Edmonton: The believers enjoyed visits in August from G. Williams, W. Gustafson, A. Bergsma, and J. Gould.

Ft. McMurray: The Wood Buffalo Assembly appreciated four nights of ministry in July from N. Mellish. Our annual conference was deemed very profitable. J. Gould, G. Williams, J. Fitzpatrick, W. Gustafson, M. Derksen and N. Thomson from Venezuela took part in ministry and gospel. J. Gould stayed for two nights and W. Gustafson for four nights of uplifting ministry after the conference.

British Columbia

Kamloops: During August the assembly enjoyed helpful and encouraging ministry from E. Parmenter and D. Richards.

Vancouver: E. Parmenter ably ministered the Word in visits to South Main, Carleton, Victoria Drive, North Vancouver, Fleetwood, and Fairview assemblies during August.

Westbank: A nice spirit was evident throughout the conference. A. Bergsma, J. Currie, B. Funston, E. Parmenter, R. Smythe, and N. Thomson took part. E. Parmenter opened the Bible study on 2 Timothy, and also had a week of ministry on Matthew after the conference.


Portage la Prairie: J. Gould and J. Hanna held two weeks of meetings in Woodlands with some interest. A weekly Bible reading is planned as follow-up. Also, J. McMaster (UK) and local brethren had tent meetings at Oakville for two weeks. Those meetings were well supported by Christians from the surrounding assemblies, but there was little response from the community.

Winnipeg: The assembly appreciated recent ministry from E. Parmenter and J. Portman. D. Richards also gave a report on the Lord’s work in St Petersburg.

New Brunswick

Green River: Several believers from other assemblies gathered at a nearby river for the baptism of a young woman July 23. L. Wells and G. Roy gave fitting words at this happy occasion. Our brethren were also with the assembly for tent meetings in August. The assembly was encouraged by an exceptional number of strangers attending these meetings. The saints also enjoyed a visit from K. Turkington on August 20, giving a report on Venezuela.

Pigeon-Hill: L. Wells and local brethren gave help at an all-day meeting on June 11.

Tracadie: The assembly had its 25th annual conference the first weekend of August. The Bible reading on 1 Corinthians chapter 3 was profitable and a variety of upbuilding ministry was given by L. Wells, G. Roy, and local brethren. The saints enjoyed a two day visit from K. Turkington in August.

Newfoundland and Labrador

English Point: On August 6, the saints held an afternoon open-air meeting during the Forteau/English Point “Come Home Year” celebrations. Many who had not been home for years stopped to hear Mr. Joyce and others preach the gospel. Fifty years ago this summer, the gospel boat MGM first came here.

Gander: Open-air meetings were held during the first week of August.

L’Anse au Loup: On August 13, a lady, saved last winter in gospel meetings, was baptized.

Sandringham: Open-air meetings were held using the new trailer built this year.

Red Bay: The assembly enjoyed having S. Joyce with them for Lord’s Day on August 6.

St. Johns: During July and August, following the gospel meeting in the Hall, the local brethren continued with open-air services each Sunday evening in the neighboring community of Conception Bay South. Visitors were present most evenings to listen to the gospel.

Nova Scotia

Amherst: The meetings reported on last month were blessed with salvation. Upon the return of Eddie Wong, Scott MacLeod joined brother McCandless in the continuation of the meetings.

Bridgewater: B. Barkhouse and E. Fowler commenced tent meetings on August 7. The tent is erected on brother Barkhouse’s property.

Clementsvale: Tent meetings of J. McClelland and D. McClelland in the area of Bear River concluded August 13. The gospel was preached faithfully.

Halifax: M. Cain and A. Hull had four weeks of gospel meetings, concluding August 6. Many children related to the saints attended. Some showed an interest. Visitors attended but not consistently. The seed was sown faithfully.

