Edmonton: A good number gathered for the annual conference and were blessed to sit under the ministry of seven brethren: John Slabaugh, David Hunt, Stanley Wells, Bryan Funston, Peter Smith, James Ronald, and Gordon Williams. The gospel meetings on both Saturday and Sunday nights were well attended. A large number of young people were present which encouraged the saints.

Paradise Valley: The recent joint conference was very good with helpful and needed ministry given by J. Slabaugh, L. Mitchell, S. Wells, B. Funston, J. Ronald, D. Hunt, and Dan Kember. One young lady professed faith in Christ during the Sunday night gospel meeting. Our brethren J. Slabaugh, S. Wells, B. Funston, and D. Hunt stayed in the area for several nights with meetings in Maidstone, Mervin, and Paradise Valley, which were very much appreciated.

British Columbia

Vancouver: The Thanksgiving Conference was smaller than usual, but a warm spirit prevailed with timely ministry for young and old. Those who shared in the conference were David Oliver, John Fitzpatrick, David Richards, Ken Taylor, Tommy Thompson, and Gordon Williams. Bible Readings on 1 Timothy 5 and 6 were very helpful. David Oliver and Ken Taylor each gave two nights of appreciated ministry in Victoria Drive the following week. The Carleton assembly has commenced a series of ministry meetings for young believers on the third Saturday of each month. The subjects, especially relevant and of interest to young believers, will be handled by local brethren.


Roseisle: Gordon Williams visited in early October with ministry on Hebrews 12.

Winnipeg: One week of children’s meetings in early September with Peter Smith of Portage inaugurated the new Sunday School year. About 50 children attended each night, and a mother professed salvation on the final night. Following this, Gordon Williams had two weeks of gospel meetings using a chart on Revelation. About eight university students attended for the first time. Another young mother professed to be saved on the final night. The believers were greatly blessed and encouraged.

New Brunswick

Fredericton: The gospel meetings ending October 6 with brethren Jonathan Procopio and Brian Owen were very well supported. During the three weeks, approximately 25 people attended for the first time.

Moncton: Peter Ramsay and Albert Hull commenced gospel meetings October 13. There was blessing the first week when a R. C. lady confessed Christ. We value the prayers of the Lord’s people for others who are attending.

Shdiac:  The assembly held their annual conference the second week end of October with good numbers attending, and several believers commenting that it was an outstanding conference. The ministry and gospel were shared by Leslie Wells, Larry Buote, Grard Roy, and four local brethren. The saints were encouraged by a young man professing salvation during the gospel meeting on Lord’s day.

Tracadie:  Prayer is requested for gospel meetings with Larry Buote and Grard Roy in January, D.V.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Lance Au Loup: The annual conference was well attended with good ministry given by B. Bingham, W. Buckle, A. Dryburgh, E. Fowler, G. Goff, J.A. Joyce, A. LeBlanc, and M. McCandless. The Bible study taken by G. Goff on Ephesians 4 was very profitable to all. The gospel meeting on Monday night in Red Bay was well attended.

Parsons Pond: The Lord gave help as the Word was ministered at the annual conference. Brethren helping in the ministry were B. Bingham, A. Dryburgh, E. Fowler, G. Goff, J.A Joyce, A. LeBlanc, and P. Matthews. The Bible study on Ephesians 5 was practical and helpful.

St. John’s: G. Goff arrived on October 4 and planned to spend time with various assemblies in the province until the end of November. He had a week of meetings in St. John’s and then, prior to the Lance Au Loup conference, spent an appreciated three nights in Grand Falls-Windsor. There were a number of unsaved out along with new believers and help was given. He spent several nights in Flowers Cove and planned to visit Corner Brook, Gander, Gander Bay, and possibly other assemblies.

Nova Scotia

Nineveh: The assembly concluded 51/2 weeks of gospel meetings on October 27 with Peter Orasuk and John Meekin (Ireland). Many outsiders attended, some regularly. The gospel was faithfully preached and saints encouraged.

River Hebert:  The gospel was faithfully preached by Fred Bartlett and James McClelland during four weeks of meetings ending October 10. Please pray that fruit will result.

Sydney Mines: The recent Cape Breton conference October 12-14 was well attended, with a nice spirit prevailing. The Lord was pleased to give timely ministry for the many younger folks attending. The gospel was faithfully preached both nights.


