In the Beginning God: The Fallacy of Speculation

A few years into the new millennium and man is claiming the ability to create life, improve the DNA, conquer space, and live forever without aging! Since everything came about by chance including human beings, we did not and do not need God for the future. The argument took its “scientific” color after the flag of the theory of evolution was raised. We are told that great scientists know that evolution is true and that the Biblical account of creation is a myth.

But wait a minute! The great inventors and discovers of the past who did scientific work that still stands are people such as Newton (gravity), Faraday (electric motor), Babbage (computers), Pasteur (sterilization), Lister (antiseptic), Dalton (atomic theory), Maxwell (electromagnetism), Kepler, Boyle, Morse, Joule, and Thompson. These (and many others) have two things in common: they were great scientists and they believed the Bible and its account of creation.

Evolution is a theory: it is not science. In fact evolution contradicts science. It contradicts the laws of thermodynamics, the law of biogenesis, laws of probability, and the law of cause and effect. It is based on natural mutations, which stand as witnesses against it rather than proof for it, as natural mutations are harmful and will always result in loss of information in the DNA. The only so-called material evidence for evolution, the fossil record, is in fact evidence against evolution, because the complete absence of transitional forms concludes that the fossils clearly say “no” to evolution. The scientific deceptions that are being used to present the missing links or transitional forms go to show that evolution is a non-starter. These range from the famous Piltdown Man to the recent fake missing link between birds and dinosaurs supposedly smuggled from China and described in “scientific” details in National Geographic only to be exposed 4 months later as a blatant forgery.

No wonder many scientists, who are authorities in their field, (including those who are not Christians), are writing books against evolution. Michael Denton, an authority in molecular biology, wrote Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, and Michael Behe, an authority in biochemistry, wrote Darwin’s Black Box, both challenging evolution. Richard Milton, an engineer and newspaper editor reporting on scientific developments, wrote The Facts of Life: Shattering the Myths of Darwinism. Today, all around the world, hundreds of scientists, spanning all fields of science, can prove from their special field that evolution contradicts science while Creation, as it appears in the Bible, agrees completely with science.

If there is so much evidence against evolution, how is it still promoted as science and as fact? The answer is: through brainwashing using a leap of faith from observed facts to a theory that has failed every test against scientific facts. The scientific method, formulated by Sir Francis Bacon, a Creationist, teaches us that theories must be put to the test of science. If they fail, they must be rejected. The only exception is the Theory of Evolution; having failed all scientific tests, it is still promoted and taught as science and fact.

In order to create an impact, certain familiar terms are used. Take for example “survival of the fittest” or “natural selection” which became synonymous with evolution. Evolutionists will go to great length to document survival of the fittest. We do not disagree at all. The next step is based on speculation: since survival of the fittest is fact, then that is a proof for evolution. We disagree completely: survival of the fittest might allow the fittest to dominate the kind in question, but there is no change in kind whatsoever: dogs remain dogs. This is variation within the kind exactly as the Bible teaches in Genesis when God said He created each “after their kind.” Evolution requires a change in kind and there is no evidence for this at all. The tragedy is that teachers teach this as evidence for evolution and the majority accept it without questioning.

Or consider the similar concept of natural selection, which again has been promoted as proof for evolution. Natural selection is a fact: If the environment favors a certain trait, this is encouraged and others who do not possess such traits do not survive. The population then becomes increasingly one type. This is fact. However, no new species evolve as a result of natural selection. To use this as a proof for evolution is speculation gone too far away from science. Consider the famous peppered moth experiment (which has since been shown to be all fabricated). According to the evidence, because of a change in the background color of the trees during the industrial revolution, the white moths were easily spotted and destroyed while the dark moths were camouflaged and so survived. With time most of the moth population became dark. The fact remains. Whether white or dark, the peppered moth remains a peppered moth: no change in kind occurred. Speculation led to science fiction.

What of the Big Bang, a theory based on science fiction? The Cosmic Background Explorer Satellite (COBE) was launched into space to get the evidence for the Big Bang by measuring the temperature differences of the background microwave radiation. Whatever COBE readings were, evolutionists hailed them as supporting the theory, when in fact it was the opposite. But that did not stop the speculation regarding the Big Bang.

Or look at all the effort of finding life in space. Search for water and assume that if it is found, then like earth, life must have existed. Speculation leads to conclusions. There is no evidence that life evolved out of nothing. Science tells us this is impossible. The discoveries of the complexity of the DNA molecule with its wealth of information or the complexity of mechanisms that need to operate together from day 1 demand a Creator. Life is more than a combination of chemicals brought about by accident and coming from nothing: it is a miracle performed by the Creator.

Evolution is a theory based on speculation and lies, whereas Creation is based on the Word of the Creator Who cannot lie, Jesus Christ.