple received into fellowship. Jack Gould has given helpful ministry on a couple of occasions recently.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: Duncan Beckett (NB) made an appreciated visit, giving a report on his year in Nicaragua laboring with Mark Bachert.

St. John’s: The annual conference was held November 1-2 with profitable ministry by W. Buckle, E. Fowler, T. Hoy, and K. Taylor. The believers were encouraged when a young man professed faith in Christ.

Nova Scotia

Pugwash Junction: The assembly hopes to commence a gospel series in its new hall in early January with D. Hierlihy and J. McClelland. The prayers of the saints will be greatly appreciated.

Weaver’s Settlement: The assembly recently concluded a six-week gospel series with J. Meekin and J. McClelland, with D. McClelland helping in the last week. The saints were encouraged with blessing in salvation.


Hamilton: The nine nights of practical ministry by F. Sona on Egypt to Canaan were appreciated by the believers of the Kensington assembly.

Oshawa: The assembly was encouraged with a full hall and timely ministry during the one-day conference in November. Six of the Lord’s servants were present to minister the Word. The assembly expects David Booth for the monthly ministry meeting in December.

Parry Sound: The assembly rejoiced to see a brother obey the Lord in baptism; he was received into fellowship a couple weeks later. He had been the object of much prayer as his wife has been in the fellowship for a few years. Harold Paisley was with the saints for the happy occasion.

St. Thomas: Although attendance was down somewhat, the conference was thought to be a time of excellent ministry and gospel preaching. The gospel and ministry were shared by P. Coulson, A. Dryburgh, B. Joyce, F. Krauss, B. Owen, G. Patterson, F. Sona, and L. Steers. The assembly had an appreciated visit by G. Roy who gave ministry and an account of the work in the Congo.

Sudbury: The assembly appreciated the ministry given by L. Langfeld at the monthly ministry meeting in November. He also remained for the following Lord’s Day.


Glen Ewen: J. Gould gave appreciated ministry on “Egypt to Canaan” for one week in early December.

Taylorside: Prayer is valued for a gospel series E. McCullough and R. Weber expect to have beginning January 18.



Alpena: The assembly enjoyed profitable ministry from L. Perkins during a visit at the end of November. Our brother preached the gospel at Spanish meetings in the area, with M. Mendez translating. Attendance by Hispanic visitors is encouraging; however, prayer is still needed for blessing and guidance in the work.


Phoenix: The annual conference was well attended again this year, with good Bible readings and helpful ministry. Servants of the Lord ministering the Word at the conference were T. Baker, J. Fitzpatrick, B. Lavery, J. Slabaugh, and S. Wells. B. Lavery stayed for a week of ministry, and S. Wells was expected for several nights in December.


San Diego: The assembly was cheered when two believers were recently received into the fellowship. We also had an appreciated visit from K. Taylor.


Cedar Falls: B. Rogers and S. Thompson had three weeks of gospel meetings here following brother Thompson’s two weeks of children’s meetings. There was a little blessing.

Waterloo: J. Jennings and R. Weber are laboring here in gospel meetings.


Silver Spring: J. Portman spoke on themes from 1 Corinthians for a week in November.


Saugus: The assembly was refreshed by a visit from H. Paisley who reminded the saints of the promise, purpose, and imminence of the Lord’s coming. A good number were in attendance including those from surrounding assemblies.

Two men who live in a nearby shelter, and who have read the verses in the public transport system, have been coming to the Gospel meetings for the past several weeks. We trust that the Lord will bless the efforts here in the spread of the gospel.


Jackson: F. Sona was with the assembly in early November for helpful and encouraging meetings using his “Egypt to Canaan” chart. A couple saved during the tent meetings this past summer were baptized and gladly received into assembly fellowship recently.

Saginaw: B. Owen encouraged the saints with ministry and sound teaching from November 23-25. Wm. Metcalf and J. Beattie gave excellent ministry at the monthly meeting on December 6, and were appreciated.


Fridley: B. Rogers visited here for three days in November, taking up a fresh approach on the subject of worship as an ongoing expression of the heart’s devotion to the Lord in all facets of daily life, heightened amidst adversity.

New Jersey

Midland Park: In October, the assembly appreciated a Lord’s Day visit from W. Gustafson. Two weeks of gospel meetings in November with A. Hull and J. Meekin were well attended, with visitors almost every meeting.

