Editorial: I Would Not Have You Ignorant

On at least six occasions, Paul begins a statement with these words (Rom 1:13; 11:25; 1 Cor 10:1; 12:1; 2 Cor 1:8; 1 Thess 4:13). Some of the truths which he unfolds to enlighten the believers are foundational truths which we hold dearly and prize. He sought perhaps to underscore the importance of what he was writing by the use of this expression. After all, there was no ability to “bold” his words as he wrote.

While we do not claim inspiration, several articles appear in this month’s magazine which demand the serious attention of all readers. Their importance is related to the relevancy they have for us as individuals, assemblies, and families.

“I would not have you ignorant…” about practical virtues for living in the world. An excellent series on Proverbs commences in this issue. It is introduced by a two part series to establish a frame of reference in which to appreciate these time-honored and timely, pithy sayings from the writer(s) of Proverbs.

“I would not have you ignorant…” about Islam! You either have met Moslems at work or school, or will shortly meet them. Contact with a religion which commands the fanatical following of millions in our world today cannot be avoided. Speaking to them and witnessing to them is an entirely new experience. Denis O’Hare has kindly begun a series to inform us of what Islam is and what happens when it interfaces with Christianity. It is a valuable series of articles in light of our current world.

“I would not have you ignorant…” A visit to your Christian book store will quickly reveal to you that there are more modern versions available of your Bible than ever before. How is a Christian to judge among them? Many families use a more “reader-friendly” version of the Scriptures with the family around the dinner table. Are there really significant differences in versions? In a balanced and scholarly manner, David Vallance has written a very important series of articles, “Whither Bound?” to help us navigate amidst the shoals of danger in the version debate. It is important reading for all who take leadership. We are hiding our heads in the sand if we think younger believers are not reading newer versions of the Bible. It is vital to guide them in this.

“I would not have you ignorant…” There are fields “white ready to harvest.” How sad that our eyes are not being lifted up. A series of articles by brethren in N. America will highlight the possibilities in different parts of the continent. The first appears from our esteemed brother, Mr. Robert Surgenor. May this series make us more exercised about the need.

Practical articles by John Dennison and Tom Wilson of Glasgow, Scotland, complete our issue. It is hoped that we will not be ignorant of these vital issues.