British Columbia

Edmonton: The assembly in Edmonton had two weeks of well-attended gospel meetings in September with Stan Wells and David Hierlihy. There were unsaved out every night. Please pray that God will continue to bless His faithful Word.

Kamloops: During September the assembly enjoyed helpful ministry from Dave Richards and Andrew Bergsma, and also an interesting report of the flight service work in Zambia from Bruce Poidevin.

Terrace: Pete Smith conducted children’s meetings September 10-14 which the saints very much appreciated. Andrew Bergsma visited the assembly later in the month. Gospel meetings are purposed in late October in the port city of Kitimat, 60 km to the south, in a rented facility. John Fitzpatrick and Cap Van de Wetering are expected.

Vancouver: The Thanksgiving Conference was blessed by ministry from Tom Bentley, David Gilliland, Eric Parmenter, and Jim Smith. The lofty truths of Romans 8 were the subject of two Bible Readings ably led by brethren Gilliland and Bentley. The help of the Holy Spirit was evident in the flow of ministry that was instructive, challenging, and edifying to the saints. Two missionary reports on Mexico and Malaysia brought good news of the Lord’s working in these areas.

Jim Smith ministered the Word in South Burnaby, Fairview, South Main, and West Richmond in the two weeks preceding the conference, and shared a Lord’s Day afternoon meeting in Victoria Drive with David Gilliland who continued for three week-nights to complete a series on Kingdom Living in Changing Times from 1 Chronicles. Fairview enjoyed our brother for a final night of ministry before the conference. We were thankful that Tom Bentley could spend two weeks in the city after the conference, giving rich ministry in South Burnaby, Deep Cove, Fairview , Victoria Drive, and Fleetwood.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: The saints appreciated a Lord’s Day visit from Gordon Williams whose ministry was encouraging and helpful.

L’Anse Au Loup: There was a combined gospel meeting at English Point (with L’Anse au Loup) as a young couple there obeyed the Lord in baptism on September 23. Also, construction of the new Gospel Hall in L’Anse au Loup has begun and plans are for it to be covered in before winter. It’s being built in the same location as the old one with extra parking. Any available construction workers are most surely welcome to come and help.

Rocky Harbour: Saints appreciated a visit from Murray Poidevin for a report meeting.

Parsons Pond: Saints appreciated a visit from Anatoly Shevchuk who gave a report on the gospel work in the Ukraine. Saints appreciated a missionary report by Murray Poidevin on the work in Zambia and Angola.

Sandringham: Bruce and Marilyn Poidevin from Africa were with the assembly and Bruce gave ministry and a report on their labors.


Clinton: Attendance at the Seed Sowers Conference in August was moderately lower than last year. Gaius Goff, Mark Bachert, and Byrnell Foreshew gave excellent help during the sessions on prayer.

Guelph: The assembly was encouraged in September by three weeks of gospel meetings with Albert Hull and Brian Joyce during which one man professed faith in Christ. Earlier in the summer the Lord blessed in the salvation of a number of the young people.

Kitchener: The believers were encouraged by a week of children’s meetings in September. Some nights there were over 90 children in attendance; the speaker was a local brother. The following Sunday, several of the parents contacted attended the meeting. In the will of the Lord, the assembly plans to move to our new hall by the end of March of 2008.

Newbury: John Grant was with us for four days of profitable, appreciated, and helpful ministry. Nine assemblies were represented on the various nights and a fairly full hall most nights. Several unsaved were at the Lord’s Day gospel meeting, with one couple from the area who had never been in the hall before.

Sudbury: The assembly appreciated visits from Eugene Badgley and Gordon Williams in September.

Timmins: The assembly purposes to commence a series of gospel meetings October 14 with Bruce Rodgers and Stu Thompson.

West Lorne: We continue to be encouraged with those who attend on Lord’s Day for the ministry at 11:30. Pray especially for some who attend every week who are not yet saved.


Montreal: Larry Buote writes that numerous Seed Sower reply cards were received as a result of 70,000 texts distributed here this past summer by the Seed Sowers young people. A gospel circular letter is mailed out to every address with an offer of more information. The more-interested people are referred to a local brother who will visit. “Ridicule and indifference are the remarks of some, but true concern seems evident from what we read on other return cards. One dear lady wrote that she was always told to confess her sins to the priest, but wants to know more about us and to read our gospel booklet. Many homes now have Internet so we invite all to view our web site, ‘Le Bulletin Evanglique’ (the Gospel Bulletin). This was started 7 years ago, and has since grown by the addition of a children’s page and a testimony page. It remains my responsibility to write gospel articles every few months.”



