Edmonton: The assembly had a very encouraging series of gospel meetings during September with Stanley Wells and David Hunt. There were visitors out every night and the gospel was clearly presented. Please pray that God will bless the clear presentation of His Word at this time.

British Columbia

Abbotsford: Prayer is requested for gospel meetings at the Parkview Gospel Hall beginning November 16 with Ken Taylor and Bryan Funston.

Kamloops: The assembly here had appreciated visits from Andrew Bergsma and John Fitzpatrick in September. Both gave profitable ministry of the Word of God as help was given by the Lord.

Terrace: A week of children’s meetings and a week of ministry by John Fitzpatrick were appreciated when he visited Sept 21 to October 5.

Vancouver: Eric McCullough visited a few assemblies here with profitable ministry following the Arlington conference.


Winnipeg: The West End assembly recently had a week of children’s meetings called Treasure Seekers, with Peter Smith of Portage. About 60 children attended each night for a week and attention was good. Total numbers were about 100 children overall, with about 25 attending every night. These meetings were held to inaugurate the fall Sunday School session and a number of new children were contacted. A gospel series on the Tabernacle with Gordon Williams was planned for September 28-October 10.

New Brunswick

Lakeburn: In fellowship with the Shdiac assembly, Larry Buote and Grard Roy had tent meetings in August. The villages of Scoudouc, Lakeburn and part of Dieppe were visited with the French Via magazine. The saints were encouraged by the attendance of a few visitors.

Pigeon Hill: Prayer is requested for gospel meetings starting October 19 with Leslie Wells and Grard Roy.

Tracadie: On September 14, the assembly had its monthly ministry meeting. Grard Roy was with the saints for the day and shared the ministry with two local brethren.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Fogo: Gospel meetings with Bryan Funston, Sandy Feltham, and Bryan Joyce ended September 14. There were unsaved out each night, and good contacts made around the Island.

Gander Bay: Gospel meetings with Noel Burden and Eric Fowler have been encouraging with unsaved coming and blessing seen in salvation. Please continue to pray.

New Harbour: Bryan Funston had an appreciated visit with ministry on September 16.

Seal Cove: The assembly valued the one night of ministry by Bryan Funston on September 15.

St. John’s: Bryan Funston gave ministry September 17, the night prior to his return to Vancouver. The assembly appreciated the Word spoken. Please continue to pray for Charles Hiscock as he undergoes treatment for cancer.

Nova Scotia

Weaver Settlement: In September a middle-aged sister obeyed the Lord in baptism. She was saved this summer in the tent meetings held in Digby. James McClelland preformed the baptizing, with his son Trevor ministering the Word. This has been an encouragement to her husband who is in fellowship, as well as to the saints. Please pray for their only daughter who is not yet saved.


Brampton: Monday night children’s meetings started in late September and attendance are encouraging. The assembly has purchased a building in central Brampton and will be moving February 1, D.V. Jim Jarvis and local Christians are continuing the outreach work in the Orangeville area. The gospel is preached on Friday and Sunday evenings, with children’s meetings on Tuesdays in a converted garage. Several have professed and others are coming with an interest.

Guelph: The assembly was encouraged with the recent baptism of a young brother and by recent visits from Peter Orasuk and Stu Thompson.

London: Interesting reports were given by B. Cottrill of Finland, P. Poidevin of Zambia, and an appreciated visit was made by J. Ronald during September. A couple and their teenage daughter were received into fellowship recently bringing joy to the assembly.

Port Sydney: We seek to witness for our Lord in prison ministry, every two weeks, at Beaver Creek Institute. We have seen some souls won for Christ. Also some of our young believers work with a Youth Group. We also have a booth at fairs. In July and August we had visits from Alex Dryburgh, Fred Krause, and David Booth. Keith and Gayle Bailey have gone to Zambia to help for six months, leaving on September 16.

Sarnia: Gene Higgins conducted an excellent 21-night gospel series using his chart on Future Events. The series was unique, in that it was conducted in a park on the waterfront in a large outdoor pavilion. This venue allowed many park users and pedestrians, who would never have come into the Gospel Hall, to listen attentively at a distance or come in and sit with us. The saints were encouraged by the community response to this series of meetings and by the blessing of God in salvation.

