Fort McMurray: Peter Mathews from Newfoundland was with the assembly for two nights of ministry on October 10-11. Eric Parmenter from England was here from October 22-29 for ministry. All the meetings were uplifting and profitable for the assembly.

British Columbia

Kamloops: Our hall is just now beginning to be rebuilt since the fire on May 8 this year. A tentative move-in date of June 2007 has been given by the contractor. We maintain our testimony in a rented building. We thank all for their continued prayers.

Port Alberni: Grard Roy visited the assembly for a meeting in October. Wm. Skates was expected for a few meetings during the second week of November.

Vancouver: Four weeks of gospel meetings closed November 5 in Victoria Drive with Al Christopherson and Wm. Skates. There was cause for thanksgiving and the saints were encouraged. Three obeyed the Lord in baptism during the meetings.

On November 4, The Carleton assembly commemorated 40 years since the planting of the assembly in October 1966 as a hive-off from the Victoria Drive assembly. An oral history was given, and a pictorial collage and a slide presentation were most interesting to old and young. The work had started in the area in the 1930s when an exercised sister, Mrs. Billingham, commenced a Sunday School in the back of her place of business. From that small beginning, others joined to help, and the work grew.

Deep Cove: A week of children’s meetings with Peter Smith in October was enthusiastically supported by the assembly. The numbers increased daily, and several parents and a grandparent attended.


Winnipeg: Robert Thompson of Scotland had a series of meetings October 16-21 on “Aspects of the Death of Christ” from the Law, Psalms, Prophets, Gospels, and Epistles.

New Brunswick

Sussex: The conference on September 23-24 was well attended. Wholesome ministry was given and the gospel faithfully preached both nights.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Cornerbrook: The believers appreciated a visit from Alex and Robert Dryburgh for a ministry meeting on October 10. Max and Adele McLean, with Adele’s sister Donna Livingstone, visited on October 18. Brother McLean had an appreciated word of ministry.

Flowers Cove: Alex and Robert Dryburgh gave ministry here en route to L’anse au Loup conference. Wallace Buckle and James McClelland also stopped here for ministry on the way to the Parsons Pond conference.

Fogo: Bryan Funston had encouraging meetings with the saints in November, and then went on to Sandringham.

L’Anse au Loup: The annual conference on the weekend of October 13-15 was one of the largest conferences for a few years. A special meeting commemorated 50 years since the gospel boat “MGM” came to Labrador. There was a presentation of pictures of the gospel work here, and preaching brethren who shared their memories were Wallace Buckle, Alex Dryburgh, Bert Joyce, and Murray McCandless. Mr. Joyce, who is the only preacher living that was on that boat the first time it came to Labrador, gave an overview of 50 years. Others who shared ministry at the conference were Robert Dryburgh (Scotland), David Hierlihy, Tom Hoy, David Hunt, Carl Payne, Max McLean, James McClelland, and David Swan. There was also a ministry meeting Monday afternoon in Red Bay and gospel in the evening with good attendance.

New Harbour: The saints enjoyed a visit from Tom Hoy for several nights of ministry and gospel meetings.

Parsons Pond: The saints appreciated a well attended conference with spiritually profitable ministry. The Bible Reading led by Alex Dryburgh on the book of Jude was excellent.

St. John’s: The annual Bible Conference was held October 27-29. The saints were encouraged by the increased attendance. Practical ministry was shared by Wallace Buckle, Marvin Derksen, Eric Fowler, Bryan Funston, Tom Hoy, Peter Matthews, Frank Sona, and Ken Taylor. A number of unsaved attended the gospel meetings on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Nova Scotia

Cape Breton: The conference on October 7-8 was most profitable with a happy spirit prevailing. The Bible Readings conducted by John Grant and Ken Taylor were very helpful. Many unsaved attended the two gospel meetings.

Halifax: Albert Hull had five sessions October 14-15 on the subject, “The Local Church,” with many young folks attending. The question and answer period was most profitable with the invaluable assistance of Lloyd Cain.

Hubbards Point: Bruce Barkhouse and Noel Burden commenced meetings on October 15 in the assembly’s new building, and would request the prayers of the Lord’s people for these meetings. While the assembly now occupies the new hall, it is not yet fully completed as previously reported. The dining room and kitchen are yet to be completed,

Nineveh: During the month of October, the assembly enjoyed a visit from James McClelland for a Sunday. Also a good number attended a Sunday afternoon ministry meeting with Robert McIlwaine. It was encouraging to see how his health has improved.


Clinton: Attendance at our fall conference was encouraging. Helpful and faithful ministry was given by A. Dryburgh, L. Steers, E. Fowler, R. Dryburgh, J. Gould, J. Nesbitt, Brian Joyce, G. Patterson, and B. Foreshew. Bible Readings on “The Lord in the Midst” were ably led by A. Dryburgh.

