Poetry: The Incomparable Christ

There was never a prince so royal,
So worthy of worldwide fame.
There was never a friend so loyal,
Whose love is as great as His Name.

There was never such springs of sweetness,
Such rivers of unequalled bliss,
There was never such perfect meekness,
As dwelled in that heart of His.

What moved His heart with such kindness,
Expressed by His words of grace,
Impelling His feet in great mercy?
T’was love, the lost ones to save.

His saved ones will never fathom,
Such depths of measureless love,
That led this blest Man to Calvary
To suffer God’s wrath from above.

There were never such oceans of sorrow
There were never such floods of grief
As overwhelmed My lovely Saviour
In order to bring my relief.

Let each one ponder Golgotha!
Take a look at the Cross where He died,
And wonder, and worship before Him.
Blest Saviour, the Crucified.

This world will give Jesus all honour,
Bow the knee to His Wonderful Name,
The One they despised and rejected,
They’ll join in proclaiming His fame.

All in heaven and earth will own Jesus,
Those beneath will join in that day,
To acknowlege the Saviour in Lordship,
For He holds universal sway.

Dear sinner, look to this Saviour,
Who purchased salvation by blood,
Accept of His infinite mercy,
And bask in His wonderful love.