Sudbury: The assembly commenced a two-week tent series on June 29 in Azilda with Don Nicholson and Peter Simms. Many invitations were given out in the area. Some who attended showed some interest. Earlier in June, the saints had an appreciated visit from Larry Buote.


Nouvelle: Following the interest seen during tent meetings with Larry Buote and Grard Roy in July, our brethren had a few house meetings and are now continuing in a rented hall.



Turlock: The assembly has gotten a little smaller with two families moving away, but they did have the joy of seeing two men baptized this summer: one is a son of those in fellowship and the other is new to the assembly. While the assembly is smaller, the faithfulness of each gives them encouragement. The assembly anticipates a visit from Harold Paisley this fall.


Newington: The gospel tent series with Dave Petterson and Jon Procopio ended with some blessing in salvation among people from the surrounding neighborhood. Continue to pray for many others who showed an interest.


Cedar Falls: During the month of August, local brethren had a week of children’s meetings in a neighboring town. A week of gospel meetings conducted by E. McCullough and local brethren followed during which a young boy from the Cedar Falls assembly professed, giving great joy. The assembly appreciated a night of ministry with Wm. Metcalf. On September 14, the assembly was cheered when four young sisters honored the Lord in baptism, with unsaved family members present to hear the gospel for the first time.

Hitesville: The conference in September was felt very profitable with 13 of the Lord’s servants with us who gave Christ exalting ministry and practical truths to help us on our Christian pathway. Attendance was good despite a cool weekend. Also, J. Slabaugh and A. Dryburgh were with us for profitable ministry meetings in September.


Mt. Auburn: The saints enjoyed a visit recently by Frank Tornaquindici at one of the monthly gospel/dinner meetings. At least seven unsaved were in attendance and all of them listened attentively. Pray with us for their continued interest and ultimate salvation.


Kansas City: The annual Labor Day conference was very good and profitable for all with helpful ministry given by Jim Webb, Joel Portman, and Art Ward.

New Jersey

Midland Park: The ministry of the Word and the preaching of the gospel at the conference were appreciated by the saints. The speakers were Howard Barnes (England), Murray McCandless, David Oliver, Craig Saword, James Smith, and Robert Surgenor. Craig Saword gave a helpful report on the work in El Salvador in the Saturday afternoon meeting. Following the conference, R. Surgenor stayed for a week of ministry. Earlier in August, the saints enjoyed a visit by Walter Gustafson for a Lord’s Day. Lord willing, Peter Orasuk and Frank Sona are planning gospel meetings starting in mid-November, and we request the prayers of the saints for the meetings.

Somers Point: Don Draper (Pennsauken) and Gene Higgins were having gospel meetings in a home here.

New Mexico

Albuquerque: The believers appreciated a week’s ministry on Ephesians by Jim Webb in September.

North Carolina

Candler: David Petterson and Dan McDonald held tent meetings for 2 weeks in September in this small town near Asheville. Several from the area were out most nights, including a son of an elderly man in the Hickory assembly. The meetings were well supported by the Hickory Christians, some driving two hours to attend. Please pray that the seed sown will bear fruit.


Bryn Mawr: The assembly had a 2-day conference on “Presenting the Gospel to Children.” It was a helpful review of subjects, with suggested approaches for teaching children in Sunday School. John Dennison, David Oliver, Don Draper (Pennsauken), and Rob Oliver (McKeesport) presented the material. Those attending expressed that the presentations were beneficial. The assembly had a visit for a Lord’s Day and an evening from Howard Barnes of England. Brother Barnes also gave a night each in ministry to Barrington, Hatboro, and Pennsauken.

Indiana: The assembly has enjoyed recent visits in ministry by David Oliver and Jim Smith. The assembly has started a Seed Sowers distribution to be continued on a weekly basis, with invitations to the Sunday evening gospel meetings included in each packet. The Christians will be working at covering the neighborhoods near the hall and outlying small towns.


Hardwick: The assembly had its annual conference during the month of September. A number of brethren were present to give help in ministry, the gospel, and Sunday School. One week before the conference, a sister was baptized in a nearby lake.


Matoaca: The assembly enjoyed an encouraging visit from brother Norman Lorimer in August, as well as a week of ministry meetings at the beginning of September with Robert Surgenor which was a real encouragement to the saints. A. J. Higgins is expected to visit in the middle of September for a weekend, Lord willing.