Hamilton: Over the past few months the assembly has been encouraged with a number of believers being added to the local testimony. In September, Eugene Higgins had well attended gospel meetings, with the husband of one of the believers professing faith in the Lord Jesus.

Niagara Falls: The conference was large with over 200 in attendance, over half of them young people, for which we thank God. Eight of the Lord’s servants were present. The Holy Spirit’s presence was evident with the Word faithfully spoken. The Bible Study on the churches of Ephesus and Smyrna gave excellent teaching for the people of God.

Sudbury: A young sister obeyed the Lord in baptism October 1. Brian Owen was with the assembly for that Lord’s Day and remained for a week of children’s meetings. These meetings were well attended and parents were out each night. Many of these children attend the Sunday School regularly and are brought in by taxi from different areas of the city.



Terryville: The annual conference was encouraging with a good number from other assemblies attending. Jim Allen, Brian Currie, Allan Davidson, Walter Gustafson, A. J. Higgins, Eugene Higgins, Jon Procopio, Bill Seale, Jim Smith, and Frank Tornaquindici attended.


Cedar Falls: During the month of October, Brian Crawford conducted two weeks of children’s meetings. Help was given as he presented the gospel faithfully. A number of visiting parents attended and a number of children have been added to our Sunday school.

Dunkerton: Appreciated visits were made recently by John Slabaugh, Eric McCullough, William Skates, and Fred Krauss. There was blessing in salvation during the gospel series with Gaius Goff and Peter Ramsay.

Mason City: The assembly no longer gathers here, and the Gospel Hall has been sold. Those remaining now gather with the saints in Hampton.


Methuen: A.J. Higgins conducted a well attended mini-series of six sessions in October on various subjects related to Christian Living and Young Believers (messages available at www.methuengospelhall.org). The believers also enjoyed visits from Allan Davidson and Eugene Higgins, both giving appreciated ministry.

Saugus: The assembly was visited by Mr. Cherian, a missionary who labors in the state of Kerala, India. He gave an informative report on his work among the Hindu and tribal people in that land. In October, two young believers were baptized. Many unsaved family members were present. Eugene Higgins spoke a clear message in the gospel, followed by a brief message on baptism.

One of our brethren has had an exercise in bringing the gospel to those in a local rehab center. Eugene Higgins and Mark Procopio had the privilege to speak to 25 unsaved who appeared to have a sincere interest. The Lord has opened a door, and this effort will continue each week in the will of the Lord.

In addition, Eugene Higgins spent one night in ministry, and Brian Currie had two nights, giving appreciated ministry.

West Springfield: With help from other assemblies, the assembly was able to have a booth at a local 17-day fair, with over 26,000 Gospel texts distributed. This work was followed by over two weeks of gospel meetings with Allan Davidson. Approximately 20 different unsaved attended these meetings. Many good contacts were made, one woman continues to attend, and prayer is requested that there may be blessing in salvation as a result of this effort.

Worcester: The saints appreciated the rich ministry given in a recent visit from Brian Currie, N. Ireland.


Livonia: The Lord blessed with a profitable conference at Stark Road in October where Brian Crawford, Norman Crawford, Albert Hull, Murray McCandless, David Petterson, Bruce Rodgers, and Frank Sona ministered the Word of God with freshness and power. The conference was very well attended, especially by young believers. Please pray for gospel meetings expected to begin October 29 with Albert Hull and Jonathan Procopio.

New Jersey

Barrington: Mr. Jim Allen of N. Ireland was with the assembly from October 17-19 and spoke on assembly principles. His ministry was excellent and appreciated. Bryan Joyce was with the assembly for a week of children’s meetings, October 23-27. They were well attended, with contacts being made and a good foundation laid in many young hearts.


Akron: Jack Nesbitt was with the assembly in October when a good number were present to hear the gospel.


Bryn Mawr: The annual conference was held two weeks early this year only. The believers rejoiced to see the good attendance, especially for Saturday, and they were most appreciative of helpful ministry. It was a time of searching and refreshment for which the assembly was thankful. Those that ministered were J. Allen, A. Davidson, W. Gustafson, A. J. Higgins, E. Higgins, M. McCandless, and J. Smith.

McKeesport: A. J. Higgins and Stephen Vance gave practical and devotional teaching at the Fall Bible Studies on October 7-8. The assembly greatly appreciated their visit. Lord willing, Darris Barney and Scott Mizener will begin gospel meetings on November 5. Please pray that the Lord will move in the salvation of souls for His glory.


