Edmonton: Please pray for Gospel meetings this Fall (D.V.) with S. Wells and D. Hierlihy.

Fort McMurray: At a fellowship supper in the Senior’s Centre on May 6, G. Williams and R. Swan from Grande Prairie shared the gospel with a good number of listeners. E. Armson was here from May 24-28 for ministry and gave a missionary report on Zambia.

Grande Prairie: A tent series with J. Fitzpatrick and G. Williams is planned to begin July 1st on the grounds of Grande Prairie College. If you have relatives or contacts in the area whom you would like us to visit, please contact williamg@telusplanet.net. Prayer would be appreciated.

British Columbia

Surrey: The Gospel Booth at the Cloverdale Rodeo was an opportunity to distribute many texts and tracts. There were a few conversations of interest during the three days.

Vancouver: Please pray for the Gospel Booth at the Pacific National Exhibition during the last two weeks of August. This has been a blessing for well over 30 years, with God providing lasting fruit through this effort.


Winnipeg: Gospel Meetings at the West End Gospel Hall by J. Nesbitt and W. Seale from May 13-30 proved fruitful. Many people from the immediate area of the hall attended nightly. The believers worked with great enthusiasm to contact people and they were rewarded. Every Saturday, 75-120 people from the district attended a brunch served at the hall.

New Brunswick

Green River: The small assembly had their annual conference on May 5-6 with approximately 160 people present. D. Swan, two visiting brethren from Ontario, and local brethren took part in ministry and gospel. A good participation in the Bible reading on the subject of the Holy Spirit made it most profitable. The saints have also been encouraged by the reception of a young sister into the fellowship.

Shdiac: The assembly is exercised to have gospel meetings in the near future.

Tracadie: L. Wells and G. Roy had three nights of Bible Readings in April with edifying participation from a number of local brethren.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander Bay: A good number attended the annual conference from May 18-20; a sense of the Lord’s presence pervaded the weekend. W. Buckle, E. Fowler, J. A. Joyce, B. Joyce, S. Joyce, and C. Payne gave ministry. The Bible studies on Psalm 23 and 24 were encouraging. Bryan Joyce stayed on the Island for eleven days and gave ministry in the central assemblies of TemplemanFogoGander, and Sandringham. J. A. Joyce shared the ministry in Sandringham, ministering on the life of Peter.

Seal Cove: The believers enjoyed the conference. W. Buckle, S. Feltham, L. Genge, B. Joyce, and C. Strickland ministered. The Bible Study in 1 Thessalonians 4 emphasized the Resurrection and Rapture of the Church.

St. John’s: J. A. Joyce spent the weekend of May 27 with the saints, giving helpful ministry while here for medical reasons.

Nova Scotia

New Glasgow: Prayer will be valued for tent meetings by A. Hull and P. Ramsay, commencing July 8. They also plan children’s meetings in the morning by younger brethren who will assist in this effort.

Truro: M. Cain and A. Hull concluded three and a half weeks in the gospel in Truro Heights on May 22. Through this new venture in a rented building, two souls confessed Christ and new contacts were made for the future. Please pray for children’s meetings planned for the first week in July in this same location with M. Cain.


Acton: F. Sona, with Christians from Guelph and Brampton assemblies, concluded visitation and a week of children’s meetings in June. He plans a week of gospel and children’s meetings starting August 12 in the Curling Club, 242 Churchill Rd. to follow the interest. For information please contact F. Sona at 519-836-6099, or 519-830-1289. Please pray that the Word may be blessed in this new area.

Brampton: Please pray for gospel tent meetings starting July 7 with B. Foreshew and J. Smith. The meetings will be Tuesday through Sunday 7:30 pm, in Chinguacousy Park on Bramalea Road. For information contact Dwight Dyke at 519-853-3090, E-mail ddyke@sympatico.ca, or visit www.bramptongospelhall.com

Clinton: Gospel meetings are planned to commence July 29 with M. Bachert and G. Goff. Prayer would be appreciated.

Laurel: J. Jarvis and F. Sona purpose to have a couple weeks of gospel tent meetings starting July 22. J. Jarvis and local Christians from the Brampton and Bolton assemblies have been carrying on a new work in this area for several years. For information, contact J. Jarvis at 905-460-0278 or 416-455-0531.