Arlington: The Labor Day Conference was an enjoyable time of fellowship around God’s Word. Nine brethren shared in ministry, Bible readings, and the gospel. We also enjoyed reports of gospel activity among the Hutterites on the Canadian Prairies and the Maori of New Zealand from A. Bergsma and A. McCulloch. Bill Lavery stayed two weeks in the area to minister the Word in Arlington and Shoultes


Black Earth: W. Skates, D. Wardell, J. Jennings, and K. Hendrickson gave excellent and helpful ministry at the September 28 all-day meeting.


Brian Owens writes, “We were on the island of Grenada, West Indies from August 14 to September 4. It was our exercise and goal to cover the town and area of Sauteurs, which is located in the North, with John 3:16 Seed Sower texts. Included with the beautiful text was an Owners Manual which explains the meaning of the verse, plus a contact address in Grenada for any who might be interested in follow up. In all 1,700 texts were distributed. This may not seem like a large number compared to other efforts in various places, but the extreme heat and humidity of the tropics in hurricane season, plus the steep hills and valleys which need to be traversed in order to reach the many homes in the area, make this a significant effort. There was opportunity for several interesting conversations with many of the people concerning the importance of being saved and ready for eternity. For the most part, many expressed their appreciation for the texts and for our interest in getting the gospel out. Engaged in this effort were the Richard Trotman family of Trinidad, the Brian Owen family of Ontario, and Lydia Potter of Nova Scotia.”

Conferences, D.V.

Arborfield, SK

November 8-9 in the Gospel Hall. Prayer Meeting Friday at 7:30 p.m. Meals and accommodation provided. Contact Floyd Pickering at (306)769-8608, or Harold Thesen at (306)769-8596.

Maberly, ON

November 22 at the Wheelers Pancake House and Sugar Camp. Directions: Hwy. 7 to Maberly, take County Rd. 36 North to McDonalds Corners, turn right, and follow the signs to Wheelers Pancake House. Meetings are at 2:30 and 7 p.m. Corr: Gordon McLeod, Tel: (613)268-2616.

Bolton/Brampton, ON

November 29 at the Brampton Fair Grounds, in the Junior Farmers Hall, 12942 Heart Lake Rd. Take # 410 north and continue on to Heart Lake Rd. First meeting at 10 a.m. Program for young people will be on Friday, November 28, at the Humberview High School, 135 Kingsview Dr. Bolton, ON. Corr: Dwight Dyke (Brampton), Tel: 905-459-6983; Robert Curry (Bolton), Tel: 905-857-0753.

Conference Reminders:

Alpena, ARK – November 1-2
London, ON – November 1-2
Saskatoon, SK – November 1-2
Blues Mills, NS – November 8-9
Bryn Mawr, PA – November 8-9
Oil Springs, ON – November 8-9
Oshawa, ON – November 8
McKeesport, PA – November 15-16
Phoenix, AZ – November 27-30
Stout, IA – November 27

Change of Address

Bryon & Joni Meyers: 1748 N. 23rd, Pasco, WA 99301; Tel: (509) 544-0197.

Change of Address of Correspondent

Alpena, ARK: Alpena Gospel Hall, Willard D. Trowbridge, 609 Madison 2370, Huntsville, AR 72740; Tel: (479) 665-4189; E-mail: W.Trow@ starband.net

Waukesha, WI (Waukesha Gospel Hall): Cory Peppler, S45 W22407 Quinn Rd., Waukesha, WI 53189 262-549-2386

Change in Meeting Times

Guelph, ON (Yorkshire St. Gospel Hall): Sunday night Gospel Meeting is 6:30-7:30pm (was 7-8).

