Editorial: Our Thanks

This editorial is past due. There are a number of brethren and sisters to whom we owe a deep debt of thanks for their work on the Truth and Tidings magazine and the two Gospel Trusts. Government officials in both Canada and the U.S. have expressed wonder that so much work is freely donated. They have told us that some “charities” spend the largest part of their income on executive fees, administration, and advertising. One hundred percent of subscription money we receive is used for printing and postage. Increases in postal costs have been frequent and new increases are being implemented right now.

We want to thank every writer and worker who has contributed so much to the magazine. Our brother, Norman Lorimer was recruited by Mr. Albert Joyce in the late forties. He continued in this devoted service into the year 2000. We deeply appreciate his many contributions. We have been greatly influenced by his policies and practices and continue to benefit from them. Last year, he lost his lifelong partner and needs our prayers. His daughter, Beth Potter, has taken over the day-to-day operation of the Trust in Canada.

Along with a busy, fulltime medical practice, and many demands on his time for the ministry of the Word of God, Alexander (Sandy) Higgins makes time to recruit writers, initiate series of articles and edit them. He and his wife, Ruth, also do the final corrections for both the articles and the Tidings.
Eugene Higgins has also made many valuable contributions. His ability to edit is unsurpassed and he has been very active in recruiting staff and getting writers to contribute the gospel articles.

We could not do without the work of many who help us: Alex Joyce has given many years of help in editing and proofreading. We thank God for Albert Hull and Peter Ramsay, and their articles and support. When we asked David and Roberta Metcalf of Akron if they would consider taking over the operation of the U.S. Trust, they agreed, but could never have known how much time and labor would be necessary. We have never heard a word of complaint from them.

David Olivers contributions go far beyond what is visible each month in his Questions and Answers. Many have expressed their great appreciation of the answers.

Robert Reilly has been invaluable to our operation. He took over as treasurer at the end of our 1978 fiscal year. There were not enough funds to pay for the last printing of that year. He is an accountant and has so managed our finances that we have never seen red ink since that time.

We want to say a heartfelt thanks to Robert and Doreen Buck who spend many hours each month on the packaging and mailing. Philip Broadhead has done an excellent job on the Tidings and we thank God for him.

Paul and Linda Glenney take care of subscriptions and their work is constant and so very valuable to us. Elwood and Mae Russell of Lurgan, Northern Ireland have also rendered very needed service in taking care of magazines that go to the U.K. and further east. We appreciate their kind service each month in also handling the U.K. and many foreign subscriptions. Paul Trimble has very kindly taken on the printing for this same area. It has meant that subscribers receive their magazines about six weeks sooner than being printed and mailed from Jackson, Michigan.

We owe so much to all these brethren and sisters and to many others who went before us. We cannot repay these dear saints, but know the Lord will not be unrighteous to forget (Hebrews 6:10).