London: The Highbury assembly enjoyed hosting the Spanish conference which was a time of real spiritual blessing. E. Fairfield (Japan), D. Thompson (Columbia), and A. Turkington (Venezuela) gave interesting reports of the Lord’s working in their respective fields.

Oil Springs: Gospel tent meetings are planned here to begin July 29 through the month of August. Prayer would be appreciated for children of the Christians as well as three unsaved husbands of sisters in this area.

Toronto: The Mimico assembly has been encouraged by a brother and two sisters coming into fellowship; also four were baptized June 3. Progress on the new building is a lengthy process. “Obtaining necessary permits tries our patience but teaches dependence on God.”

Waubaushene: A.J. Higgins spent a very profitable weekend giving ministry to young and old on the subject of Relationships. The following week, G. Goff ministered in the Waubaushene and Midland assemblies on Evangelistic Outreach. It was very timely, encouraging, and challenging as these assemblies seek to reach out with the gospel. The good number who attended appreciated the ministry of the eight brothers who spoke at the Waubaushene/Midland conference. A 12-year-old girl from Barrie trusted Christ on the Sunday night.

West Lorne: The new assembly began breaking bread in March. Fourteen believers sat down for the first time to remember the Lord. The interest continues at the time of ministry after the Lord’s supper with both believers and unbelievers present. Please pray for tent meetings in July beside the hall.



Sunnyslope: God richly blessed the efforts of the assembly and the Lord’s servants, J. Fitzpatrick and J. Jarvis, in the salvation of a neighborhood lady and a young girl from the assembly. We trust that God will continue to work in the hearts of others that attended the series.


Alpena: Spanish gospel meetings are now held on four days of the week; Saturdays and Mondays in Springdale, and Tuesdays and Fridays in Huntsville, AR. Turnout by Hispanic visitors in both locations has been encouraging, some even making the hour-long drive from Springdale to attend meetings on the Lord’s Day in Alpena. Continued prayer is still greatly appreciated for the work among the growing Hispanic population in the area. Few are available for the Hispanic outreach, the greater part of the burden being shouldered by J. Saword.


Fresno: The assembly enjoyed having J. Fitzpatrick with us for several nights in May giving gospel and ministry for our encouragement.


Newington: The assembly was greatly encouraged in its recent gospel series with E. Higgins. The topic was “Life’s Greatest Questions” and the series ran for four weeks during April and May. A number of souls professed, all young people. It was a great cheer to the assembly, particularly to those who work diligently to get the Sunday School children out each week. It was also encouraging to the surrounding assemblies who supported the meetings faithfully and who shared in the blessing.


Hampton: D. Alves, Jr. had three weeks of ministry. On returning to Mexico, he and M. Roseyon visited Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, where relatives of the believers from Hampton live. Two have professed to be saved there. H. Rodriguez has also been working among other family members in Vera Cruz. Families in Hampton request prayer for their unbelieving relatives in Mexico. The assembly has also enjoyed visits from Sr, J. Saword, S. Kember, Jr, and M. McCandless.

Manchester: We received excellent and encouraging ministry this spring from B. Rodgers and A. Dryburgh. L. Perkins was with us for four nights of children’s meetings in Ryan (new area) and in Lamont for five nights. It was encouraging in both towns as about 100 children and adults heard a clear gospel message.


Madawaska: S. MacLeod and M. McCandless ended a short series of unplanned gospel meetings on June 8. The believers brought out relatives who hadn’t been in the hall. All were encouraged when the mother of a sister in the assembly trusted Christ on the final morning.


Methuen: For 2 and a half weeks, starting in early April, D. Petterson and D. Shutt labored together in a gospel series, preceded by an assembly Seed Sower effort in the neighborhood. The main focus was to get the Sunday school teenagers under the nightly preaching of the gospel and, thankfully, most did attend regularly, along with a few parents. D. Petterson preached one night in Spanish for the benefit of some attending. Please join us in praying for future fruit from the good seed sown in many concerned hearts! Also, the assembly enjoyed the annual conference. M. Derksen, W. Gustafson, E. Higgins, D. Oliver, and W. Oliver gave appreciated ministry, much of it emphasizing the importance of God’s Word in the believer’s life. There was a nice representation of believers from many assemblies.

Saugus: The outreach in the Rehab Center continues. J. Smith spoke at the Center one evening to a very attentive audience.