Norman Mellish visited the ArlingtonShoultes, and Seattleassemblies in October.

Okanogan: Al Christopherson had a week of gospel meetings here in the second week of November, and expected to visit Arlington and Shoultes each for two nights before returning home.


Fuchu: The annual conference in late September was attended by about 180 with 12 or 13 assemblies represented. Ken Totten of England shared the ministry with two Japanese brethren. Jim Currie provided the needed interpretation.


Jim Currie recently returned from a 10-day visit to South Korea, his twentieth visit in nearly 50 years. He reports that in the south (ROK), there is a thriving form of Christianity, but in the north (PRK) such activity is non-existent.

Many things have changed over the years, but the threat of North Korea has been constant. The recent nuclear testing by North Korea has caused much consternation on the part of South Korea and Japan.


El Barril: Ron Wahls, of Garnavillo, Iowa, along with his son Jason (of Tepic) and Paul Thiessen (of Zamora) made a second visit here in the state of San Luis Potos, following up on contacts made through the work in Postville. They had three meetings here in El Barril with up to 55 in attendance, and another two meetings in a nearby town called Caparrosa with 11 attending and asking questions about the gospel they heard.

Puerto Vallarta: Gospel meetings commenced in Coapinole on November 5. Please pray for these meetings that are likely to continue for a number of weeks.


Pennsauken, NJ

January 6-7, in Haddonfield Middle School, Lincoln Ave. and Chestnut St., Haddonfield. Prayer Meeting on Friday 7:30 pm, January 5, in the Gospel Hall, 6530 Caroline Ave. at Route 38 near Rte. 70, Pennsauken, NJ. Tel: 856-662-1201. A. Hull, D. Oliver, P. Ramsay and W. Seale have committed to being with us, D.V. Corr. David A. Curran, 326 Windsor Ave., Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1142; Tel: 856-429-4443; E-mail: dacurran@aol.com.

Cambridge, ON

February 3, in the Cambridge Gospel Hall, 31 South Street, Cambridge. Prayer/Ministry 10 am and 1:30 pm, Children’s meeting 1:30 pm, Ministry 3:30 pm, Gospel 6:45 pm. Corr: Phillip Watson, 1183 Sager Road, R.R. #2, Branchton, ON N0B 1L0. Tel: 519-740-1470. E-mail: contact@cambridgegospelhall.com. More information and map: www.cambridgegospelhall.com.

Tampa, FL

February 10-11, in the Gospel Hall, at 12704 Marjory Avenue, Tampa, Florida, Saturday: Ministry 2:30 -5 pm. Dinner served. Gospel 6:30 pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10 am, Ministry 2:30 pm, Gospel 6:30 pm. Brethren walking in and teaching the “old Paths” are welcome to minister as the Lord leads. Corr: Oronzo Dalfino, 118 East 143rd. Avenue, Tampa, Fl. 33613. Tel: 813-265-2757, Gospel Hall 813-932-9530. Following the conference it is expected that Eugene Higgins will commence gospel meetings.

Conference Reminders:

Saugus, MA – December 2-3

Jackson MI – December 9-10

Address verification

Omaha: All correspondence for the assembly meeting in the Gospel Hall (Hartman Ave.) should be directed to Mark Van Der Hart, 846 Amelia Ave., Elkhorn, NE 68022.


Maureen (Mary Agnes) Hamilton of Guelph, ON, on May 28, age 70. Our dear sister was born 1935 in Belfast, N. Ireland. She knew the gospel from an early age and was brought up in Matchett St. Sunday School. Maureen was saved on November 29, 1958, at which time gospel meetings were being held in Ebenezer Gospel Hall by Mr. Little and Mr. McShane. She moved to Canada with her family in December 1971 and settled in Guelph. She had a real desire to see her family saved and made sure that her grandchildren got out to Sunday School each week. She leaves behind two sons, one daughter, and three grandchildren, for whom prayer is requested. She also has a sister, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law in N. Ireland. The funeral service was taken by Eric Bell.

May Cox of Huntsville, ON, on August 18, age 87. She was saved in 1943, baptized, and added to the fellowship in Huntsville later that year. After marrying in 1943, she and her husband were faithful to the assembly for many years and saw their children saved. She is survived by her husband and children, Doris (Philip) Cottrill of Hunstville, Carl (Karen) of New Mexico, Barbara (Willow) Wright of Oakville, Joy (Don) Robertson of Brampton, eight grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren; also sisters, Mary and Elsie, and brothers, Tom and Tay Ballantine. She was predeceased by brothers Bob, Walt, Howard, and Earl. The large funeral was taken by David Booth and Jim Jarvis.

