Editorial: Your Labor…Not in Vain

You hold in your hand a magazine of approximately twenty pages. Most would assume that a periodical of this size would entail a minimum amount of work for those involved in its publication. Compared to the monthly technical journals and even the religious periodicals which are produced, this effort is a modest one by any standards.

But the labor involved in the production of Truth and Tidings cannot be rightly assessed by the number of its pages. There is no secretarial staff to coordinate, transcribe, and handle the details. There are no full-time editors or writers to ensure that adequate copy is available each month. There is no “mailing department” whose only responsibility is to send out the magazine monthly. All of these roles are played by individuals who are “full-time” in other areas of service.

Mr. Norman Crawford continues, despite an overwhelming personal burden, to give wise counsel and assistance. Bert Reilly has wisely and skillfully managed all the financial matters related to the magazine. Paul Glenney, along with his wife, contributes countless hours in maintaining an accurate mailing list, handling all the subscriptions.

Phil Broadhead is responsible for the Tidings and Obituary section of the magazine. His accuracy and punctuality have made him invaluable for this.

David Oliver wears many hats, all with equal poise and ability. Most of the graphics and layout are attributable to him. His wise handling of the Q and A forum has become a “must read” for many. Gene Higgins has organized and overseen several series, including the ongoing series of articles for the gospel page. All this has been done quietly and behind the scenes.

Wise advice as well as helpful contributions come from Albert Hull, Peter Ramsay, Marv Derksen, and John Dennison. The articles by John Dennison have been so warmly received that, subsequent to the final contribution in this issue, we intend to publish his articles on Tough Topics for Teens in a book form.

Then there are numerous individuals whose names do not appear in the magazine but who labor as well. Bob and Doreen Buck have for years selflessly and sacrificially overseen the mailing of the magazines. Only they and the Lord Whom they serve know what this has meant for them. Rita Dennison and Don Draper have given help and advice in proofreading and in layout design. Their labor is not in vain.

There is also a spouse who has sacrificed time and companionship as her husband, with his inherent limitations, has spent hours in front of his computer organizing and editing each issue. Her labor has not been in vain.

Finally, there are many of you, our readers, who pray for us and for the magazine. Any blessing it has been to the Lord’s people and assemblies is, no doubt, attributable to laboring in prayer with God. To all of you, we would remind you that “your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” Please continue in the year ahead to remember us in prayer.