Alpena: The assembly appreciated a two-week visit from Isaiah (Ike) Frazier in September. Brother Ike gave helpful ministry and also took the opportunity to preach the Gospel in the Spanish language, both in Springdale and Huntsville, AR.


San Diego: David Gilliland had three ministry meetings in September. The ministry was excellent and the assembly encouraged.


Manchester: The assembly will be resuming its monthly ministry meeting with a desire to encourage the development of gift in ministry.


Dover: Tent meetings with David Oliver and Eugene Higgins closed after three weeks. The attendance was very encouraging. Some excellent contacts were made, and God blessed in salvation.


Waianae: The assembly had an appreciated two-week visit in September from Wm. Lavery who was on his way to Japan. His ministry and help in the gospel gave much encouragement to the saints. In addition to Bro. Lavery and his wife, a number of visitors were present on Lord’s Day, September 9, to witness the baptism of a young believer.


Cedar Falls: During the month of September the assembly had appreciated visits from Jerry Jennings, James Smith, and John Slabaugh.


Augusta: Eugene Higgins was here for two weeks of gospel meetings.


Methuen: The assembly held its 18th consecutive Vacation Bible School in mid-August, with an average of 50 children from surrounding neighborhoods coming daily through the week. We enjoyed and appreciated help by many believers from area assemblies. The closing Awards Night meeting on Friday evening was attended by almost all the parents. Please pray for a teenager who has come several times to gospel meetings since that week.

Springfield: The assembly hosted a booth at the 17-day “Big E” fair for the second consecutive year. Approximately 30,000 gospel texts, bookmarks, and calendars were distributed. There were also many profitable conversations about both gospel and assembly truths. Great help was received from area assemblies. Please pray for continued blessing.


Tylertown: The assembly appreciated three weeks of gospel meetings with Jerry Jennings and Larry Perkins. Two weeks on the Gulf Coast had a little interest and a week of good interest in the Tylertown area. Louis Smith of Jackson, MI, and Jesse Howze of Hickory, NC, came to help in visiting in the coastal area. The assembly also appreciated a good Sunday afternoon ministry meeting with the visiting brethren.

New Jersey

Midland Park: On September 8, the assembly had a booth set up at the town’s Community Day, and a few contacts were made with parents in regard to the Sunday School. On September 16, two new Korean believers from the assembly in Flushing, NY, were baptized following the preaching of the gospel in English and Korean. David Gilliland gave three nights of appreciated ministry on Paul’s message to the elders from Ephesus in Acts 20, considering the Portrait of the Church of God, A Profile of the Servant of God, and The Presentation of the Truth of God. The 65th annual Conference at the end of the month was a time of rich ministry for the saints and solemn gospel preaching for unbelievers. Brethren who participated were Walter Gustafson, Eugene Higgins, Andrew Mellish (Vancouver), David Oliver, William J. Oliver (Bryn Mawr), Larry Perkins, and John Stubbs.

New York

Flushing: The assembly rejoiced with the baptism of two young believers who were recently saved. On September 22, Ted Chambers from Midland Park Gospel Hall preached the gospel at the monthly Saturday afternoon gospel meeting for ESL students. Please remember in prayer ministry meetings commencing on October 15 with brother Joseph Chung.

North Carolina

Denver: The believers had the privilege of meeting for the first time for the Lord’s Supper on September 16, 2007. There are 32 in fellowship with many of the believer’s children observing. They meet in the same building that has been used for gospel outreach work for the past few years (see Updates for details). We also enjoyed having Dr. Lindsay and Diane Parks visiting from Indiana, PA.


Hardwick: The recent conference was marked by an increased interest and attendance as well as a sense of the Lord’s evident help. The Gospel was preached in earnest with God’s help. Five of the Lord’s full-time servants spoke in addition to other able ministers of the Word. By the close on Lord’s Day it was felt that the spirit of Psalm 133 was unmistakable. The opening Bible Reading on John 14 set the tone of the conference.


