From You Sounded Out: Beginning at Home

This article commences a page for believers to share techniques either they or their assembly have used to make contacts in gospel work. Please forward suggested ideas to the editor.

Since many unbelievers surf the Web each day, a Web site is a great tool to spread the gospel or identify a location to hear its message. Any texts, literature, pamphlets, or tracts distributed can then include the assembly’s address, phone numbers, and web site. This increases the assembly’s accessibility to people in the community.

Particularly while spreading the gospel with others of the Bryn Mawr assembly, we employed other valuable means.

Regular visit Bible study in the homeBefriending neighbors opens doors to present the gospel. Immigrants particularly are interested in regular sessions to help in language studies. We recently witnessed God’s work in saving a Korean lady after repeated regular contact with a group of Korean immigrants in a home atmosphere. The visits became a monthly Bible study. This work was in fellowship with the overseers in our assembly.

Community Day: A community’s day for local business awareness became a great opportunity. On the main street, we set up display tables that included cookie trays, magnets, erasers, pencils, pens, pamphlets, and tracts. Free helium-filled balloons with John 3:16 and an assembly address were a popular item for kids. Remembering us from the year before, parents often returned to obtain a balloon for their kids and to do a craft (i.e. sand art, pumpkin painting) at the Hall. The objectives were to share God’s word, maintain contact with the community, invite children to the Sunday School, invite families or individuals to hear the gospel, and increase awareness of the Hall in the community.

Dinner Delivery: Names of needy families are available through Social Work at local hospitals or a local school. We distributed Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner baskets – that included gospel literature and texts – to these families.

Holiday cookie trays to neighbors: This is a point of regular contact, an opportunity to give a text and an appropriate tract to families at Christmas, New Years, Easter, Mother’s Day, or Thanksgiving.

Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facilities: These special communities are open to monthly contact for a sing and gospel message. God alone knows the eternal results from such an effort.

Flea Markets: A table of invitations, booklets, tracts, and Seed Sower texts, particularly on weekends, reaches people.

Temporary Medical Clinic: In a poorer area of the city, many expressed appreciation for this service. We provided free blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring, plus texts and gospel literature.

A Drug Rehab Center: Weekly, 30 to 40 men listen respectfully to the gospel.