Niagara Falls: The conference was well attended with ten of the Lords servants present. The guidance and control of the Holy Spirit in every meeting was a delight to witness, and God graciously blessed the gospel with a middle aged woman trusting Christ.

London: The annual conference was smaller in number, but fifteen brethren were present to minister the Word to profit. Jim Smith is returning on November 7 to have two weeks of meetings on the subject of Egypt to Canaan.

St. Thomas: The attendance at the conference was significantly larger this year. The ministry was encouraging, exhorting, and teaching in character. Walter Gustafson, Larry Steers, James Smith, William Metcalf, Murray McCandless, Frank Sona, James Jarvis, Paul Robinson, James Beattie, Bruce Rodgers, and Shad Kember Jr. shared in the ministry.

Thunder Bay: On October 19-20, the assembly celebrated the 90th anniversary of its commencement on April 14, 1912. There are presently 39 in fellowship. A total of 67 remembered the Lord including 31 visitors attending from various parts. Robert Boyle, Timothy Kember, Larry Steers, James Webb, and Lorne Langeld, gave helpful and much appreciated ministry. Larry Steers continued for two nights of uplifting ministry on Revelation 4 and 5. On October 26, six days of childrens meetings commenced with Lorne Langfeld.

Prince Edward Island

Freetown: Please pray for Darrell Wall, age 30, presently undergoing radium treatment for cancer. Darrell’s parents are in the Freetown assembly and he is unsaved.

Summerside: Albert Hull and Peter Ramsay finished five weeks of gospel meetings on October 11 in the Kins Center. The meetings were sponsored by the Freetown assembly and also supported by the Crapaud assembly. A number of strangers attended. There was some blessing and the saints were cheered.


Sainte-Flavie: Believers from the Green River and Sainte-Flavie assemblies gathered for the first monthly meeting of the winter season on November 2. Encouraging words of ministry were given by Leslie Wells, Grard Roy, and two local brethren.



Anchorage: There have been eight baptisms recently and two have been received into fellowship. The Dimond Road assembly held it annual conference on November 28. Dave Brandt gave appreciated help. T. Thompson continues to visit saints in isolated places in the state. A little group of believers 400+ miles to the north have left a very liberal group and want the right ways of the Lord. They have been open to New Testament teaching.


Deland: Lord willing, Harold Paisley plans to bring his chart on Daniel and have two weeks of meetings following our conference in February. Prayer would be much appreciated for these meetings.

Tampa: The Assembly purposes in the will of the Lord, to have an All Day Meeting on December 22, and on December 29. Also on February 9, 2003, we plan to have an All Day Meetingand not our usual Conference, for this year. We plan to have a distribution of invitations on Dec. 26 and 27 for the purposed gospel meetings with Murray McCandless which are to start on January 5, 2003.


Waianae: The assembly was most encouraged by a week of children’s meetings in October with D.J. DeFreece from Seattle. Many new children attended from the surrounding neighborhood.


Cedar Falls: Two weeks of children’s meetings, conducted by the local brethren, were well attended. We were encouraged by the attendance of a few parents not associated with the assembly. The assembly appreciated a visit from Robert Surgenor on October 20, with four nights of ministry following.

Dike: Roy Weber and Eric McCullough commenced meetings in a community building in early November.

Marion: Eric McCullough and William Skates commenced in the gospel here on October 9. Some from the neighborhood have been in. God has blessed in salvation after four weeks.


Fort Wayne: Matthew Smith, Paul Wielenga, and other brethren from Jackson are continuing with the gospel work here. It is a two hour drive from Jackson.


Augusta: Eugene Higgins had his chart on future events for two weeks in October. We were thankful for some outsiders and some, long prayed for, who attended.


Springfield and Worcester: Gospel meetings in connection with the believers in both assemblies were scheduled to begin on Oct. 20 with Larry Buote & Brian Owen.


Battle Creek: The assembly has appreciated help from John Slabaugh, William Metcalf, and others who have visited.

Ferndale: The assembly has been encouraged in three weeks of gospel meetings with Larry Perkins and Frank Sona. At least two souls have professed to be saved with others showing deep interest.