Arlington: Please pray for Steve and Stephanie Anderson who leave for Zambia to help with the work for a year, DV. They met a couple of years ago while helping at the Zambese Hospital and acknowledge the Lord calling them back to Africa as a committed couple. Also, our young brother Jesse Klein is in Nicaragua for a year to help out as needed and to become proficient in the language. They have been a great help in the assembly.


Harry Wilson writes, “Lindsay Carswell and I finished five weeks of gospel meetings in September in the Fatima area of Cachoeirinha. Tom Matthews and James Armstrong are in a series of gospel meetings in Estncia Velha, Noel Fleck and a local brother in Candelaria, and Crawford Brown and Roberto P. in So Gabriel. The conference in Santa Cruz do Sul was on October 12, and one is planned in Osorio for November 2. We are very thankful for the liberty we enjoy in this land to sow the precious seed, and there are many needy fields and open doors on every hand.”


Bicester: Six weeks of tent meetings in a park with Elton Fairfield and John McCann drew over 150 different unbelievers to hear the gospel. The Lord’s hand was seen in salvation.


Chihuahua: Teaching received from Marcus Cain during three nights in September was very helpful to the work here.

Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche: Please pray for this new work on the Gulf-side of Mexico, where five souls have recently trusted Christ as Savior. Alberto Salomon (of Zamora) visited here during September, while on business in the area, and encouraged the believers.

Santiago Ixcuintla: James and Nelly Dyck, helped by brethren from Tepic, continue to see the work progress. Please pray that, in the will of God, a lamp-stand of assembly testimony will soon be established.

Tepic: J. Dennison, H. Rodriguez, S. Sluiter, and P. Thiessen gave ministry on the subject, “The Will of God,” at the conference here. About 250 people attended the gospel meeting at which three young men obeyed the Lord in baptism.


Maberly, ON

November 24, at the Wheeler Pancake House and Sugar Camp. Directions: Hwy. 7 to Maberly, take County Rd. 36 North to McDonalds Corners, turn right and follow the signs to Wheeler’s Pancake House. Meetings are at 2:30 and 7 pm. Corr: Gordon McLeod, Tel: 613-268-2616.

Conference Reminders:

Newington, CT – November 3-4

Blues Mills, NS – November 10-11

Bryn Mawr, PA – November 10-11

Oil Springs, ON – November 10-11

Oshawa, ON – November 10

Saskatoon, SK – November 10-11

Brampton, ON – November 17-18

McKeesport, PA – November 17-18

Phoenix, AZ – November 22-25

Saugus, MA – December 1-2

Change of Address

Elton and Ruth Fairfield have a new E-mail address: fairfield@afo.net

Dale and Becky Vitale, 720 49th St. N, Great Falls, MT 59405

Harry M. Wilson, Caixa Postal 12502, 91012-970 Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Change of Address of Correspondent

Alpena, AR: Fred Stevenson has a new E-mail address: fstev153@embarqmail.com

Ottawa, ON (River Road Gospel Hall): Mervyn Cottrill has a new E-mail address: mandmcottrill@rogers.com

Terrace, BC: Wm. A. McCullough, 693 Kalum Lake Dr., Terrace, BC V8G 0C2; Tel: 250-635-6627.

Change of Meeting Times

West Lorne, ON: The assembly mid-week meeting night is Thursday 7:30–8:30 pm.

New Assembly

Denver, NC: 4359 N. Hwy. 16, Denver, NC 28037. Corr: David McMichael; Tel: 704-489-9630; E-Mail: savedeph28@charter.net. Meetings: Lord’s Supper 9:30 am, Sunday School and Ministry 11:15 am, Gospel 6 pm; Wednesday: Prayer and Bible Study 7:30 pm.


Kenneth Sherwood Mole of Toronto, ON, on May 8, age 76. Our brother was saved in 1955 at the age of 24 through the preaching of Billy Graham. He learned the truth of baptism and assembly principles and was received into fellowship at Lansing in 1956. His desire to maintain a consistent testimony continued into his last days. His caregivers remarked on his positive attitude and peaceful demeanor in the face of suffering. He leaves his wife Caroline. His funeral service was taken by Dr. P. Robinson and B. Peat.

