Editorial: Year-end Thanks

Year-end editorials typically contain expressions of appreciation for the help rendered by many who are not otherwise recognized for their contributions to a magazine. If this were simply an academic or secular publication, this recognition would be the only reward they would receive. Fortunately, whatever is said in recognition of the contributions of many to T and T is only a small shadow of what will be the ultimate recognition at the Judgment Seat of Christ (1 Cor 4:5).

But it is fitting and Christ-like that we do recognize and show our appreciation for those who have given of their time and talent to make this publication available to the assemblies. Contributors wear many different uniforms and perform varied services. Each person is vital and each service is necessary. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Buck, along with the Jackson believers, work behind the scenes and have consistently and carefully bundled and mailed out the magazines to the believers. Theirs is perhaps the most “behind-the-scenes” labor of all who help in the magazine work.

Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Russell have served for many years to facilitate the subscriptions and distributions in N. Ireland. Their labors are deeply appreciated. In recent years, our brother Paul Trimble from N. Ireland has printed the UK version of T and T.

Vital to the distribution of the magazine is the work of collating subscriptions and maintaining an accurate subscription list. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Glenney have given liberally of their time, a commodity in short supply, to perform this function for us. Mr. Bert Reilly has served as treasurer; his advice and guidance have enabled us to produce a quality magazine at an affordable price, in an era when many publications for believers have found it difficult to continue.

Two of the sections of the magazines which have been appreciated by you the readership, are the Q and A section, handled by David Oliver, and the gospel articles. The latter are collected and edited by Eugene Higgins. Both of these brethren labor for many additional hours helping, advising, and editing, in order to produce the magazine which arrives at your assembly. Helpful advice and input is also obtained from our brethren Albert Hull and Peter Ramsay. We are fortunate to have these men as part of our staff.

Phil Broadhead has done an excellent job in supplying us with timely news, reports, conference, and obituary notices. Most readers confess to turning to the Tidings section before anything else.

An acknowledgment of this nature could hardly be penned and be credible without mentioning the many hours spent by our brother Mr. Norman Crawford. Most are aware that the last several years have required his presence at home as he has faithfully and lovingly cared for his wife. Few, if any, know the full extent and burden he has borne. Yet through all this he has given hours through the night and early morning to complete the work needed to publish the magazine. Rita Dennison of Saginaw has given extensive help to brother Crawford.

Finally, to you, our readership, we send a special thank you for your feed-back and advice. We ask as well for your continued prayers for the usefulness of Truth and Tidings. There is little, if any, value in publishing a magazine simply for the sake of publishing. Its value and usefulness are aided by your response to what is printed. We are indebted to all who have taken time to write us. Do continue to pray for us.