Jackson: Dan Shutt has been invited to have children’s meetings beginning on November 18. A meeting is held by Gary Hicks, with help from others, in a youth home each Monday night. The children’s work at Windham Hills continues each Tuesday night with good attendance. One young woman recently professed to be saved. Louis Smith is in Russia, visiting the small assemblies in Siberia.

Livonia: The Stark Rd. conference this year was one of our largest. The ministry was excellent and was especially suited to many young people present, most of whom showed a real interest in the things of God. Brian Crawford and Marvin Derksen began gospel meetings on November 10.

North Carolina

Hickory: We had the joy of seeing a young man obey the Lord in baptism. Gospel meetings continue on Sunday nights in nearby Denver with encouraging attendance.


Akron: Bill Lavery, David Oliver, Gary Sharp, and James Smith gave excellent help in ministry and the preaching of the gospel during October.


Hatboro: Good attendance at a special weekend of ministry with Dr. A. J. Higgins on the subject of Our Mind and the Word of God was appreciated by the Christians.


Janesville: Jerry Jennings and Art Ward had four weeks of gospel meetings in October. The Lord drew near in the professions of a young married woman (a great granddaughter of Mr. Chauncey Yost) and a 39 year old man. On November 3, these brethren baptized four young saints here with some 70 people in attendance. Our brethren hoped to commence, D.V., in West Union, IA on November 10. Prayer is requested for these meetings.

El Salvador

Please continue to remember in prayer Craig and Corina Saword, and sons Danny, Steven and Jeffrey who were in a serious vehicle accident on October 18. Corina sustained internal injuries and is now recovering at home after having been in intensive care. Jeffrey will be in a cast for a number of weeks.

N. Ireland

Armagh: Harry Wilson and John Rogers from Newry have commenced gospel meetings near the city where brother Wilson was raised.

Ballyclare:  Brian Currie and a local brother have commenced meetings in the Gospel Hall here in this market town.

Banbridge: D. Gilliland and J. Fleck have commenced gospel meetings in the Gospel Hall with good numbers attending.

Broomhedge: S. Ferguson and W. Boyd are preaching the gospel here with encouraging numbers attending.

Crossgar: J. Martin and W. Martin are now in their 4th week in the gospel.

Donemana: The annual conference was well attended with a full hall. A good number of brethren ministered the Word of God to profit.

Fortwilliam, Belfast: Albert Aiken has been preaching the gospel in this difficult area of the city.

Growell: E. Johnston and H. Milliken from the Kingsmoss assembly have commenced meetings here. The assembly has been greatly reduced in recent years but the brethren have been encouraged by one local young woman in her 20s professing salvation.

Larne: R. McKeown and W. Fenton are preaching the gospel in a portable hall with good numbers attending.

Lurgan: The annual conference was very encouraging and good numbers attended. Bible readings on the Hebrew epistle were considered to be profitable. Those responsible were: H. S. Paisley, E. Hughes, J. Allen, and D. Gilliland. Gospel meetings were conducted by R. McKeown and H. Paisley. There was ministry by various speakers and the assembly was encouraged and saints built up.

Newtownards:  J. Armstrong and A. McKee have erected a portable hall close to the town and commenced gospel meetings.

Newtownbreda, Belfast: A young local brother, Philip Gribben, and T. Meekin (Burnside assembly) have commenced here in the Gospel Hall.

Shanaghan: The annual conference here enjoyed ministry from various speakers with good attendance.

Strabane: Uel Ussher and a local brother, Gilfillan, have commenced meetings outside the town in a country area.

Conferences. D.V.

Pennsauken, NJ

January 4-5 in Haddonfield Middle School, Lincoln Ave. and Chestnut St., Haddonfield. Prayer meeting on Friday 7:30 p.m. January 3 in the Gospel Hall, 6530 Caroline Ave. at Route 38 near Rte. 70, Pennsauken, NJ, Tel: (856) 662-1201. Corr. David A. Curran, 326 Windsor Ave., Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1142; Tel: (856) 429-4443.