S. Banks, A. Hull, M. McCandless, K. Taylor, and F. Tornaquindici led the annual Bible Readings. While numbers were down from previous years, a happy spirit prevailed throughout. The gospel was taken on Saturday night by F. Tornaquindici and M. McCandless, and Sunday evening by Matthew Cain and Albert Hull, with excellent attendance both nights.

Matthew and Esther Cain visited homes in Timberlea where they reside and had children’s meetings August 14-18. Each morning they had an average of fifty children plus five of the parents. Matthew also had evening children’s meetings in Dartmouth with interest.

Hubbards Point: The assembly finished construction of its new hall free of debt. Pray that it will be the birthplace of precious souls.

New Glasgow: B. Barkhouse and E. Fowler had five weeks in the tent with good interest. They concluded August 11.

Nineveh: J. Walmsley (Venezuela) visited Nineveh in August on his way to N. Ireland. The assembly appreciated his visit.

River Hebert: The assembly appreciated visits from K. Turkington and E. Wong in August.


Barrie: In July, L. Boute preached the gospel here and was encouraged by the attendance.

Burgesville: The assembly appreciated visits from J. Bergsma and B. Snippe.

Cambridge: M. Derksen provided practical ministry in August on the subject, How To Study Your Bible, while B. Rogers provided ministry August 20-23 on the topic of God For/In/With Us. Please pray for the Friday Night Youth Program to commence again September 8, and a gospel series planned for two weeks in November with M. Derksen and D. Booth.

Clinton: Attendance during 5 weeks of gospel tent meetings in Goderich Township was encouraging, with some unsaved in each night, and the Word faithfully and clearly presented by G. Patterson and N. Coulter (NI). The assembly appreciated the support of a number of saints from Grand Bend assembly. A good number attended the Seed Sowers Conference held in the new hall on August 19. G. Sharp, S. Vance, M. Derksen, and B. Prins (Sarnia) gave helpful ministry on Christian Marriage, Home, and Family. The saints distributed Seed Sower texts and an invitation to visit the new hall for an open house September 9.

Deep River: M. Pratt had four weeks of tent meetings, well supported by some saints from a distance, the nearest assembly being about two hours away. Numerous brethren helped in the visitation and preaching of the gospel. The Lord gave the joy of seeing a young Korean lady saved who returned home to Korea rejoicing in Christ. Others who attended are interested in assembly principles. God willing, our brother will follow up in the fall.

Deseronto: G.P. Taylor celebrated his 100th birthday on July 31, and received many well wishes and visits from neighbors, family, and Christians. He is still able to help in the assembly meetings. M. McLeod was present for this special occasion. The assembly enjoyed earlier visits from L. Wells, M. McLeod, E. Badgley, and T. Kember.

Goodwood: The saints appreciated ministry from the following brethren during their third annual half-day conference April 29: E. Miller, Wm. McBride, A. Dryburgh, L. Steers, F. Krauss, and B. Joyce. Fred Krauss stayed for the following Lord’s Day and gave encouraging ministry. Wm. McBride shared the gospel in Spanish for local Mexican farm workers in attendance. L. Langfeld, E. Miller, and Wm. McBride shared in the preaching of the gospel in tent meetings for three weeks in July. Wm. McBride preached in Spanish on the weekends.

Niagara Falls: While caring for his wife, Margaret, with her therapy and purposed lumbar surgery (September 7), Jim Smith is remaining at home. Please remember his dear wife in your prayers. This has given him an opportunity to visit nearby assemblies: East Aurora and Caneadea in NY, plus Grimsby and Welland in ON, and to work with literature in a local area.

Straffordville: In August, the assembly held gospel tent meetings in Aylmer where the interest was exceptional. D. Oliver , D. Patten, and R. Parker preached the gospel nightly to a well-filled tent. Some others also gave their testimonies. God blessed in salvation. On August 27, six obeyed the Lord in baptism in the Gospel Hall which was filled to capacity. Please pray for the work in this area predominantly among Mexican Mennonite people.