Mrs. Iris Flanagan of N. Ireland, on June 25, in her 92nd year. She was saved at 14, and later received into the Clones assembly. After her marriage to Frank Flanagan, they were in fellowship in Tullyglush, and later in the assembly at Keady. She was predeceased by her husband for 21 years. She was faithful to the assembly. She and her husband were lovers of the gospel and kindly gave their garage which proved to be the venue for some fruitful gospel meetings. As a district nurse she had a good testimony among her patients and neighbors, many of whom attended the large funeral which was shared by J. Martin and T. Flanagan in the home, and by W.J. Nesbitt and S. McBride at the graveside. There were words of comfort and gospel given, and many unsaved heard the tidings of salvation. Prayer would be valued for all the bereaved family.

Susan Marschke of Clyde, OH, on June 27, age 57. In February, 1967, our beloved sister was saved under the preaching of Jim Smith. She was baptized and received into the fellowship in August, 1967, and married her childhood sweetheart, David, that October. Neighbors and strangers alike appreciated her kindness and hospitality. She manifested steadfastness at home and God graciously saved her three children. Her husband, two daughters, a son, and two grandchildren survive her. Robert Surgenor preached the gospel at the large funeral. Her lovingkindness is greatly missed among the saints. Please pray for her family.

Clarence Draper of Parry Sound, ON, on July 30, age 91. Our beloved and esteemed brother passed into the presence of his Lord while at home with family at his bedside. He was saved in 1930 and “continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine” for over 75 years. He was marked by his consistency, faithfulness, and love for the assembly of which he was a shepherd for many years. He was an example to the saints and a testimony in the community and will be greatly missed. Please pray for Evelyn, his devoted wife of 67 years, who is cared for at home by their daughter Nora, and for their other children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Many are not saved. Charles Ostrom and Bruce Cottrill shared in the funeral service and graveside.

Catherine E. Wubbena of Bay City, MI, on September 17, age 94. She was saved as a young girl in Standish, MI, and was in the assembly there. She moved to Detroit where she was an RN and an instructor of nurses. In the Schoolcraft assembly for many years, she then moved back to Standish to attend to her mother. She was in the Bay City assembly for over 30 years. A large number of relatives, friends, and neighbors attended the graveside meeting taken by Ronald Armstrong of Bay City and closed by Dave Nicol of Saginaw. She was very faithful and will be missed.

Ellen Hynes of Unionville, ON, on August 14, age 85. She and her husband William thoroughly enjoyed the celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary in July. Toward the end of July she was diagnosed with advanced cancer, and she went home to be with the Lord peacefully five days later. Our dear sister was saved as a teenager in N. Ireland and was married in July of 1947. They emigrated to Canada with their two children in 1957 and were received into fellowship in the Highfield Road assembly. They then fellowshipped in Windsor and Hamilton, where Ellen was known for her cheerful disposition and care for the Lord’s people and her family. In recent years she made her home at Bethany Manor (to be near her husband in Bethany Lodge) where she sought to encourage others with a kind word or a note of cheer and was known for her lovely singing voice. She is survived by her husband, William, son Terence (Leslie), daughter Judi (Sterling) Payne, and granddaughter Sarah. Words of encouragement and a faithful gospel were spoken at the funeral by Alex Dryburgh and Paul Glenney.

Laurie Roberts of Toronto, ON, on August 28, in his 75th year. Our brother was saved at a young age, walking home from a gospel meeting in the Lansing assembly. The Roberts family members were among the first to gather with the new assembly on Eglinton Ave. at its commencement. Laurie was one of the first to be interviewed for baptism and fellowship. He later served as SS Superintendent, and then served faithfully as a well-loved elder for over 40 years. As a chartered accountant, he gave appreciated help to many of the Lord’s servants, and he assisted assemblies on various tax matters. He was stricken with cancer in 2005, and after a two-year battle with the disease, the Lord was pleased to call him home. The large funeral was accommodated in the Langstaff Hall, and was shared by G. Telfer and P. Glenney, with tributes from his daughter and son. Remember in prayer his widow, Nita, along with a daughter, two sons, and a number of grandchildren.

Brady R. Hutton of DeLand, FL, on September 3, age 94. Our dear and faithful brother was saved in 1941 in Cumberland, Maryland while reading John 5:24, after a long, hard search for God’s salvation. He was in assembly fellowship in Cumberland, MD, and in DeLand until his home-call. His wife, Nellie, and his son David (Pam) and two grandchildren (Jennifer and Ashley) survive him. The service was taken by Fred King, with Alan Creed at the graveside. Prayer is requested for the family.