Seattle, WA

January 18-19 (Note: One week earlier than previous years) with Prayer Meeting on Friday the 17th at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday evening Gospel Meeting 7 p.m. in the West Woodland Gospel Hall, 516 NW 56th St. All other meetings will be held in the West Woodland Elementary School adjacent to the Gospel Hall. Saturday: Bible Reading 8:45 a.m. (I Cor. 13, The Characteristics of Love), l0:30 a.m., 2:30, and 7 p.m.; Sunday: Bible Reading 8:45 a.m. (I John 3, The Manifestations of Love), 10 a.m., 2:30 and 7 p.m. Corr. David C. Hale, 16813 19th Ave. SW, Normandy Park, WA 98166; Tel: (206) 243-0557; Hall (206) 783-1368

Deland, FL

February 1-2 in the Gospel Hall, 109 E Rosehill Ave., east off N. Woodland Blvd. Friday: Prayer Meeting at 7 p.m. Saturday: Ministry 10:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Bible Reading 2 p.m., Gospel Meeting 7 p.m. Lords Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30 a.m., Bible Reading 2 p.m., Ministry 3:30 p.m., Gospel Meeting 7 p.m. Bible Studies topic: The Person of Christ – Luke 24. Corr: Fred King, 215 Lake Talmadge Rd., DeLand, FL 32724, Tel: (386)943-4000, Hall: (386)736-1009.

Change of Meeting Times

Hickory, NC: Breaking of Bread 9:30 a.m.

Change of Address

David Swan, 5 Greenridge Drive, Sydney, NS, B1L 1H1, Canada

Change of Correspondent

Midland Park, NJ: Henry T. Carmichael, 195 Vreeland Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432, Tel: 201-447-3844

With Christ

Janet Stewart of Winnipeg, MB on June 22, age 83. Our beloved sister was saved at the age of 22 and came into fellowship at West End Assembly in 1941. She and her husband Norman served the Lord and His people together for 60 years, with a short time spent helping at Hebron House in Portage. She was a quiet, godly sister whose servant character and prayers will be keenly missed. She was given to hospitality, and was faithful in witnessing. She gave herself to knitting and sewing for overseas missions. She is survived by her husband, a daughter, Mrs. Joseph Bowman, and a son, David, and their families. The funeral was shared by Jack Gould and David McPhee, with Robert Wilson and Ed Kinakin speaking at the graveside.

Douglas Thompson of Crapaud, PEI on July 14, age 67. He was saved in meetings of A. Ramsay and H. Harris in 1953 and was in fellowship for 49 years. Douglas was a quiet, gracious brother who was able to lift the meeting with an appropriate hymn. He had a real exercise in children’s work and was instrumental in starting the outreach work that is thriving today. His wife, Lois, survives him, along with his children Jennifer (Brian) Good, Neil (Pam) and Earl, all in assembly fellowship, as well as four grandchildren. David Swan, Peter Orasuk, and oldest son Neil, who gave fitting words in his memory, shared the large funeral. Murray McCandless gave a brief word of comfort at the grave.

Maxine Ayers of Aredale, IA on September 20, age 95, entered the Lord’s presence after months of illness. Saved in 1931 and received into the Aredale assembly at its commencement in 1933 where she remained in happy fellowship until her homecall. Circumstances in life enable us to say she was a woman of courage who witnessed for Christ. Her four children and spouse’s profess salvation along with several of the 45 grand and great grandchildren. Clark Burmiester and Al Christopherson shared the large funeral service.

Mrs. Gladys Wadsworth of New London, MN on September 24, age 90. Our dear sister was saved on July 17, 1956 as fruit from gospel meetings in the Willmar, MN area conducted by Leonard DeBuhr and others. A very religious lady prior to her conversion, she often expressed appreciation for her awakening, and that the Lord saved her. For many years she has been in the fellowship of the Willmar assembly, though unable to attend the meetings in recent years due to health problems. Two sons, a daughter, and their families survive. The funeral was taken by Robert Orr.

Mrs. Caroline Harvey of St. Johns, NF on October 4, age 92. Our dear sister was saved in 1985 at 75 years of age under the preaching of Albert Hull and Gordon Williams. She was received into the assembly and attended faithfully until her homecall. Charles Hiscock conducted the funeral and preached the gospel to the large audience. Ben Welshman spoke on behalf of the assembly, and Gaius Goff spoke fitting words at the graveside. Surviving are seven sons and two daughters. Her eldest son, Bob, and two grandsons are in the Halifax assembly.

Cassie Loveless of Seal Cove, NF went to be with Christ on October 5. Our dear sister was a great asset to the work and a testimony to the Lord. A large crowd of 150 gathered to hear the gospel taken by G. Goff, P. Matthews, and G. Whey in the Hall, and J.A. Joyce at the grave.

Mrs. Marg McKay of Niagara Falls, ON on October 10, age 94. Our sister was saved in 1930 and was in the assembly for over 70 years. She suffered a great deal in the last few years and was confined to a nursing home. Her last days in the hospital were peaceful with joy in the Lord as she waited to go home to be with Him. The funeral was well attended and the gospel clearly proclaimed.

Margaret Betty Robertson of Forest Grove, OR on October 12, age 90. She was saved at gospel meetings conducted by the late Hector Alves and Thomas Black, and was in the assembly for 70 years. She had a deep interest in Sunday School work, having taught for 40 years, and many of her students were saved and added to the fellowship. She was married to John Robertson in 1945. Betty was greatly interested in the spread of the gospel by tracts and kept a good supply for the saints. She was very caring, thoughtful person, using a letter with a tract to cheer those in need of a word. She is survived by her husband, a daughter, and a son in the fellowship. George Goff spoke fittingly at the funeral service and graveside.

Henrietta Wickert of Tampa, FL on October 16. Our sister, widow of the late Edward Wickert, went to be with the Lord, after having a stroke. Private graveside services were held in Tampa.

Ernie Sarlo of Sault Ste. Marie, ON on October 25, age 70. Ernie was saved in 1951 under the preaching of the late George McKinley. He manifested a keen interest in studying the scriptures. His ability in gospel preaching, ministering to the saints, and witnessing was outstanding. He had a great interest in prison ministry and was instrumental in seeing a number of inmates saved. He was a respected overseer in the assembly and will be sadly missed. He leaves a son and daughter, two grandchildren, four brothers, and two sisters to mourn his loss. His wife, Micklen, predeceased him in April, 2000. Aubrey Dellandrea and David Nicholson officiated at the large funeral.

The Gospel Trusts

A Reminder Regarding Year End Gifts through the Truth and Tiding Gospel Trust. If you wish your receipt from the Truth and Tiding Gospel Trust to be dated 2002, your letter to the Trust must be postmarked 2002 by the Post Office. Government regulations stipulate that we cannot date a receipt prior to the postmarked date. This means that when letters are postmarked 2003, the receipts must also be dated 2003.

Please mail your letters to us as early in December as you can. The addresses for the Canadian and the U.S. Trusts are both shown in every magazine at the bottom of the inside back cover. Kindly remember that all checks should be made payable to Truth and Tidings Gospel Trust.

Books on Home and Family

Thou and Thy House, or The Christian at Home by C.H. Mackintosh

“I never can form a correct judgment of a man from seeing him or hearing him in a meeting. He may seem a very spiritual person, and teach very beautiful and very true things; but let me go home with him and there, I find the true state of things.” This excellent, powerful book (written c. 1850’s) clearly lays out the God-given responsibility to parents to raise their children for Him. In a serious, straight-forward way Mr. Mackintosh deals with leading your children to Christ, having a godly testimony as a family, keeping your children and yourself separate from the world, husband and wife relationships and more. A must read for parents who want to raise a godly family.

We also have available an excellent book on Biblical child training. It is one of the most practical and helpful books on the subject that we have found.

To Train Up a Child by Michael and Debi Pearl

From successful parents, learn how to bring joy and peace into your home. The emphasis is on training a child before the need to discipline arises. Come to understand the difference between training and discipline.

Ordering Information

“Thou and Thy House, or The Christian at Home” $4.50 U.S. Dollars ($7.00 Canadian Dollars)

“To Train Up a Child ” $5.00 ($7.80 Canadian Dollars)

Shipping for each book individually is $2.50 U.S. Dollars ($4.70 Canadian Dollars)

Shipping for both books together is $3.00 U.S. Dollars ($5.50 Canadian Dollars)

Please mail orders to: Steve and Jennifer McBride, 384 Topaz Ave., Mansfield, OH 44907. For orders from other countries or for any other questions please contact us via e-mail at OldPathsFS@aol.com or by phone at 419-524-3832