Change of Correspondent

Indiana, PA: Dr. J. Lindsay Parks D.O., 150 Spruce Street, Evergreen Manor, Indiana, Pa. 15701. Email: docjlp@stargate.net; Home: 724-349-5778; Office: 724-397-4014; Cell: 724-388-2705

Turlock, CA: Nevada Sigh, 808 Crater Ave., Modesto, CA 95351; Tel: 209-526-0910 or Robert Michigan, 3070 Redford Way, Turlock, CA 95382; Tel: 209-268-4563

St Johns, Newfoundland: Dr. G. M. Tarrant, 6 Point Verde Place, St. John’s, NL A1E 5X1 Email: gtarrant@roadrunner.nf.net

With Christ

Willow Rutherford of Maberly, ON on June 29, in her 91st year. She was saved in her home in 1961 as she took in the truth of John 5:24, and was one of the original number to form the assembly in 1972. Her life was a consistent, godly testimony for the Lord to her family. She spent recent years in the Lanark Lodge in Perth. Family and friends mourned her loss and the gospel was preached at her funeral by M.G. McLeod.

Norman Burrow of Scarborough, ON on June 30, age 88. He was saved at the age of 45. Our dear brother was a quiet, faithful member of the Unionville assembly. He leaves his beloved wife Mildred, two sons, and five grandchildren. The funeral service was taken by William Stainton.

Mrs. Rachel (Ray) Trimble of Dromore, N.I. on July 21, age 66. She was saved in 1955 and afterwards baptized and received into assembly fellowship. She was a godly sister who for many years adorned the doctrine, being of great spiritual support in the assembly at Lough Rd., Ballykeel. Her passing leaves a tremendous vacancy. She is survived by her husband John, an overseer in the small assembly, her son Paul, who does the printing of Truth and Tidings in N. Ireland, Stephen, David, Esther, Lois, granddaughters, and grandchildren. Her very large funeral was conducted by Roy Reynolds, N. Turkington, L. Ballantine, and J. Lennox.

Jerome Crockett of Kansas City, MO on August 17, age 71. Our dear brother was saved in 1968 and in the Kansas City, MO assembly for more than 30 years. He endured his short health problems with patience. He is survived by his wife Mary, two sons, Terry and Michael in assembly fellowship, and four more children and their families for whom prayer is requested. William Jackson, David Williams, and Bruce Morrick shared in the funeral service.

Mrs. Frances Diveney of Coneville, IA on August 22, age 90. Our dear sister was awakened to her need of salvation through the preaching of Oliver Smith and was saved following a conference gospel meeting in Stout in 1944. She was in the Grandview assembly for over 40 years, and manifested faithfulness in her life. Her husband Milton preceded her in 1985. Surviving are five sons, three daughters, 26 grandchildren, and 57 great-grandchildren. She requested a message of salvation for her funeral which was conducted by Robert Orr.

Olive Smith of Marion, IA on September 1, age 92. Olive was saved through the truth of Isaiah 53:5, at the age of 28, while attending gospel meetings at Garnavillo in 1938, held by the late Mr. Lorne McBain. For years, she and her husband Verle were in the Manchester assembly; they transferred to Marion assembly when it was formed in 1962. She continued to not only be a “pillar” for the truth, but, as a “pilgrim” going to her heavenly home, walked out the truth. She was a widow for 13 years, making her home for the last six in the Lynn Manor Care Center. She leaves two sons and a daughter with spouses and several grandchildren – some of them not yet saved. The funeral was taken by Al Christopherson.

Archie Thompson of Sarnia, ON on September 2. He was born November 30, 1895, in Rokeel, N. I., and came to North America on the Lusitanian in 1913. He married Hildegard Cole in 1928. She was saved in 1933 and he in 1936. He was in happy fellowship in Sarnia for 65 years. His wife predeceased him in November of 1999. During his last few years, he was lovingly cared for by his son and daughter-in-law, Ron and Roseanne. He is also survived by 12 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren, and six great-great-grandchildren. The funeral service, which was held in the Sarnia Gospel Hall, was taken by Jack Nesbitt, Ron Thompson, Shad Kember, Sr., and Gene Higgins.

Nellie (Nancy) Rae of Unionville, ON on September 3, age 94. Our beloved sister was born in Newfoundland and saved as a girl of 11. She was predeceased by her husband Gilbert in 1966, and cherished by “her two boys,” their families, and grandchildren. She faithfully served the Lord and was very involved in missions. She is remembered by many for her great sense of humor and her desire to help others, which was very evident during her years at Bethany Lodge. The funeral service was taken by William Stainton and George Telfer.

