Coahhurst: In addition to regular meetings, this new assembly, started last summer in fellowship with the nearby Lethbridge assembly, carries on a healthy children’s work with well over 70 children, a drop-in centre for teenagers, and weekly Bible classes in the elementary and high school. Joe and Penny Clark, and Matt and Rosa Entz labor in this area.

Edmonton: The Connor’s Hill Gospel Hall was filled for the two-day conference, October 15-16. Helpful ministry was given by Howard Barnes, Hans Bouwman, Bryan Funston, Ian Irvine, James Ronald, Peter Simms, and Jim Webb. A baptism of a sister saved in June in gospel meetings in Paradise Valley was held at the close of the well-attended gospel meeting on Sunday night.

Fort McMurray: The Wood Buffalo assembly had Peter Smith for ministry on the last Sunday and Monday of October. Children’s meetings are being held from Tuesday to Saturday. So far, we have had a few new children and the interest is very encouraging.

British Columbia

Kamloops: A week of children’s meetings in October with Peter Smith was profitable in making new contacts. Good numbers attended.

Surrey: Two weeks of gospel meetings were held in a rented storefront October 16-30 with some in from the community most nights and some interesting contacts made. The meetings were shared by Jason Adams, Kyle Fairfield, Dan Grice, and Andrew Mellish.

Vancouver: Brethren participating at the Thanksgiving conference were H. Barnes, M. Cain, I. Irvine, E. Fairfield, B. Funston, R. McIlwaine, T. Thompson, N. Thomson, and G. Williams. Brethren Barnes, Cain, and Irvine had opportunity to give ministry in various assemblies in the area before and after the conference. Please pray for gospel meetings at Carleton which commenced November 6 with Peter Ramsay and Kyle Wilson.

New Brunswick

Moncton: The French brethren of the assembly have been holding ministry meetings with the newly saved from the French gospel series last spring. The saints were encouraged to see their attendance at the Sussex conference and their desire to live for the Lord. The French brethren commenced a gospel series November 1 in Bouctouche, a French Catholic community, and would appreciate the prayers of the Lord’s people.

Sussex: A good number of Christians from neighboring assemblies joined the Sussex believers for a ministry meeting on the occasion of the commending of our brother Matthew Cain. Matthew and Esther are exercised to labor in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia. Speaking at the ministry meeting were David Beckett of Sussex, Philip Morton of Halifax, Albert Hull, and Matthew Cain. The Sussex assembly is also encouraged by the excellent turnout at gospel suppers, which are planned one Sunday each month. Many of those who have come to the suppers are parents of children who have been contacted in an ongoing children’s work in the town.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Corner Brook: Gaius Goff and Alex Hoath had a week of very helpful ministry for young and old. There was also a visit by Noel Burden.

Flowers Cove: Gaius Golf, Noel Burden, and Wallace Buckle gave appreciated ministry here recently.

Lance Au Loup: The annual conference October 13-16 was encouraging for the believers. Those taking part were Wallace Buckle, Gaius Goff, Alex Hoath, Tom Hoy, Bert Joyce, Max Maclean, and Kevin VanAlstine.

New Harbour: Tom Hoy was joined by Kevin VanAlstine for three and a half weeks of gospel and ministry meetings here.

Parsons Pond: Wallace Buckle, Gaius Goff, Bert Joyce, Peter Mathews, and Carl Payne took part in the conference held October 22. The ministry was excellent, as was the fellowship of believers. Gordon Williams and Noel Burden have also given valuable ministry of late.

Sandringham: Bryan Funston was here for three nights in early November on 1 Peter; this was followed by two weeks of ministry on Fogo Island.

St. John’s: Very profitable ministry was given by Dr. Sandy Higgins over the weekend of Oct. 8 and 9 on Marriage and the Family. The annual conference Oct 29-30 was also a blessing to God’s people. Wallace Buckle, Marvin Derksen, Bryan Funston, Gaius Goff, Bert Joyce, and Peter Mathews ministered the Word. The gospel was faithfully presented on both evenings.