West Lorne: J. Bergsma and B. Snippe had tent meetings in this small town between Dutton and Rodney, an area where there is no assembly testimony. A building is available to continue this effort in the coming months. These brethren and their families have moved here to continue this work. They value your prayers.


Longueuil: L. Buote, helped by local brethren, had gospel meetings from August 13-25.



Dike: E. McCullough and local brethren preached and saw blessing in the gospel.

Dumont: A. Christopherson and R. Weber had well attended tent meetings here. Several from the town showed some interest along with some teenagers of believers. This little town is in the center of the area where the Aredale, Hampton, and Hitesville assemblies meet.


Saugus: Children’s meetings concluded on August 28. They were well attended with many visitors from the locality. The saints hope the visitors will continue to show an interest in the Sunday School and in the gospel as well.


Saginaw: J. Slabaugh and B. Doll (Ontario, WI.) labored in the gospel tent pitched at the Birch Run Expo Center, 20 miles south of Saginaw. Attendance was good, and a person brought from Cass City to the meetings professed salvation. J. Slabaugh was joined by his son, Jonathan, for the August monthly ministry meeting. Lord willing, the assembly will celebrate its 120th year of testimony on October 1, 2006.


Omaha: The assembly will not hold an annual conference again this year as efforts toward a new hall continue. The annual conference will be reconvened after the new hall is constructed. Lord willing, grading will begin on the new building site this fall as soon as the crop is out, and building construction will begin in the spring.

New Jersey

Midland Park: The believers enjoyed visits from D. McAlister (Zambia,) G. Stewart (Republic of Ireland), and K. Turkington (Venezuela) who gave appreciated ministry and reports from their respective fields of labor. The children’s meetings and the annual picnic went well. On August 6, the assembly joined with the Corona Assembly (NYC) in a baptism for two Korean believers: a brother in his 70s and a sister in her 80s. Both assemblies rejoiced.


Akron: Ten of the Lord’s servants gave help at the Labor Day conference. Ministry was given to the blessing of God’s people. The assembly also enjoyed visits from F. Bartlett and R. Surgenor recently.

Clyde: R. Surgenor ministered the Word of God at the weeknight meeting on a recent visit.

Mansfield: F. Bartlett and D. Shutt visited here during August and gave helpful ministry.

Steubenville: The assembly enjoyed visits from W. Seale, R. Surgenor, D. Oliver, W. Lavery, and K. Turkington this past summer. From a booth at the County Fair during August, a number of texts, fridge magnets, calendars, pens, tracts, and New Testaments were given out; Several people inquiried about the Two Roads chart.


San Antonio: T. Baker visited in July for ministry and the gospel en route to Phoenix, then Mexico. Several unbelievers were at the meeting. The August conference was appreciated with profitable ministry by brethren from other assemblies. A number of unbelievers were present in every meeting. One woman professed faith in Christ and one was concerned. Please pray for a middle-aged man who has been coming to the meetings but not saved.


Matoaca: The assembly enjoyed a visit from David and Melody Oliver. D. Petterson had a week of children’s meetings in August.


Arlington: The annual conference was marked by a good spirit and helpful ministry from B. Funston, A. Hull, B. Meyers, E. Parmenter, D. Richards, A. Thropay, and S. Wells. The Bible Readings on 2 Thessalonians were led by S. Wells.

Okanogan: E. Parmenter visited for a few nights of ministry following the Westbank conference. The saints keenly feel the loss of Chuck Klein, a long-standing overseer here.

Marysville: Kevin and Patty Flett from El Salvador, and Tony and Danelle Flett from Nicaragua were home during the summer from their respective fields of labor for a short visit.

Seattle: G. Goff and T. Hoy held a gospel series in Clearview, from July 24 to August 13. Before the series, local brethren assisted G. Goff with a five-day Summer Bible School for children. Two from the community professed faith in Christ. The assembly’s will relocate its meeting place to this general area in the near future, and prayer would be appreciated for guidance in the search for a suitable building or property.

W. Virginia

Harman: R. Surgenor is preaching in a schoolhouse between Seneca and Harman, about 2 hours from New Creek. Please pray for him.


Brodhead: J. Jennings and R. Orr held tent meetings and rejoiced in God’s blessing.


Bicester: E. Higgins had four weeks of tent meetings during August. Over 100 visitors attended and God blessed in salvation. He spent a weekend with the saints in Basingstoke.

N. Ireland

Co. Antrim

Ballycastle: A good number of brethren had open-air meetings during the annual two-day fair when many heard the gospel and thousands of tracts were distributed. Local brethren as well as a number of the Lord’s servants helped in this valuable exercise.

Ballynashee: B. Currie and J. Palmer continue in a tent convenient to the Gospel Hall and are encouraged with quite a few from the district coming to hear the gospel.

Bushmills: The annual Bible Readings on Ephesians 1 – 3 were conducted by a number of brethren. Open-air meetings were held in the local seaside towns each morning and many tracts were distributed in the area.

Larne: Conference was held August 25-29. A. J. Higgins, J. Stubbs, and D. Gilliland conducted the Bible Readings on Titus 1-3. J. Stubbs, W. Lavery, J. Walmsley and A. Paterson gave ministry. A. J. Higgins and W. Martin preached the gospel. The conference was well attended and considered profitable to all.

Co. Down

Annalong: J. Martin and W. Martin commenced meetings in this small fishing village.

Bessbrook: R. McKeown and J. Rogers plan to have gospel meetings in this border village.

Bloomfield, Belfast: M. Radcliffe and W. Fenton commence in September in a portable hall.

Cardy: T. Topley and C. Law have concluded a number of weeks in the gospel. One lady professed to be saved.

Craigavad: M. Radcliffe and B. Martin (Scotland) had four weeks of well-attended gospel meetings.

Donacloney: B. Glendinning and A. Redpath are to commence in the gospel in September.

Portavogie: J. Fleck and D. Gilliland are continuing in a tent erected in the village; quite a number of locals attended.

Co. Tyrone

Fintona: At the conference August 16, ministry was given by L. Hills, D. Kane, W.J. Nesbitt, J. Rogers, G. Woods, and S. Ferguson.

Republic of Ireland

Co. Leitrim 

Howard Milliken and S. Gilfillan had a series of gospel meetings in the community center and were encouraged by the attendance.

Co. Monaghan

Clones: At the conference August 7, ministry was given by T. McNeill, N. Turkington, D. Gilliland, S. McBride and W.J. Nesbitt.


Chihuahua: H. Rodriguez and M. Roseyon (Puerto Vallarta) visited in early August. The former had six nights of ministry on the Sermon on the Mount for which there was good attendance and appreciation. On August 12, two believers obeyed the Lord in baptism. Attendance at children’s meetings August 15-19 reached 73. Please pray for a purposed daily activity in the hall to help neighborhood children with their schooling.


Bryn Mawr, PA: October 28-29, celebrating 100 years of assembly testimony. Prayer Meeting Friday, October 27 at 7:30 pm in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings at the Colonial Elementary School, Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA (one mile east of the Norristown exit of the PA Turnpike). Saturday: Ministry 10:30 am and 2:30 pm, Gospel 7 pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10 am, Sunday School 12 noon, Ministry 2:15 pm, Gospel 4:30 pm. Corr: Harold Stewart (stewart@arcadia.edu); Accommodations: Alan Oliver (ado535@juno.com).

London, Ontario: November 4-5 in Gospel Hall, 1196 Highbury Avenue. Prayer meeting Friday Nov. 3 at 8 pm. Saturday: Ministry: 10 am, 2 pm and 7 pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:30 am, Ministry 2:30 pm, Gospel 7 pm. Corr: Philip Lampkin, 1742 Attawandarin Road, London, ON Canada N6G 3N1, Tel: 519-472-8747, felipe524@execulink.com; Hall: 519-451-8233.

