In The Beginning God: Noah’s Ark

Dr. Farid Abou-Rahme, Northampton, UK

About the author: Dr. Farid Abou-Rahme has a PhD in Civil Engineering from Sheffield University in the UK. He is an independent Engineering Consultant and Specialist University Lecturer. He is also the author of “And God said…” Science Confirms the Authority of the Bible, published by John Ritchie in 1997. It has been translated and published in 16 languages. Dr. Abou-Rahme is in fellowship in the assembly meeting at the Gospel Hall, Northampton UK.

Creation & the Storm

Is Noah’s Ark a story for children?

Could a universal flood have happened and covered all the earth?

Can an Ark carry two of every kind of animal?

Have you asked questions like these and found out the easy answer was to dismiss the whole issue as myth because it doesn’t really matter?

A recent study in hydraulic engineering, simulated rough sea conditions by using a computer to create waves of varying strength in a massive tank. Ten models of famous ships were made including a model of Noah’s Ark, which was built based on the dimensions recorded over 3000 years ago in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. These were: 300 cubits x 50 cubits x 30 cubits. A cubit was an old measure equivalent to about 18 inches.

As the computer simulation of waves increased, the models of famous ships tumbled one after another. When the waves reached the maximum strength, all ships had tumbled except one: Noah’s Ark!!

Who designed an unsinkable ship, thousands of years ago, superior to all modern designs? The answer to this question confirms that the Bible should be taken literally because it is the perfect Word of God: God designed the Ark – the best design ever.

To appreciate the size of the Ark, think of a football field. It was 1.5 times as big and it was as high as a three-story building because God told Noah to build it in three levels. Mathematical calculations show that there was room for 125,000 sheep-size animals! Since there are only 18,000 species of land animals, including insects and birds, all the animals would fit on one of the three floors in the Ark leaving the second floor for food and storage and the third floor for Noah and his family with lots of free space to play football and other favorite family games! The Ark was real!

There is evidence for the flood in the form of graveyards of fossils all over the world. These contain the remains of all sorts of animals buried together showing sudden death and quick burial. Further evidence for the flood can be found near the summits of many mountains where there are many fossils of marine life.

“What about dinosaurs?” people ask. We are told they died out 70 million years before man arrived! Well, this is guesswork; there is no scientific evidence for that! In fact, there is evidence that man and dinosaur lived together exactly as the Bible teaches. The Paluxy River basin in Texas has footprints of man and dinosaur walking together, evidence that has been rejected by many because of its detrimental effect on the theory of Evolution. There are drawings of dinosaurs in old caves dating long before the recent dinosaur excavations started, showing that people must have seen these huge creatures to be able to draw them!

There has been a recent discovery of dinosaur bones that are not completely fossilized. This evidence is very uncomfortable for evolutionary scientists and according to the BBC website other researchers have tried to play down the findings by questioning the evidence. But scientists have found intact blood vessels together with cells essential for bone construction. They were also able to squeeze out cells from the blood vessels, which looked remarkably like red blood cells with their internal structure visible. This shows once again that the 70 million years is not based on scientific evidence. Dinosaurs were created with man on day number six, several thousand years ago and died in the flood in the days of Noah, all except the two God sent into the Ark which was big enough to accommodate them as described above.

With the changed climate and environment after the flood and with life span shortened (as explained in the Bible), dinosaurs did not grow as huge as before the flood. Lizards on the island of Komodo represent the size of dinosaurs today.

A popular question often asked is: “If dinosaurs lived with man why are they not mentioned in the Bible?” The answer is: they are. The actual name for dinosaur is “behemoth,” the animal described by God in Job 40. Reading the description of this animal, one concludes that the real name for dinosaur is “behemoth.”

The more we study science the more we discover how accurate and perfect the Bible is in every subject it touches upon. Seeing this, we are faced with a responsibility to read and respond to God’s message in the Bible.

The response from believers should be to accept the authority of the Bible and live in accordance with its teaching. Let us be sure that God means exactly what He says and that instructions for daily holy living in the New Testament were written for all people and for all generations. Let us take our Christian faith seriously and live holy lives so God can bless us and use us to snatch precious souls from the mouth of the devil before it is too late.

We have seen the accuracy of the Bible. God will judge this earth as He promised and only those who enter the Ark will be safe. But this time the ARK is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Don’t miss the opportunity this time. Don’t let false science be your passport to a fearful eternity. Make sure you are safe inside Christ.