Jeannette Parks of Indiana, PA on September 6. She and her husband were in fellowship for many years in Bryn Mawr, PA. Since 1985 they have been in fellowship in Indiana, PA. Her life was marked by love and care for others, and her home was open to the Christians at all times. She loved hospitality and kept preachers and their families, as well as missionaries, many times. Mr. Harold Paisley and Mr. Alan Parks preached at the funeral home, and her children sang the SS chorus she wrote 40 years ago, “If Your Heart is Troubled.” David Oliver made some closing remarks, and then closed in prayer. Jim Smith gave a word of comfort and hope at the grave, with Wm. Seale, Jr., closing in prayer. Christians from over 20 assemblies and numerous neighbors came to pay their respects.

Mrs. Mabel Gracey of Lurgan, N.I. on September 25, age 85. She was saved in 1935 when Mr. John Moneypenny was preaching in Lurgan, and was later received into fellowship. Our sister was a very bright, cheerful Christian lady with a godly deportment which adorned the doctrine of God our Savior. Mabel was the niece of the late Bertie Douglas, a missionary in Venezuela, and the wife of Mr. Sammy Gracey, an esteemed elder in the Lurgan assembly. Her very large funeral conducted by Wm. Turkington, N. Turkington, E. Russell, J. Lennox, and R. Smith was a clear testimony of the respect in which she was held. Prayer would be valued for two daughters, Norma and Kathleen, son Douglas, daughter-in-law Myrtle, and grandchildren

Robert Hovey of Long Beach, CA on September 26, age 84, after a short illness following a severe stroke. Our beloved brother was born in Cherokee, IA, and was saved April 8, 1959. He was in fellowship in the Culver City assembly for many years, and in latter years, in the Long Beach assembly. He was noted for his kindness, gentleness, and his interest in the spread of the gospel. As a reflection of the kindness of our brother and his wife, Ena, many unsaved relatives, friends, and neighbors attended the funeral and heard the gospel preached clearly by brother Martin Baghramian. Prayer is requested for his wife and unsaved relatives.

David James Lindsay of Palm Springs, CA on September 28, age 85. He was born Sept. 29, 1918, in Hartford, CT of parents Thomas J. Lindsay and Lydia Gottrell Lindsay. He was saved as a young man of 18 years. He attended Long Beach assembly with his first wife Fern for over thirty years. She went home to be with the Lord in 1996. For a time he was in the Monrovia assembly, and latterly in Palm Springs assembly with his present wife, Martha. He leaves his wife, two sons, their families, and a sister, Lily Montgomery. He was faithful in attendance at all of the assembly meetings and will be greatly missed.

Dutch and German Publishing

In 1986 brother Hans Bouwman started a Dutch publishing work with a view to the distribution of a magazine. A foundation called “Word and Testimony” was established and a committee of eight brethren from Holland and Belgium took responsibility for this work. The magazine is well accepted not only by assembly believers, but also by about 300 persons who have no assembly connection. Now, six books have been published, among these a book based upon “Gathering unto His Name” by Mr. Norman Crawford, and a book, which is a translation of “Angels,” written by Mr. J. B. Currie.

It was never expected that the publishing work would extend to other countries, but this year the first book with 18 chapters on different subjects concerning the testimony of a local assembly is now available in the German language. After promoting the book, orders have come in from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It is purposed in the will of the Lord to also publish a German magazine, starting January 2004. The Dutch and German magazines are published quarterly and are available free of charge. German and Dutch immigrants, living in Canada and the USA, could ask for this literature by contacting the mailing address for North America:

“Word and Testimony”
c/o Mr. Ben Thiessen
Box 65, RR 4. Portage la Prairie, MB.
Canada R1N 3A4. Email: tbar7@cpnet.net

The Gospel Trusts

A Reminder Regarding Year-End Gifts through the Truth and Tiding Gospel Trust. If you wish your receipt from the Truth and Tiding Gospel Trust to be dated 2003, your letter to the Trust must be postmarked 2003 by the Post Office. Government regulations stipulate that we cannot date a receipt prior to the postmarked date. This means that when letters are postmarked 2004, the receipts must also be dated 2004.

Please mail your letters to us as early in December as you can. The addresses for the Canadian and the U.S. Trusts are both shown in every magazine at the bottom of the inside back cover. Kindly remember that all checks should be made payable to Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust.