Booklet Review: The Person of Christ by John J. Stubbs

This booklet is a compilation of articles which originally appeared in Believers Magazine. They have been put together in a attractive booklet which is available through John Ritchie Publishers.

Each chapter deals briefly, yet Scripturally, with a specific glory of the Person of Christ such as His deity, humanity, sinlessness, death, resurrection, ascension, current ministry, and future glory. In a readable and devotional manner, the author covers teaching and truth related to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thought provoking, confirming, and heartwarming, this booklet is an excellent reference to give to someone who is being approached by the cults and who may have many questions concerning the deity and humanity of the Lord. It will serve as well as an excellent reference for believers who are seeking a brief overview of the pertinent Scriptures which touch upon the various aspects of the person of Christ

The chapters dealing with His present ministry and future reign thrill the heart of the child of God. The sections which deal with His incarnation and death bow the heart in worship. We can heartily commend this book to our readers, not only from a sound doctrinal basis, but also because of its devotional and lucid character.