Newington, CT: November 4-5 in the Gospel Hall at 345 E. Cedar Street, Newington, CT. Saturday: Ministry 2:30-4:30; Gospel 5:00-6:00, then supper. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread at 9:45, Ministry at 2:00, and Gospel at 6:30. Brethren walking in and teaching the “old paths” are welcomed to minister as the Lord leads. Corr. Matthew J. Brescia, 81 Cobblestone Way, Windsor, CT 06095. (860) 688-2388. Gospel Hall (860) 666-4342.

Saskatoon, SK: November 4-5 in the Lawson Heights Gospel Hall, 131 La Ronge Road, with Prayer and Ministry on Friday at 7:30 pm. Saturday: Ministry 10:30 am and 1:30 pm, Gospel 6:30 pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:30 am, Ministry 11:15 am and 1:30 pm, Gospel 7 pm. Speakers are Bruce Rodgers on “The King and His Kingdom”, and Duncan Dunsire on “The Person of the Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts.” Inquiries: 306-242-1506, or 306-249-5044.

Arborfield, SK: November 10-12 at the Gospel Hall. For information: Floyd Pickering 306-769-8608, or Leroy Miller 306-769-8671.

Blues Mills, NS: November 11-12 in the Gospel Hall, 34 Mountain Road, Blues Mills, Cape Breton. Saturday: Ministry 10 am and 2:30 pm. Meetings Lord’s Day start at 10 am Gospel 7 pm both evenings. For more information see www.thegospel.ca or John Bain, Tel: 902-625-2409; E-mail: john@thegospel.ca.

Oil Springs, ON: November 11-12 with Prayer Meeting at 7:30 pm Friday in the Gospel Hall, Victoria St. All other meetings in the Youth Centre, cor. Hwy. 21 on Victoria St. Saturday: Ministry 10:30 am Bible Reading 1:00 pm (1 Cor. 11:1-16), Ministry 2:30 pm, Testimony/Gospel 6 pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30 am, Sunday School 1 pm, Ministry 2:30 pm, Gospel 7 pm. Corr. Arthur Whitton, RR 3 Oil Springs, ON, N0N 1P0, Tel 519-882-1686.

Brampton, ON: November 18-19 with Prayer Meeting on Friday, November 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the Brampton Gospel Hall, 6 Beech St., Brampton. Saturday’s meetings begin 10 am at the Brampton Fair Grounds in the Junior Farmers Hall, 12942 Heart Lake Road. All meetings on Sunday will be in the Brampton Gospel Hall; Breaking of Bread 9:45 am, Ministry 3 pm. For accommodations or further information contact Dwight Dyke, Tel: 519-853-3090; E-mail: ddyke@sympatico.ca.

Phoenix, AZ: November 23-26 in the Garfield Street Gospel Hall, 1246 E. Garfield Street, with Prayer Meeting on Wednesday 22nd at 7:30 pm. Bible Readings on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 10 am. (Ephesians 1, 2, and 3). Ministry each day at 2:30 pm; Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30 am. Corr: Clarence Van Der Hart, 8525 W. Northern Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85305, Tel: 623-872-1007, Hall: 602-253-4932.

Saugus, MA: December 2-3 with Prayer Meeting Friday, December 1 at 7:30 pm. Saturday: Prayer/Ministry 10:30 am and 2:30 pm, Gospel 6:30 pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10 am, Ministry 2:30 pm, Gospel 6:30 pm. All meetings in the Gospel Hall, 213 Walnut St., Saugus. Corr: Anthony Grillo, 46 Grey Lane, Lynnfield, MA 01940; Tel: 781-334-6363; E-mail: tonygrillo@netzero.com. For accommodations please contact Mark Williamson, Tel: 781-233-0250, or Mark Procopio, Tel: 781-662-9449; www.walnutstreetgospelhall.com.

