Does God Care?

We often wonder why ‘tis so
That Christians through such sorrows go.
Does God forget, does He not care
– That burdens heavy many bear?
– That trials oft assail the bark
Threatening to break the stoutest heart?
Such often come like tempest storm
And leave behind one spent and worn.
And then, to multiply despair,
The devil whispers “Does God care?”

In this my grief, where shall I go?
Heav’n seems so very dark, and Oh
How difficult it is to pray,
For Satan seems to block the way.
Yes, friends are good, but not enough,
They haven’t passed a way so rough,
They cannot comprehend my heart
And so they cannot share a part.
nd then they leave, and all alone
I cry each bitter tear again.

Yes, “Does God care?” we ask again.
HE does, we know, because His pain
Went far beyond what we have known,
And yet He chose to suffer lone.
Marvel Divine that One so High
Should stoop to breathe the deepest sigh,
And bear a burden here below
Worse far by more than any know.
Such was His care for you, for me
His sufferings took Him to the tree.

So, Friend Divine, to Thee I come,
For Thou art all in all to me
Thou lovest me with love Divine
A love that far transcends e’en time.
There’s none can sympathize like Thee
There’s none can understand my frame
Thou’st passed through rivers deeper far
And so canst help me by Thy power.
And now I come – Just as I am,
To find IN THEE solace Divine.