New York

East Aurora: God blessed the work at the County Fair again this year, with many texts and other Scriptural material given out. Contacts were made and quite a few Seed Sower cards returned with interest. “Thank you” to those who were able to help, and especially for prayer. The assembly also had visits from S. MacLeod, D. Shutt, and M. McCandless who ministered God’s precious Word to the saints.

New York City: D. Draper (Pennsauken) preached the gospel to ESL students from Korea, China, and Taiwan in our monthly gospel outreach meeting held at the hall November 22. Several young believers from Pennsauken were also present. The saints are grateful for continued prayer on behalf of the gospel.


Akron: The Fall children’s meeting series ended with the Sunday school treat which was attended by a number of parents. M. Smith presented a clear gospel message to those present.


Hatboro: On November 16, the assembly had a special afternoon ministry meeting with encouraging attendance. Appreciated was the thought of the importance of the Word of God in our lives, which was concurrent in each of the messages given by W. Brown (NI), J. Coleman, and W. Oliver.


Waukesha: J. Portman finished a week of studies in November for the first part of a series on the Tabernacle as a picture of the local assembly. There was good attendance each night. It is his intention to return after the first of the year to finish the series.


Bicester: I. Jackson held a week of ministry during October with a chart on Future Events. There was good interest and good numbers nightly. E. Higgins (USA) was with the assembly for eight days of gospel meetings in a nearby rented Village Hall in the village of Ambrosden. Over 60 unsaved attended and one young lad professed to be saved. This is the third series in this village in recent years.

Coventry: I. Jackson held a week of ministry on assembly principles in Coventry during October.

Wallingford: J. Grant was with the saints for a week of ministry on Marriage and the Family during November.


Please pray for this country. So far, over 4,000 people have died in 2008 as a result of drug cartel violence. Apparently this number is higher than those killed during the same period of time in war-torn countries like Afghanistan.

Ciudad Obregon: S. Kember has appreciated very much the lengthy time that D. Beckett (New Brunswick) and T. Turkington (Venezuela) have spent with him in this new work. Three women have professed faith in Christ. A building has been rented for the ongoing meetings.

El Cora: Helped by several local brethren, J. Wahls has had several weeks of pioneer gospel meetings in this town nestled in very rugged terrain on Mexico’s west coast.

Hermosillo: S. Sluiter, and J. Dennison had four weeks of well-attended and fruitful gospel meetings in the new hall. About 160 people witnessed the baptism of five believers. Dr. A. J. Higgins was a real help to the work here with a series on “Relationships.”

Ixtapa:Two weeks of meetings were held here in October with good attendance. One young couple professed faith in Christ. The assembly was saddened to lose the eldest believer in the work in Mexico. Mr. Lorenzo was 108 years old when the Lord called him home. He trusted Christ 10 years ago and for several years hardly missed an assembly meeting.

Puerto Vallarta: The assembly enjoyed a two-week series of gospel meetings with J. Saword in November. Three souls made known their profession of faith in Christ. There was excellent attendance, especially of men long prayed for by the saints here.

Santiago Ixcuintla: M. Cain and J. Dyck had a series of gospel meetings during which one couple obeyed the Lord in baptism.

Tepic: Over two hundred people attended the conference in which C. Gomez (Zamora), R. Polley, J. Saword, and P. Thiessen took part.

St. Lucia

J. Nesbitt has been asked to help in local assembly meetings at Ciceron, LaGare, and Forestiere. He attends each assembly prayer meeting and also gives some teaching. The Ciceron Bible Reading is in Leviticus, LaGare in Acts, and Forestiere in 1st John. He will close his four-week visit by having ministry meetings for one week at Forestiere in December, Lord willing.


DeLand, FL

January 31-February 1, in the Gospel Hall, 109 E. Rosehill Ave., east off N. Woodland Blvd.; Friday: Prayer Meeting 7pm; Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 3:45pm, Bible Reading 2pm, Gospel 7pm; Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread at 10:30am, Bible Reading 2pm, Ministry 3:45pm, Gospel 7pm. Bible Readings on Hebrews 7 (The Melchizedek Priesthood of our Lord Jesus Christ). Lord willing, J. Smith will have two nights of ministry following the conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 3-4. Corr: Fred King, 215 Lake Talmadge Rd., DeLand, FL, 32724; Tel: 386 943-4000; Hall 386 736-1009.

Tampa, FL

February 7-8. Saturday: Ministry 2:30 p.m., Gospel 5 p.m., then supper. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:00 am., Ministry 2 PM. and Gospel 6: PM. Brethren walking in and teaching the “old paths” are welcome to minister as the Lord leads. Corr. Oronzo Dalfino, 118 East 143rd. Avenue, Tampa, Fl. 33613; Tel. 813-265-2757, Gospel Hall 813-932-9530.

