Tribute: Hans Bouwman (2)

A Helpful Fellow-Worker

In the mid 1980’s, we were happy to hear that our brother and sister, Hans and Gerda Bouwman, were exercised to come to Holland to help us in the work of the Lord in the Netherlands. Hans and Gerda had served the Lord for 30 years in Japan and were now exercised to be a help in the land of their origin. With just my wife and I alone in the work for some time, we were very thankful for a couple who would be co-workers with us in the work! They came to the Netherlands in 1986 and were with us until 1996, when they returned to Canada.

Hans and Gerda settled in the midwest of Holland, in the town of Zeist, where some years earlier a local assembly had been started with about 20 in fellowship. The assembly in Amsterdam was not too far away from Zeist, and Hans spent time visiting them also and being a help to the small company of believers there.

We enjoyed working together in summer tent meetings during holiday time, mostly in the north of Holland. Hans was also a help to us in conferences and visiting the few local assemblies in the Netherlands.

Together with two brothers in Christ from Amsterdam, Hans put a new face on the Dutch magazine, “Word and Witness,” of which Hans was the editor until his home-call. Those three men worked to make a good and godly magazine which has been a help to the believers in the Netherlands and elsewhere. Also, he produced some books on the New Testament, and they have been a blessing to many. His dear wife Gerda proved to be a real help in this work; also some of the other believers were a valuable help to him.

The Bouwmans have been in Canada for the past ten years, but we appreciated their visits from time to time, especially during conference time. We will miss Hans and his help in the ministry and Bible readings.

We do wish his family God’s strength and grace, especially Gerda, as she is now alone and will miss the presence of Hans.