Ada Lewis of Glen Ewen, SK, on September 16, age 78. Saved as a young lady of 16 years, Ada sought to serve the Lord by faithfully serving others. The assembly was special to her, and, unless hindered by sickness, she was always in her place to remember the Lord. Predeceased by her husband Fred, she leaves a son Glen in the assembly here, a stepdaughter Elsie and her husband and family, a sister Pearl, her husband and family, and a brother Wilf. Prayer is requested for some not saved. Randy Logue gave a clear gospel message at the service in the hall, and Bruce Smith spoke words of comfort and encouragement at the graveside.

William Buchan of San Diego, CA, on October 3, age 79. He was born of Christian parents who were well known in Toronto, ON. He moved to San Diego in later life and was saved at a regular weekly gospel meeting in January 1991 at the age of 64. He was a quiet, consistent brother, esteemed by the Christians. This should be a real encouragement to those who have long prayed for unsaved loved ones. The funeral was taken by Shad Kember, Jr.

Harry E. Bates of Unionville, ON, on October 4, age 95. He was awakened to his need of a Savior during the summer of 1930 through a tract that was handed to him on a street in Toronto. The last five words of the tract were, “Ye must be born again.” He recalled reading those same five words in his mother’s Bible. He was a faithful and humble brother who had a zeal for the gospel, and had the joy of pointing some of his own children and relatives to Christ. He was in fellowship at Pape Avenue for over 60 years, and latterly at Unionville (Bethany Lodge). Please pray for his wife Shirley, a daughter and two sons in Christ, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, some of whom also are in Christ.

Mr. William Preston Morrison of Hatboro, PA, on October 9, age 84. He was saved in 1950, a few months after his dear wife Eleanor. They came into the fellowship of the Hatboro assembly in 1952, convinced that this was where Biblical principles of fellowship and the apostles’ doctrine were being faithfully practiced. He was a steadfast, faithful saint who believed in the power of prayer and living a godly life of example. As an elder, he showed an unselfish interest in the saints and was involved in helping in the Sunday School, children’s work, Bible studies, and gospel meetings. Predeceased by his wife Eleanor in January 2005, he is survived by four sons, two daughters, and 17 grandchildren, some of whom need salvation. At the funeral, two of his sons spoke of his influence in their lives. Gaetano Dalfino preached the gospel and William Oliver spoke at the graveside.

Kenneth E. Irvine of Toronto, ON, on October 11, in his 81st year. Our beloved brother was born again on December 11th, 1938, and is remembered as a faithful elder and evangelist, especially to boys and girls, a sympathetic pastor, and an able teacher. During his recent illness, he consistently witnessed to his fellow-patients and their families, as well as to doctors and nurses. At the funeral in the Rexdale Gospel Hall, and at the graveside, the gospel was faithfully preached by evangelist and servant of the Lord, Mr. Jim Jarvis. A sorrowing family mourns their great loss. 2 Timothy 4:7

Beatrice McNab of Grand Bend, ON, on Oct. 11, age 95. Our dear sister was saved as a girl of 13 through the preaching of the late A. W. Joyce and T. G. Wilkie. Baptized and received into the Grand Bend assembly shortly after, she remained in happy fellowship for over eight decades. She maintained a consistent testimony over the years and although confined to a nursing home for ten years, she continued to display a quiet and patient spirit and was a real witness to all who knew her. Her husband, Murray, went home to be with the Lord in 1996. She leaves one sister, Della Gratton, as well as extended family members. Her funeral, conducted in the Gospel Hall, was taken by nephews, Hubert Gratton and Carl Hannigan.

Florence G. Donofrio of Hardwick, VT, went to be with Christ on October 13. She was saved as a girl of sixteen through 1 John 5:1, “Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God.” She saw all her children saved, and was a faithful minister to the Lord’s people, often entertaining any who visited the assembly. The funeral service was taken by Walter Gustafson and numerous family members.

Mrs. Barbara Giesbrecht of Langley, BC, on November 1, just eight days short of her 93rd birthday. Born in Russia and left an orphan early in life, she immigrated to Canada with her adoptive family in 1926. In 1934, she heard that the Lord was coming. She knew she was not ready and cast herself upon God. A sense of peace came over her. Within two years she heard the gospel clearly preached and understood that peace with God comes to a sinner “through our Lord Jesus Christ.” She enjoyed peace because Jesus died for her. With her late husband Peter, she was in the assembly in Mervin, SK, before moving to BC in 1956. They were in fellowship for the last 45 years in the Woodland Drive assembly in Vancouver. She had 12 children, three of whom are deceased, and many descendants. William Skates and Bill Adams (Langley) shared the funeral at Valley View Cemetery, with words in the gospel and comfort for the family.