Deckerville: J. Beattie and Wm. Metcalf continued a weekly one-night gospel meeting here through January and February. Some interest was seen, and a sister was received into the assembly the first Lord’s Day of May. The assembly has been very encouraged.

Sherman: On May 13, A. Christopherson and J. Slabaugh concluded two weeks of gospel meetings, attended by a number of local contacts, including teenagers, some of whom heard the gospel for the first time. The lack of serious interest impresses us with the need of an increasingly-pagan culture, ignorant of God’s Word. The assembly again had it’s Seed Sower booth at the annual Mesick Mushroom Festival over the Mother’s Day weekend. The weather encouraged a large attendance, increasing the number of encouraging conversations as well as of Scripture texts, fridge magnets, and gospel literature distributed. For the fourth time in the ten years of living here, S. Thompson spoke at the High School Baccalaureate in May. Pray for the young people of this community.


Tylertown: Prayer is requested for gospel meetings scheduled for the first three weeks in August in D’Iberville, MS. This is an assembly outreach in a new area near the coast.

New York

New York: The Korean-speaking saints have gathered unto His name in Corona, Queens (in J. Chung’s apartment) since October 6, 2002, and have prayed for an assembly building. The gracious Lord answered our prayers and gave us a rented hall in the heart of Korea Town in New York City. The assembly has waited for the issuance of “Certified Occupancy” from the Department of Buildings for many months. This has finally been received and the happy saints had the first Breaking of Bread in the new hall on May 13. The address is Flushing Gospel Hall, 45-04 – 162 Street, Flushing, N. Y. 11358.

North Carolina

Conover: The Hickory assembly expects to begin tent meetings with D. Petterson helped by D. Barney and J. Berquist. Pray for these meetings and others to follow in NC.

Hickory: The assembly very much appreciated the help given at our 25th annual conference. We enjoyed ministry from J. Beattie, B. Lavery, S. MacLeod, M. McCandless, E. McCullough, D. Oliver, J. Procopio, J. Slabaugh, and J. Smith. Over 200 attended the conference, and the ministry was challenging and uplifting.


Akron: In recent visits, Wm. Lavery gave helpful ministry from 2 Corinthians 3. J. Beattie viewed the Lord Jesus as evangelist, pastor, and teacher from the Gospel of John. R. Surgenor was with us before leaving for West Virginia.

Mansfield: Good interest accompanied our “Future Events” gospel series with E. Higgins.


Matoaca: We are planning, Lord willing, gospel tent meetings at the beginning of July with D. Oliver and J. Procopio. There is to be a Seed Sower effort at the end of June and we trust that there will be those in the community who will come out to hear the gospel, as well as many family members and connections of the Christians that we would love to see saved.


Clearview: We expect D. Booth and T. Hoy for gospel meetings in the first two weeks of July.

Marysville: Please pray for tent meetings behind the Gospel Hall during the last two weeks of July with T. Hoy and K. Wilson.

Pasco: Please pray for Tri-Cities Assembly summer outreaches. We will have the Youth Bible Hour bus in a parade on July 4, and will be handing out Seed Sowers packets along the parade route. Youth Bible Hour will be from August 6-10 in the mornings, and Seed Sowers in the evenings. We’d appreciate helpers during the week. Please contact B. Meyers at 509-948-3081, or bmeyers@whidbey.net.


R. Eadie (N. Ireland) had a profitable time in the Gospel with four weeks at Wilston Gospel Hall, Brisbane, and three weeks at Burleigh Heads Gospel Hall, Queensland, with a good interest and blessing in salvation in both places.

N. Ireland

Belfast Easter Conference held this year in Church House from Saturday through Tuesday with the gospel meeting on Wednesday night was well attended and considered very profitable. During April and May, LimavadyRathmines (Dublin), BellaghyPortavogieDrumloughBallywatermoy, and Ballyduff (Belfast) also held their conferences.