San Diego, CA

February 14-15, in the Gospel Hall, 4646 Twain Ave., with Prayer Meeting on Friday, February 13 at 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading 10am (Romans 12), Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Corr: Wm. Smith; Tel: 619 582-2109; Hall 619 280-7021.

Watertown, MA

March 28- 29, in the Mount Auburn Gospel Hall. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 2pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Prayer/Ministry 2-4:30pm, Gospel 4:30-5pm. Corr: J. Grillo, Tel: 781 233-8520; E-mail: joegrillo@juno.com; www.mountauburn.gospelhall.com. Contact Frank Procopio for accommodations, Tel: 978 777-0093.

Conference Reminders:

Los Angeles, CA – January 3-4

Pennsauken, NJ – January 10-11

Jackson, MI – February 13-15

Additions to T & T Address List

Andrew (Angela) Robertson, 10 O’Brien Drive, Chatham, ON N7M 2E7; Tel: 519 352-0094; arobertson115@hotmail.com.

Tim (Stephanie) Woodford (Hermosillo, Sonora, MX), c/o 10318 N. 58th Lane, Glendale, AZ 85302; Tel: 662 260-2270 (in Mexico); 519 913-1024 (international calls); tswoodford@gmail.com.

Change of Address

Bryon and Joni Meyers: 5612 Springfield Dr., Pasco WA 99301. Phone numbers unchanged.

Change of Correspondent

Cambridge, ON: Jim Reeve, 1550 Highway 97, R.R. #3, Puslinch, N0B 2J0. Ph: (905) 659-1781 E-Mail: jreeve001@sympatico.ca.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Saginaw, MI (Madison St. Gospel Hall): Bob Dennison, 360 Groveland Drive, Frankenmuth, MI 48734; Tel: 989 652-9553 (unchanged); E-mail: rcd8120@aol.com (unchanged).


Edith Nichols of North Vancouver, BC, on July 29, age 88. Our sister was saved in Toronto as a young lady, and after her marriage to Mr. Fred Nichols moved to the Moncton, NB, assembly where she took a great interest in its missionary work. After being a widow for a number of years, she moved to North Vancouver to be near her only daughter, and was in happy fellowship here. Our dear sister had a deep and steadfast faith in God, a gentle and unassuming manner, and was always interested in each member of the assembly. She had a very prayerful interest in the work of the Lord and in the mission field in particular, knitting countless baby outfits, among other things, to be sent to Africa. We miss our sister’s presence and her kindly words of encouragement.

Evelyn Draper of Parry Sound, ON, on August 2, in her 97th year, wife of Clarence Draper who predeceased her in July 2007. Our beloved sister was saved while she was young, and spent most of her life in Parry Sound. For many years, she and her husband were “pillars” of the small assembly. They rejoiced to see it grow from only a few to over 35. Her life was marked by her devotion to her husband, her family, and the assembly. Their home was always open and her sense of humor and love of life will be greatly missed. She was a cheer and encouragement to many. The funeral service was taken by Glenn Madigan. Please pray for grandchildren who are not saved.

Mrs. Miriam McCord of Republic of Ireland, on October 15, age 75, unexpectedly. She was saved in 1950, later baptized and received into fellowship in the Longford assembly (Knockanboy Gospel Hall) where she was a founding member. She continued in happy fellowship, with her late husband John, for over thirty years. Miriam was a kind, godly sister, and a faithful attendee at all the assembly gatherings, with a desire to witness to others in a personal way. Her good testimony in the district was evidenced in the large attendance at her funeral. Prayer is requested for her two sons and their wives, grandchildren, and the assembly which miss her keenly.

Marjorie Kaulback of Nineveh, NS, on October 23, age 89, after being hospitalized since a fall in April. She was saved August 24, 1934. She was the last of the originals in the Nineveh assembly who were saved during the early pioneering days of L.K. McIlwaine, beginning in 1933 in that community. His son, R. McIlwaine, was able to speak at the funeral, and bring closure to the history of his father’s labors under very adverse circumstances. He spoke personally of Marjorie’s care given to him, his sister, and mother during a time when their mother was not well. The gospel was preached very clearly, with a good number attending. J. Meekin spoke a short word at the grave. She was predeceased by her husband Cecil in 1986. Surviving are three sons, their wives, and ten grandchildren who are all saved, and nine great-grandchildren.

