The Need for Spiritual Balance

The age in which we live is full of complexity. The mixture of light and darkness, truth and error, good and evil have worked together to conform the world to the plan devised by the master deceiver.

The need for spiritual balance was never greater. This is a subject with which every believer struggles. Balance is not compromise and is not a mixture. It is not a mixture of godliness and worldliness, nor a mixture of pleasing self and serving God, nor obeying God and pleasing men.

Spiritual Balance was perfectly displayed in the Lord Jesus. He was “full of grace and truth.” In all His ways and words, grace and truth were fully revealed. The Gospel of John affords us many proofs of this perfect balance. We need to constantly see Him in all His beauty, and to seek, by the work of the Holy Spirit in us, to be like Him in all our ways.