Series of gospel meetings:

Co. Antrim

Ballymena (Harryville): W. Fenton and M. McKillen (May)

Lisburn (Moneybroom Road) -T. Armstrong and D. Gilliland (portable hall)

Portrush: I. McClean and D. Scott

Co. Armagh

Ardmore: J. Martin and W. Martin

Ballydugan (near Bleary): S. Gilfillan and J. Rogers

Kilmore: J. McCann and S. Nelson (April)

Co. Down

Belfast (Windsor): W. Fenton and M. McKillen (April)

Dromore: J. Bingham (Ballykeel Mourne) and T. Meekin (Burnside)

Moneyreagh: J. McCann and S. Nelson (May)

Co. Londonderry

Limavady: A. Caldwell and D. McGarvey (late March)

Moneydig: S. Maze and D. McGarvey

Straidarran: G. Buchanan and N. Fleck

Co. Tyrone

Berney (near Strabane) – N. Coulter and D. Lowry (cottage meetings)

Fintona: N. Fleck and A. Wilson

Lungs: J. Fleck and S. Wells (portable hall)


Sioux City. IA (July 14-15)

Gospel Hall, 120 South Leonard Street. Saturday: Prayer Meeting, 7:30 pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread, 9:45 am; Bible Reading, 11:15 am (Philippians 3); Children’s Meeting, 1:30 pm; Ministry, 2:30 pm; Testimony, 6:15 pm; Gospel, 6:45 pm. Corr: Gary Hayes, 1625 W 14th Street, Sioux City, IA 51103; 712- 255-4962; Gospel Hall: 712-277-3647.

Clinton, ON (August 18)

A summer Seed Sowers Conference will be held in the Gospel Hall where ministry will be directed toward help and encouragement for young Christians. All are welcome to attend.

Fort McMurray, AB (August 24-26)

Wood Buffalo Assembly. Prayer Meeting: Friday, August 24, 7:30 pm. All meetings in Senior’s Activity Centre, 10111 Main St. Saturday: Ministry, 10 am; Bible Reading, 2 pm; Ministry, 3:45 pm; Gospel, 7 pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread, 10 am; Sunday School, 11:30 am; Bible Reading, 2:30 pm; Ministry, 3:45 pm; Gospel, 7 pm. Contact Sam Payne 780-715-0468, or Terry Lush 780-715-0298.

Akron, OH (September 1-2)

Copley High School, 3797 Ridgewood Road, Copley, 330-867-3818. Friday: Prayer Meeting, 7:30 p.m. in Gospel Hall, 2705 Smith Road. Saturday: Ministry, 10 am; Ministry, 1:30 pm (Topic: Basic Christian Living, Individually, In the Family, and In the Assembly). Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread, 10 am. Accom: David Metcalf, 3228 Blake Road, Wadsworth, OH 44281; 330-334-9691; Dmetcalftt@msn.com. Corr: Kenneth Webb, PO Box 13350, Akron, OH 44334; 330-666-9466 .

Arlington/Marysville, WA (September 1-3)

Gospel Hall, 323 S. Stillaguamish Ave., Arlington. Friday: Prayer/Ministry, 7 pm. Morning Bible Study topics will be “The Christian and the World, the Assembly, and Stewardship,” led by A.J. Higgins, Dan Shutt, and Stan Wells. Saturday: Bible Study, 8:45 am; Ministry, 10:30 am and 2 pm; Gospel, 7 pm; Ministry for the Young, 8:45 pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread, 9:30 am (Arlington & Marysville); Bible Study, 11:20 am; Ministry, 2:30 pm; Gospel, 7 pm (Arlington & Marysville); Ministry for the Young, 8:45 pm. Monday: Bible Study, 8:45 am; Ministry, 10:30 am and 2 pm. Info and accom: Phil Kazen, 360-659-4611; ps.kazen@yahoo.com.

Clementsvale, NS (September 1-2)

Champlain Hall, Cornwallis Park. Saturday: Prayer & Ministry, 10 am and 2 pm; Gospel, 7 pm. Sunday: Bible Reading, 8:30 am (Psa 69); Breaking of Bread 10 am; Ministry, 2 pm; Gospel, 6:30 pm. Corr: Lionel Cress; 902-467-3115. Accom: Jonathan McClelland, 902-638-3260; jkmcclelland@.ns.sympatico.ca (call in advance).

