Editorial: Decisions & Destiny

Life is the summation of many decisions. Some, made with little awareness of their ultimate ramifications are part of the fabric of life, choices made in the “everyday.” Others are recognized as being of monumental significance. Together, whether heart-wrenching and mind-boggling, or “no-brainers” and routine, these decisions shape a destiny.

Think of a Moses “choosing rather to suffer affliction,” and the eternal consequences of his choice. What of a Joseph and his choice when confronted by the temptation which only a teenager can measure?

Even a superficial perusal of the articles contained in this month’s issue will reinforce this principle on each reader. We all began with the decision concerning salvation. While we realized something of its importance, none of us realized the fullness of what we received. The gospel article reminds us of the many influences God uses to bring us to Christ.

The excellent article by Albert Hull on Samuel depicts the decision a woman made, both in her prayer life as she asked for a man-child for the Lord, and the subsequent decision to lend him to the Lord. Some decisions are costly. Hers can only be measured by a mother’s heart. Yet what she paid was not more than it was worth. Think of the destiny of a son given to God.

The article by John Grant in the continuing series on Proverbs reminds us that decisions have a great impact on life. The slothful man is not the simple man. He knows right from wrong. He is fully aware of what “ought to be” and what is. But he has made the choice of ease and indolence. His intelligence is obvious by some of the ingenious excuses he makes for his laziness (Proverbs 22:13; 26:13,14). As a result of his decision, however, he will have nothing (Prov 20:4).

Decisions also have an eternal consequence in the destinies of men when faced with the Word of God. Many in the scientific community, but fortunately not all, are so biased against the teaching of creation by the fiat of God, that they refuse to face the testimony of the spade. The article on creation by Natish Patel of England highlights the evidence available for the reliability of the Scriptures.

John Dennison has provided an article giving sound and Scriptural guidelines for decision-making. Its principles are time-honored but, more importantly, consistent with the teaching of God’s Word. This article’s value cannot be over-emphasized, especially for younger saints.

How wonderful if reading these pages were a Hannah, a Samuel, a Joseph, or a Moses – a life waiting to be formed, a destiny about to be charted, as a result of Scriptural choices made in the presence of God and in the fear of God!