Arnstein: On October 8, a special meeting was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the planting of the assembly. Ernest Bain gave an interesting account of the early days and the growth of the work that included the labors of John Sommocol, F. Watson, J. Sylvestor, B. Widdifield, A. Joyce, and others. Don Brunne recounted many precious memories of the believers from the early days and up to the present. God has saved many souls through the years, and has preserved the assembly in Scriptural simplicity. There have been very special visitations, such as in 1958, when A. Grainger and A. Ramsay held ten weeks of gospel meetings and saw a large number saved. N. Crawford gave an account of the early days of assembly testimony in North America.

Chatham: Six weeks of gospel meetings shared by Jack Gould, Andrew Robertson and Jack Nesbitt were a time of spiritual refreshment and blessing in salvation. A wide area was covered by both invitations and Via magazines. Five young converts were baptized on the first Lord’s Day. Many attended the series as a result of the Sunday School work that has grown over recent years to 70-80 children. This growth is due to the patient labors of some sisters in the assembly who have developed a good relationship with parents and neighbors. Four believers linked with various denominations, interested in learning N. T. principles concerning the local church, attended consistently and also observed the Lord’s Supper.

Clinton: Attendance was encouraging during our recent conference, and God gave much help in the faithful ministry of the Word. Brethren who were able to give help were Art Ward, Jack Nesbitt, Jack Gould, Murray McLeod, Wm. Metcalf, Bert Snippe, Eugene Badgley, Brian Owen, and Bruce Rodgers. Bible Readings on two subjects, the “Message” and the “Messenger” were ably led by Art Ward and Murray McLeod. The saints enjoyed a visit with ministry from Albert Hull on October 19.

Clyde: After 130 years of gathering in the same location, the assembly has purchased a former Free Methodist church building within the city of Cambridge, and plans to relocate in December after minor renovations on the building. See Updates for the new address. Please pray for gospel outreach in this new area, and also for a weekly Friday night youth group of about 30 children that was started by the Methodists ten years ago, and has been given over to the assembly to continue. There was a Thanksgiving weekend gospel outreach at the Rockton Fall Fair just south of Cambridge. Please pray for a fellow exhibitor who had many questions and has now been attending some gospel meetings in Brampton. Aubrey Kelly, Albert Hull, Don Nicholson, and Lorne Langfeld visited the assembly in October.

London: Four weeks of gospel meetings closed with Larry Steers’ faithfully speaking alone to a large solemn audience on the last night, October 30. His beloved partner in the series, Art Ward, was suddenly called home to glory the previous day in a tragic accident involving his car. The Christians and unsaved who had attended the meetings were faced with the reality of life and death, the truths that the two brethren had been preaching. We mourn with Art’s widow, Marlene, and the family.

Niagara Falls: The believers were thankful for the Lord’s presence and practical ministry at the conference. The numbers were large, and 14 of the Lord’s servants were present to minister the Word.

Port Sydney: In October, Bruce Rodgers was with the Deer Lake assembly for ministry; Herb West of Chapman Valley was also present for a Lord’s Day. Both visits were appreciated. The saints here had a booth at the Cranberry Festival in October. Some brethren and sisters continue to visit the Beaver Creek Correctional Institute every two weeks, with some prisoners being brought to the gospel meeting with approved escorts. One of these men has accepted Christ as his Savior.

Toronto: Jim Smith conducted a week’s ministry at the Broadview Hall. He used his chart on the Garments of the High Priest.

Wallaceburg: The assembly was encouraged with an excellent attendance October 29-30 during their 30th annual conference. Nine of the Lord’s servants were present, and helpful ministry was given. We are thankful for the help that was given in the testimony meeting and the two gospel meetings.

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown: Please pray for gospel meetings which began on November 1 with Robert McIlwaine and David Hierlihy.


Taylorside: The saints were encouraged recently with the reception of a young brother into assembly fellowship.



Anchorage: Our brother Tommy Thompson continues to labor here after 51 years in this difficult field of Alaska. The work covers a wide area, and he travels great distances beween isolated communities, but the Lord continues to enable our brother to see souls saved and to give help in two assemblies.


Fontana: Outreach work here has been most encouraging. A young man, who came as a boy to the Lynwood meetings, professed faith in Christ after coming to meetings for several months. Please pray for his wife, who has been asking questions and is showing a good interest, that the Lord will save her.