Jackson, MI: December 9-10, in the Jackson Gospel Hall, 910 Benett Street. Prayer meeting on Friday at 7 pm. “Is there life before death?” addressing topics regarding the Christian Life with brethren John Dennison and A.J. Higgins, will begin on Saturday morning at 10 am. Corr: R. Douglas Losey, 3605 Sweetgum Dr., Jackson, MI 49201; Tel: 517-787-9169.

Conference Reminders

Mervin, SK/Paradise Valley, AB – October 7-8

McKeesport, PA – October 7-8

St. Thomas, ON – October 7-8

Vancouver, BC – October 7-9

Brandon, MB – October 9 (correction)

Edmonton, AB – October 14-15

L’anse au Loup, LB – October 13-15

Niagara Falls, ON – October 14-15

Blue River, WI – October 21-22

Livonia, MI – October 21-22

Terryville, CT – October 21-22

La Crosse, WI – October 28-29

St. John’s, NF – October 27-29

Alpena, AR – November 4-5

Additions to T&T Address List

Eleonor Mosquera, Paseo de Santa Fe #88, Colonia Santa Fe, 83249 Hermosillo, Sonora, MEX; Tel: 662-218-29-87; eleonorm@gmail.com

Shad Sluiter, Cerrada San Luis Obispo #58, Colonia Capistrano, 83249 Hermosillo, Sonora, MEX; Tel (VOIP): 1-319-447-1645; (MEX): 610-218-10-50-20; shadsluiter@gmail.com

John Nesbitt, (postal code correction) 83249 Hermosillo, Sonora, MEX; Tel (MX): 662-262-13-17; johnandrebekah@nesbittpages.com

Change of Address

Mark Bonnell, P.O. Box 778, Fort Beaufort 5720, South Africa (E-mail: to remain the same)

Brian K. Crawford, 161 Lindsay St., Unit 404, North Bay, ON, P1B 8P6

John Dennison, Cerrada San Fernando #94, Colonia Capistrano, 83249 Hermosillo, Sonora, MEX (E-mail and phone remain the same).


Clifford Norman Hall of Earlton, ON, on June 22, age 74. He was born in 1931 and born again June 26, 1954, through John 3:36 while attending gospel meetings by A. Dellandrea and W. Cudmore. He was later baptized and received into assembly fellowship. He remained a faithful brother and helper until his homecall after a lengthy battle with cancer. Predeceased by his wife Jeanette and infant daughter, he is survived by six sons and four daughters. His brother-in-law, A. Dryburgh, and M. Pratt shared the funeral service.

Edith Minnie Frith of Burnaby, BC, on August 3, age 82. Our dear sister was saved at 15 and came into fellowship at Cedar Cottage assembly (now Victoria Dr.) where she remained in happy fellowship and bore a godly and consistent testimony until her home-call. For years, she taught Sunday School.The fruit of her labors remains to this day. She was predeceased by her three brothers John, David, and Ben, and, just over a year ago, by her sister Mary. She leaves her sisters Grace, Hanna (Morton), and Ruth (Grice), and many nieces and nephews. D. Grice, P. Broadhead, and S. Simonyi-Gindele shared the service.

Elizabeth (Bessie) Alberts of Hitesville, IA, on August 5, age 91, at Allison Health Care Center. Bessie was born again in 1933 and later gathered with Christians at Hitesville. She enjoyed opening her home to family and friends. Her husband, Harm, predeceased her in 1975. She is survived by three children and their spouses: Kenneth of the New Lenox, IL, assembly, Elaine Wessels of Blue River, WI, and Kathy Walvatne of the West Union, IA, assembly. She also leaves eleven grandchildren and seventeen great-grandchildren. R. Nesbit and R. Orr shared the service held at Hitesville.

Jack Lindsay of Niagara Falls, ON, on Aug.28, age 94. He was saved as a boy on board ship coming from Scotland. He had a real interest in the gospel and covered many local towns with tracts. After a stroke, he spent his last years in a nursing home. His wife predeceased him in 1987. The gospel preaching at the funeral was clear.