Huntsville, ON (September 1-2)

Friday, August 31: Prayer Meeting, 7:30 pm. All meetings: Huntsville Centennial Center, Park Dr.; 705-789-6421. Meetings Saturday and Sunday are 10 am, 2 and 7 pm. Saturday Bible Reading, 8:45 am: Stewardship Principles – Luke 16: 1-15; Sunday Bible Reading, 8:45 am: Christ the Pattern Steward – John 17. Corr: David Traves, 10 A West Rd. Huntsville, ON P1H 1K9; Tel: 705-789-8420; E-mail: dhtraves@sympatico.ca

Kansas City, MO (September 1-2)

Gospel Hall, 4603 E. Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64128; 816-924-6346. Friday, August 31: Prayer Meeting, 7 pm. Saturday: Ministry, 10 am; Gospel, 7 pm. Sunday: Bible Reading, 9:30 am (John 20); Breaking of Bread, 11 am; Ministry, 2 pm; Gospel, 6 pm. Corr. William Jackson, 1613 Ashland Pl, Blue Springs, MO 64015; 816-228-3591.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON/MI (September 7-9)

Gospel Hall, 475 Wellington St. East, Sault Ste. Marie ON, 705-949-1101 (leave message). Friday: Prayer Meeting, 7:30 pm. Saturday: Ministry begins at 10 am. Bible Reading subjects: “Living by Faith” and “Growing in Grace.” Contact: David West, 705-945-9245; dcwest@shaw.ca.

Arnstein, ON (September 15-16)

Friday, September14: Prayer Meeting, 7:30 p.m. Saturday: Bible Reading, 8:45 a.m. (The Rapture); Ministry, 11 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading, 8:45 a.m (Devotional), Breaking of Bread, 10 am; Ministry, 2 pm; Gospel, 7 p.m. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 10762 Hwy 522. Please note: No supper will be served on Friday evening as in previous years. Accom. Tommy Dellandrea, 705-757-0222. Corr: Don Brunne, Tel: 705-757-2030.

Hitesville, IA (September 15-16)

Friday, September 14: Prayer Meeting, 7:30 pm, Gospel Hall, Rural Route, Aplington, 319-347-2333. All other meetings (except Sunday Gospel Meeting) at Aplington/Parkersburg Middle School, 215 – 10th Street, Aplington, IA 50604; 319-347-2394.Saturday: Prayer and Ministry, 10 am, 2 pm; Gospel, 6:15 pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading, 9 am; Breaking of Bread, 10:30 am; Prayer and Ministry, 2 pm. Corr: Larry L. Brandt, 509 Lincoln Street, Parkersburg, IA 50665; 319-346-1084.

New Lenox, IL (September 22-23)

Gospel Hall, 13550 West Rt. 6, Mokena, IL 60448; 815-485-9064. Friday, September 21: Prayer Meeting, 7:30 pm. Saturday: 10 am, 2 pm, and 6:30 pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading, 9 am; Breaking of Bread, 10:30 am; Ministry, 2 pm. Corr: Brent Studnicka, 138 Wallace St., New Lenox, IL 60451; 815-463-9590.

Sussex, NB (September 29-30)

Sussex High School. Friday, September 28: Prayer Meeting, 7:30 pm (Sussex Gospel Hall). Saturday: Ministry, 10 am and 2:30 pm; Gospel, 7 pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread, 10 am; Sunday School, 1 pm; Ministry, 2 pm; Gospel 7 pm. For information, contact Jim MacIntosh, at 506-847-5863; E-mail macjames@nbnet.nb.ca. For accommodations, contact Trevor McClellan at 506-433-1234, or E-mail trevor@commercialtent.com.

Conference Reminders:

Grande Prairie, AB – August 31-September 1

Change of Address

Shad Kember: (changed zip code) 14227 W. Indianola Ave., Goodyear, AZ USA 85395-8458.

Mrs Margaret (John) Norris: c/o R. & A. Clark, 230 Glen Ave., Sault Ste Marie, ON P6A 5E2

Cap van de Wetering: #8- 3380 Gladwin Rd., Abbotsford, BC V2S 7G1; 604-859-2621; caplena@shaw.ca.

Change of Correspondent

Manchester, CT: Ted Kaulback, P.O. Box 27, Andover, CT 06232; 860-742-0002; kaulted@aol.com

Change of Meeting Times

Kansas City, MO: Sunday – Bible Reading 9:30-10:15 am, Sunday School 10:20-10:50 am. (Other meetings unchanged).


Peter Smith: e-mail, pbs110@mts.net

New Assembly

West Lorne, ON: Gospel Hall, 257 Graham Rd, West Lorne, ON N0L 2P0; 519-785-1807. Meetings: Lord’s Supper, 10 am; Sunday School & Ministry, 11:30 am; Gospel, 7 pm. Wednesday: Prayer, Praise & Ministry, 7:30 pm.