Fresno: John Fitzpatrick and Roy Weber are expected to start gospel meetings here on December 4, Lord willing.


Terryville: The annual conference was enjoyed by all with practical ministry given. Please pray for blessing in salvation during gospel meetings that commenced October 23 with Bill Seale, Jr. and David Petterson.


Cedar Falls: A week of children’s meetings with Dan Shutt was well-attended with a number of parents coming nightly. Fred Krauss was with the assembly for a Lord’s Day and Monday night in which he gave appreciated ministry on prophecy.

Dunkerton: A night of ministry by Joel Portman was appreciated, as was the week of meetings on Revelation by Fred Krauss; the meetings were well-attended.

Stout: Roy Weber and Stanley Wells started gospel meetings here on November 6. Sandy Higgins, will be with the assembly, D.V.,on the weekend of January 20-22, 2006 taking up a subject which will be announced in next month’s magazine.

Waterloo: Five weeks of gospel meetings have ended in Evansdale, a suburb of Waterloo. Roy Weber and Jerry Jennings preached the gospel very clearly. Two professed to be saved; this was encouraging to the saints. Recent visitors in Waterloo include Robert Orr, Eric McCullough, Roy Weber, Jerry Jennings, and Don Wardell. Fred Krauss was with us for ministry two nights in November.


Deckerville, J. Beattie and W. Metcalf are having gospel meetings on prophetic truths one night each week. This assembly has some contacts and is praying for needed blessing.

New Jersey

Midland Park: The assembly enjoyed two weeks of gospel meetings with Albert Hull and Peter Ramsay. Unsaved visitors were out every night in addition to believer’s children. On October 2, three new believers from the Corona Korean assembly were baptized in the Midland Park Hall, giving joy to the saints from both assemblies. Recent appreciated visits have been made by Walter Gustafson for a Lord’s Day, Colin Raggett (Botswana), and David Jones (Chile), with ministry and reports on the Lord’s work.


Akron: The believers were encouraged in a recent children’s series. Robert Surgenor was here for a number of meetings for gospel and ministry when visitors were present to hear the Word of God.

Cleveland: Fred Krauss gave excellent help on a recent visit.

Clyde: Norman Crawford visited with encouraging ministry on the principles of the assembly, and Robert Surgenor spoke on the truth of the Godhead.

Mansfield: The believers enjoyed a visit by Jonathan Procopio.

Steubenville: The assembly was cheered by the baptism of two men, one from an Amish background. The other was saved through hearing the brethren tell how they were saved.


Arlington: We baptized five teens October 23.

Marysville: The saints enjoyed an evening of ministry from Ian Irvine. A young lady from the Granite Falls outreach, saved in March 2005, was baptized October 30.


Bicester: Al Christopherson and Murray Pratt had five weeks of gospel meetings in Ambrosden, near Bicester, during September. Over 100 different visitors attended and there was blessing in salvation. Both brethren visited Northern Ireland for reports and helped out at the Lurgan Conference.


Chihuahua: Paul Thiessen had an excellent week of Bible readings in this new work on truths related to the local assembly.

Hermosillo: Please pray for a Seed Sower effort starting December 26 in this large city in northern Mexico. John Dennison is making preparations for a series of gospel meetings in the New Year.

Ixtapa:Ministry meetings, employing a model of the tabernacle, were held during the last two weeks of October using the tabernacle as a figure of the local assembly.

Puerto Vallarta: The assembly conducted children’s meetings during which 354 children attended. The theme was “Catastrophes in the Bible and in Recent Times.”


Tampa, FL

December 31-January 1 in the Gospel Hall, 12704 Marjory Avenue, Tel: 813-932-9530. Saturday: Ministry & Gospel 2-5 p.m. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10 a.m.; Ministry 2-5 p.m.; Gospel 6:30 p.m. Brethren walking in and teaching the “old paths” welcome to minister as led. Corr: Oronzo Dalfino, Tel: 813-265-2757.