Emily Elizabeth Robinson of Unionville, ON, on October 27 in her 98th year. Born in India of British army parents, she came to Canada via the UK as a child. Her father, a Jew, was converted to Christ here and raised the family in the gospel. Emily was saved at 20. Married to Jack (d 2003) for 70 happy years, they raised three children (John, Ross, and Phyllis). She was a lover of the Word and lived it. They were in happy fellowship in Lansing and Rexdale assemblies, and latterly, Shoreacres, having moved to Burlington because of advancing years, before moving into Bethany Lodge. She was a consistent, bright Christian example to her children and grandchildren. P. Robinson took the large memorial service held at Bethany Lodge.

Mrs. Pearl Swanstrom of Sudbury, ON, on October 27, age 87. Our dear sister was saved at the age of 16 while attending the Magnetawan Conference. She and her husband were in fellowship in the Arnstein assembly for many years before moving to Sudbury in 1974, where they continued in happy fellowship. She was a caring, loving lady who loved the gatherings of the Lord’s people. She was unable to attend meetings the last few years because of failing health, and was bed-ridden for the last few months. She was lovingly cared for by her daughter Lois and husband until her home-call. She will be sadly missed by her husband Elmer, three daughters, five grandchildren, ten great grandchildren, and two great-great grandchildren. Her funeral service was conducted by Brian Owen.

Mrs. Georgina Milne of N. Ireland, on October 29, age 92. She was saved at age 17 while attending Mr. F. Knox’s tent meetings, and after baptism was received into Lower Windsor assembly in Belfast. She was married in 1941 to Mr. J. Milne. In February 1947, commended by Lower Windsor and four neighboring assemblies, they left to serve the Lord in Venezuela. In the first year they lost their girl Rhoda Ann, age two. Later Ruth and Arnot were born and joined Ashley, who was born in Ireland. Despite many hardships and heartbreaks, Georgina worked faithfully and tirelessly in San Felipe, assisting her husband in service for the Lord, which God prospered. In their late 70s, they came back to Ireland and lived for some time in Lisburn. In later days due to health problems, they retired to Faith House where they received loving care. Her son-in-law, Mr. A. Gillespie, conducted the funeral service, with several members of the family paying tribute. Mr. J.G. Hutchinson gave scriptural messages at the funeral parlor and the grave.

Deltha Parolin of North Bay, ON, on November 5, in her 88th year. Deltha was a kind, gracious, soft-spoken sister in the Lord, who loved her family and was an example to them of a godly Christian mother and grandmother. She and her husband Earl (who predeceased her), were among the first when the new work commenced, resulting in the formation of the Nipissing Junction assembly in North Bay. Her funeral on November 10 was shared by her grandson Aaron Barnett, and her son-in-law Doug Barnett who told of her kindness to them, her joy when entertaining, and the great example she lived before them. Clarence Black preached the gospel in the Gospel Hall and shared the joy of the resurrection at the graveside committal service.

Donald Rumney of Eden Grove, ON, on November 5, age 74, after a long bout with cancer. He was saved at 48 years of age under the preaching of George Patterson after being invited to gospel meetings at a fellow-worker’s house where he discovered that living a moral life as an elder in a denominational church did not give him a relationship with God. He was baptized shortly after, along with his wife Thelma (deceased a year and a half ago) who accepted Christ a few weeks after he did, and was received into fellowship at Eden Grove. He was enthusiastic about all the assembly activities and enjoyed telling how the Lord saved him while reading John 3:16. Please pray for his two sons that need salvation, and also the many relatives that heard the gospel preached clearly by G.Patterson, L. Mitchell, and E.Miller.

Carmela Rosania of Newington, CT, on November 7, age 95, surrounded by her family. She was the last member of the original Italian assembly that gathered in the home of her parents, Joseph and Anna DeLuca, in Hartford in 1928. She and her husband of 67 years, Tony, who predeceased her six years ago, were very faithful to the assembly meetings all their days, and both finished well. A very cheerful and happy Christian lady, she loved to sing hymns, and even though she was afflicted with Alzheimers in her later years, the Lord in His grace sustained her joy and trust in the Savior to her very last days. She was predeceased three years ago by her son, Robert, of the Newington assembly, and then went to Andover to be cared for by her daughter Mary Ann (Daniel) DiBella of the Methuen assembly. She also leaves a son Richard and his wife, Robert’s wife Phyllis, eight grandchildren, and six great grandchildren, some of whom are not saved. The funeral was held in Newington where the gospel was preached.