Alex Stewart of Westbank, BC, on September 28, 2006, passed on to his eternal home just short of his 94th birthday. Our beloved brother, saved at 9, had been concerned about his sins and desired eternal life. His mother pointed him to Christ, as she did her three daughters and others. In 1938, he married Renee Thompson. They raised three sons and four daughters. For health reasons he moved from Minitonas, MB, to Westbank in 1945, where he shared the many assembly privileges and responsibilities, being an elder here for over 30 years.

Alice Garnham of Livonia, MI, on February 11, age 79. She was saved at the age of 13 in 1941, after attending a gospel meeting held by T. R. McCullough in the Schoolcraft Gospel Hall, Detroit. She was married to Donald Garnham and was in fellowship with the assembly meeting in the Stark Road Gospel Hall in Livonia. For many years she suffered from multiple sclerosis, which caused progressive disability. Despite this, she attended assembly meetings whenever possible, and bore her physical illness and weakness with outstanding Christian grace and patience. Her legacy of cheerfulness and loyalty to Christ are highly valued by those who knew her. N. Crawford and Wm. Seale, Jr., spoke at the funeral. Please remember her husband Donald in prayer.

Alexander McWhinnie of Vancouver, BC, age 92, departed to be with Christ April 6. He was saved at the age of 15 in Edmonton in connection with what is now the Conners Hill assembly, and when the family moved to Vancouver about 68 years ago, he was received to the Fairview assembly where he continued in unbroken fellowship and love of the truth. He leaves no known immediate relatives but his record is on high.

Mrs. Ethel Flanagan of Northern Ireland, on April 10, age 91, after failing health, and periods of hospitalization. In recent years, her daughter, Emma Wright, who returned from Brazil, has cared for her at home with help from others. Mrs. Flanagan was saved in early life, and after she married Tommy Flanagan, they were in fellowship in Tullyglush, and later Keady. She was faithful to the assembly, and for many years cared for visiting evangelists, preaching in the district. The large funeral was shared by S. McBride and S. Flanagan in the home, and W. J. Nesbitt and T. W. Wright at the grave. They spoke words of comfort and tidings of salvation to the many unsaved. Prayer is valued for her husband, two daughters, a son, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, some still needing salvation.

Bob Hawker of Glen Ewen, SK, on May 16, in his 71st year. Our brother was saved in 1967 during gospel meetings with D. Adams and F. Krause. Shortly after, he was baptized and took his place gathered to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. During the last two years of declining health, he was lovingly cared for by Mary, his wife of over 50 years. Five daughters and two sons survive, some of whom are not saved and for whom prayer is requested. A nephew, M. McFarlane, and brother-in-law D. Muir, shared the funeral service when words of warning were spoken to a large assembled company. At the grave, where we left our brother’s remains to await the Savior’s coming for His own, J. Hanna turned our thoughts toward home.

Mrs. Marian Hartsell of Deckerville, MI, on May 20, age 86. Marian, as a young married woman, was saved at age 28 during a series of gospel meetings in 1949, taken by Norman Crawford and the late Lorne McBain. For the past 41 years she has been in happy fellowship and has been a faithful help and an encouragement in the assembly. Her warm and quiet disposition endeared her to many. She leaves her husband, Forest, three daughters, and one son, all saved, to feel her loss. Her well-attended funeral and graveside service was taken by Wm. Metcalf.

Harold Wardell of West Union, IA, on May 20, age 91. He was saved in October of 1952 and was in the assembly here for many years. A quiet brother, he was known for his happy smile. Since January of 2005, he was a resident of Linn Manor Care Center. His wife, Gladys, preceded him in death in 1992. Surviving is one sister, June Walvatne, and a number of nephews and nieces. Robert Orr shared the funeral service with two of Harold’s nephews, Donald Wardell and Steven Walvatne.

Frances Avery of Arnstein, ON, on May 26, age 91. She was saved in 1931 in a series of gospel meetings in Arnstein under the preaching of John Spreeman and John Sommecal. Shortly after, she was baptized and received into the assembly. In 1941 she married Morris Avery and together they were very faithful to the assembly, seldom missing a meeting. Frances taught Sunday school for over 20 years. As we look back over her life we are reminded of the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31. She leaves to mourn her loss, her husband, two daughters, two sons, nine grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren, and will be missed by all in the assembly. The large funeral was taken by J. Adams and D. Nicholson.