Seattle, WA

January 14-15 with Prayer Meeting (Friday 7:30 p.m.) and Gospel Meeting in the Gospel Hall. All other meetings at West Woodland Elementary School, near Hall. Saturday: Bible Reading, 8:45 a.m.; Ministry 10:30 a.m., 2:30 and 7 p.m. Sunday: Bible Reading 8:45 a.m.; Breaking of Bread 10 a.m.; Ministry 2:30 p.m.; Gospel 7 p.m. Corr: A. Hale, Tel: 425-402-8278; e-mail: haleco@integrity.com; Hall: 206-783-1368

DeLand, FL

February 4-5 in the Gospel Hall. Friday: Prayer Meeting at 7 p.m. Saturday: Ministry 10:30 a.m and 3:45 p.m.; Bible Reading 2 p.m.; Gospel 7 p.m. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m.; Bible Reading 2 p.m.; Ministry 3:45 p.m.; Gospel 7 p.m. Bible Readings: Jude. Corr: F. King, Tel: 386-943-4000, Hall: 386-736-1009.

San Diego, CA

February 18-19 in the Gospel Hall, 4646 Twain Ave. Prayer Meeting, Friday 7:30 p.m. Saturday: Bible Reading 10 a.m.; Ministry 2 p.m.; Gospel 7 p.m. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10 a.m.; Ministry 2 p.m.; Gospel 7 p.m. Corr: Wm. Smith; Tel: 619-582-2109; Hall 619-280-7021.

Conference Reminders:

Saugus, MA – December 2-4

Pennsauken, NJ – January 7-8


Change of Address

Eric McCullough, E-mail address correction: emcc@cfu.net

Malcolm and Rhonda Radcliffe, 32 Dromore St., Rathfriland, Co. Down, N. Ireland BT34 5LU; Tel: 028-406-30597.

Cambridge Gospel Hall (formerly Clyde), 31 South Street, Cambridge, ON N1R 2N6. Meeting times remain the same. Corr: Phillip Watson, 1183 Sager Road, R.R. #2, Branchton, ON N0B 1L0 Phone: 519-740-1470. Further information may be obtained online at www.cambridgegospelhall.com

Jim Thompson (Augusta Gospel Hall), 262 Quaker Road, Sidney, ME 04330; Tel: 207-512-2636; E-mail: jptbooks@gmail.com; Cell: 207-215-7986


Lethbridge, AB: John Entz, 252 Jerry Potts Blvd. W, Lethbridge, AB T1K 6H4; Tel: 403-320-9897; E-mail: eentz@lethbridgepubliclibrary.ca.


William Young of Toronto, ON on September 6, age 88. He was saved in 1931 in gospel meetings held by the Brock assembly. He was in assembly fellowship at Central, and then at Bracondale from the assembly’s start in 1939. The Bracondale assembly moved to Langstaff in 1996. Uncle Bill loved the assembly where he was a faithful brother, worshiper, worker, and tract distributor. Our brother was a faithful teacher and superintendent of the Fairbank Sunday School where he labored for over 40 years. The funeral was held in Langstaff Gospel Hall by brethren he knew and loved – Harry Clingen, Randy Marisette, and Andrew Ussher from Langstaff, and Tony Petruzzo from Fairbank. William is survived by his wife of over 60 years, Connie, two sons, six grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, and nineteen nieces and nephews.

Mrs. Lloyd (Mildred) Ballhagen, Tylertown, MS on September 9 , age 85. Our sister was the widow of the Lord’s servant, Lloyd Ballhagen, who preceded her in death. They came to Mississippi in the early 1950’s to do pioneer gospel work and saw the assembly here planted in the late 1950’s. She was saved in the 1940’s as a troubled soul when the truth of John 3:16 dawned on her at her work. She was later gathered out with her husband and supported him in all of his gospel efforts. She was known by her gentle, cheerful spirit. She knew well the loneliness sometimes suffered by preacher’s wives, but was a strong encouragement to her husband and the Christians. She is survived by only two grandsons, Jerry and Kerry, for whom prayer is requested. Her funeral was shared by three brethren.

