He Influenced Others: Edward Doherty (2)

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Some Shining Facets of Reflected Light

Each life is a collage. Here are others’ perceptions of Mr. Ed Doherty. He was a prayerful, consistent, conservative, and self-effacing man. As with the diamond’s many facets, many unexpected flashes reflect the Light in which he dwelt.

William Lavery – Ferndale, MI: I became acquainted with brother Doherty years ago in Northern Ireland. Eddie was saved in the Ballybean Mission Hall and found his way into the Ballyhackamore assembly. This caused a stir! It was very unusual for a Roman Catholic to be saved in those days. Eddie had been the Londonderry Bishop’s altar boy and he told how that when he went with his pals they could tell, by the “smell of the incense,” that he had been in the “Sanctuary!” While still working, he studied the Word for six hours daily, leading to his tremendous grasp of the Scriptures. Saints were encouraged and edified by his unfolding of the truth. Eddie helped many young men; this resulted in several, including myself, going into full-time service for the Lord.

Tim Kember – Picton, ON: Three things impressed me about Mr. Doherty: his diligent study of his Bible; his definite conviction about the assembly; his well-balanced views. Shortly before his passing, as we talked together about his illness, his last sentence was, “But God is good.”

Arnold Adams – Waubaushene, ON: My highly esteemed brother encouraged young men to be careful and precise in their handling of divine things, and that their language be worthy of the dignity of the Divine Persons they must ever seek to honor. He was uniquely apt in recognizing those with potential for more extensive service for the Lord, and sought to guide and encourage them.

Bruce Rodgers – Timmins, ON: Mr. Doherty’s death brings memories of his teaching and care for northern believers. Faithfulness and accuracy marked his workmanship as a steward of God. May each of us learn to “number our days, and apply our hearts to wisdom”! In my teen years, I heard him repeatedly stress the need for full-time workers; at that time none had been commended from our area.

John Dennison – Hermosillo, Sonora, MX: Even though Mr. Doherty was advanced in years and had health concerns, it is still a surprise and a sadness that he is gone. I was impressed that the Doherty’s read daily in Spanish. For decades they kept up their ability with the language and their exercise for Spanish-speaking folks. God honored them for it. Many years after they left Cuba, they became a great encouragement and help at the beginning of the Spanish work in West Phoenix. Mr. Doherty assisted in many meetings and God made him a blessing to the unsaved and saved as well. Personally, he was a great source of encouragement and he will be missed.

Paul Markle – Unionville, ON: We have wonderful memories of Uncle Eddie. We appreciated his sense of humor coupled with firm convictions. He had a keen insight into divine truths and a gracious way of teaching them. He had the heart of a shepherd, a concern and care for the flock. We will never forget his spiritual perception discerning the source of problems in troubled lives.

Clarence Black – Nipissing Junction, ON: Ed Doherty greatly helped and encouraged me. He was an invaluable guide in the early days of Nipissing Junction. He joined Mr. James Clark for the first gospel series after the assembly was formed in 1967. At Huntsville conferences, the Doherty’s and ourselves stayed repeatedly in the same home. We enjoyed numerous, varied, and lengthy discussions on the Scriptures that were highlights of the conference. His seat will be empty and he will be missed!

David Rodgers – Rancagua, Chile: I‘ve often considered what it meant for Mr. and Mrs. D. to leave the Cuban tropics and spend winters in the -40 weather of Northern Ontario in gospel and ministry. He was very important in the lives of many of us. His influence resulted in several being commended to the work of the Lord. He took us on in practical apprenticeship and I will always be thankful for his courage in doing so. Brother Doherty was a “Paul” to several young “Timothys.” During my service here in Chile, his teaching and practical pointers in the work of the Lord have often shaped my thinking. The example and blessing of the grace of God that enabled him to teach us remain with us. We thank God for him.

A Sanctuary Man, Student, Shepherd, Soul-Winner, and Steady Example.

Ed Doherty greatly influenced what I am. He was not only used of God in my conversion but also in my commendation. I was always delighted when I knew he was praying for us. He felt that his role was not in his personal greatness as a preacher but to be used of the Lord in seeing that others devoted their talents for God. On my final visit with him, he counseled me, “Son, keep at the gospel and keep it simple!”