Arthur Johnson of Ontario, WI on September 30, age 58. Our beloved brother was saved in 1977 during a fruitful series of gospel meetings in Ontario by the late Paul Elliott and Alex Studnicka. His wife was saved two days before him, and both were baptized and received into assembly fellowship that same year, continuing steadfastly until the present. Art was a faithful brother who showed his faith by his deeds. The hundreds of people who attended his visitation and funeral, many of whom were neighbors and workfellows, gave testimony to the lives that he had touched. He is survived by his wife, Therese, two sons, one daughter, and nine grandchildren. Ed Miller and Ron Doll spoke at the funeral with words of comfort to the family and a clear word in the gospel to the many unsaved present.

Richard “Bud” Williams of Allison, IA on October 6, age 74. Our beloved brother was saved at the age of eight, being pointed to Christ by his mother. He was a faithful brother and a help in the Hitesville assembly for over 55 years. He and his wife, Betty, often visited local nursing homes, bringing cheer to many. A good number from his community were present at the funeral in the Hitesville Hall. He is survived by his wife, a daughter, a son, and their families, some of them not saved. Russell Nesbit and Robert Orr shared in the service.

Theresa M. Hill (Procopio) of Saugus, MA on October 7, age 84. She was born in Calabria, Italy, and at the age of seven, emigrated to the United States with her family. She was saved at the age of thirteen. She was a faithful, beloved and esteemed sister over the 70 years that she was a part of the Saugus assembly (formerly East Boston). She was consistent and she left a sterling example to the many who knew her. Theresa was predeceased in 1996 by her husband Frederick E. Hill. She and her husband opened their home to many of the Lord’s people, always entertaining and providing for visitors. The very large gathering was a tribute to the respect she earned in the home, the assembly, the neighborhood, and the business spheres. Eugene Higgins and David Oliver took the funeral.

Annie (Rogers) Brain of Midland Park, NJ on October 16, age 90. Annie was born in Co. Armagh, N.I. She first heard the gospel through Frank Knox and was born again after coming to the U.S. She was in fellowship in the Midland Park assembly for many years, and was a cheerful helper whenever there was work to be done. Everyone who knew her had heard her tell how she was saved, and knew that she loved the Lord Jesus and God’s assembly. The last several years of her life, she was not able to be out due to physical weakness. One of her grandsons, Wesley Coddington, and Piaw Huan of Midland Park spoke at the funeral service. She is survived by four daughters and a son, and a number of grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Carrie Kramer of Hitesville, IA on October 21, age 87. She was saved in 1929 in meetings by the late Oliver Smith in Coster, Iowa. With her husband, John, who preceded her in December 2004, she was in fellowship with the believers in the Hitesville assembly. Loved and esteemed by all, she is survived by five children along with their spouses, 12 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren. The large service in the hall was shared by R. Orr and R. Nesbit.

Roy Pickett of Clinton, ON on October 21, age 84. He was saved in 1936 at age 15. He served in the Canadian Navy in Europe during W W 2. In 1946, he and his bride, Emily, returned from England to the Clinton area where they began farming. They were received into assembly fellowship in Mitchell, and continued in Clinton when the assembly moved there in 1947. Our brother’s health was adversely affected by his war experience, and by 1960 was no longer able to gather with the Lord’s people. He was mostly confined to his home for over 35 years, then entered a nursing home about six years ago. Prayer would be appreciated for his aged widow, the eldest and youngest sons, not saved, 13 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren, some of whom are not saved. Doug McDonald spoke at the funeral service, and son-in-law Jim Bell at the grave.

Ann Turmo of Phoenix, AZ on October 21, age 98, passed peacefully into the Lord’s presence. She and her husband Elmer, who predeceased her in l990, were in the Sunnyslope assembly for many years. She is survived by four children, nine grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren. A gospel tract titled “A Wandering Sheep” written by Ann, telling how God saved her, was read at the funeral. Prayer is requested for some of the family not yet saved.

Miss Grace Mienzinger of Wallaceburg, ON on October 23, age 92. Grace was saved at the age of 15. For the past 25 years she had been in happy fellowship in the assembly in Wallaceburg and faithfully attended the meetings until her health prevented her. Her happy, cheerful spirit was an encouragement to all. William Metcalf spoke the gospel at her funeral, and Charles Workman gave comforting words at grave.

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