He Looked for the City Whose Builder and Maker is God

Reading this article will reveal the thrill in the writer’s heart at the prospect of heaven. It may reveal as well our own lack of occupation with the future prospect which awaits us, a contrast to the hymn writer’s words, “The things of heaven have grown strangely dim… “

Words would fail to describe the wonders of the city, its beauty, its splendor, its glory and uniqueness. Yet it is thrilling to ponder the place to which we are going. The glory of God will lighten it, and the Lamb is the Light thereof. We remember forcibly the crushed and despairing hearts of those who were in the death camps during World War II . Some of the pictures released speak volumes to the heart when, in utter rejection, starvation, loneliness and humiliation, many Jews gave up hope of deliverance and lost the vision of the land of promise. The sad refrain of one man to another as he stood at the barbed wire fence day after day was, “There is no hope.” The other replied, “Tomorrow.” Beloved as we look through the history of Christianity we see saints who waited, suffered, starved and were tortured, but they looked beyond to that country with anticipation. They died in hope of that promise yet to be fulfilled, “I will come again.” For the redeemed there is a bright tomorrow! That climactic moment will dawn when the shout shall bring all home at last to that bright city that never will decay. Revelation 21 gives us descriptive language as to that city four-square. Whether literal or figurative it is a city incomparable. We can only contrast it with earth’s fading cities, and it will outshine the New Jerusalem of earth.

The Desire For The city.

He looked for a (the) city. Every redeemed one has that inner desire from time to time which gives them longing for that city. Redemption has called us out from this passing world and lifted our spiritual sights to grander, better and greater scenes of that brighter world above! The more we occupy our souls as to where we are going, the less we will settle down where we are! Our aim and goal will be to have the heart filled with Christ and thus emptied of self, sin and the world. Abraham-like there will be the confession of our strangerhood and our pilgrim character: Away from Home and going Home!

The Decor of The City.

Multicolored, perfect blend! jasper is the stone of various colors, rainbow-like and transparent! Note the many other stones with their singular attraction and glory that garnish the city. It is pure gold! It is not over embellished, but perfectly adorned. The best decor in earthly mansions and cities will fade to nothing when we behold the splendor of this great and eternal City. No defects! No renovations! No comparisons! What exquisite beauty! It is all the reflection of the glory of God.

The Distinctiveness of The city.

Incomparable! Unique! No artificial lights, nor even creation’s lights, for God and the Lamb are the light thereof. We recall the glory on the holy Mount: His face, His raiment, what radiance! The Light of the world will be there in appreciated and adoring wonder! What makes this city so distinct? The Lamb is all the glory in that city. “Where Jesus is, ’tis Heaven there.”

The Delight of The City.

What destroys earthly cities and homes and sometimes assemblies will be unknown in that city. No strife! No bitterness! No flesh to obscure our sight! No sorrows! No empty gossip! No sin! Oh that paradise above! Holy laughter! Holy joy! Holy occupation! Holy ecstasy! It will be heart in heart and hand in hand. Sanctified! Satisfied! Unified! Glorified! We pant for that country by sin undefiled! Eternal delights! The “negatives” enhance its joys and delights. The “positives” in the city are endless. Perfect praise! Perfect environment! Perfect fragrance! Rapture, praise and endless worship shall be our sweet portion there.

The Dimensions of The City.

It is interesting to note the numbers: Foursquare, Twelve, One hundred and forty four! Twelve thousand furlongs. All is balanced! All is perfect! It is universal! It is administrative! It is large! 1500 miles square! While it is the city of the Bride, Hebrews 12 would indicate the associates in this city. What a display of fellowship! It has high walls indicating it is a separate entity in God’s purposes, but with its twelve gates of administration it suggests communication with earth. A satellite in its position over the earth, it is glorious within and without!

The Display of The City.

It is past the day of rejection, suffering and reproach! This is the Home of God’s Masterpiece! God’s poem! This is the Bride in her undiminished, unfading radiant beauty and character. See its loveliness, attractiveness and completeness. What a city! The question is asked, Have you been to London? Paris? New York? Tokyo? But this city has no competitors, only admirers. Her beauty will be universally displayed, unrivaled in every phase, for all is the display of the beauty of Christ!

The Duration of The City.

We would gather from Revelation 21 that this city is eternal. While it is on display in the millennial scene of one thousand years, this is only the foretaste of the eternal display and joy which will be the wonder of eternal ages. Earth’s greatest cities have been overthrown. Some rise again only to be crushed once more. All the best and greatest cities on our planet earth will come to nothing, apart from the eternal city, Jerusalem on earth.

May the ramblings about this city encourage our hearts to devotion to the Christ who redeemed us and give us a deeper appreciation for the saints with whom we shall forever dwell. Blessed hope! Sure hope! Precious hope! We are come presently in anticipation to this city, but what will the full realization be!

With the Queen of Sheba we concur, “It was a true report that I heard behold the half hath not been told me.”

This is Just What Heaven Means to Me

A city where no darkness or shadows enter.
Unending years where night will never be.
A place where storms can never, never gather,
O this is just what heaven means to me!

It is a Home, where there is no misunderstanding,
Up there from all wrong and strife, we shall be free;
There no unkind words that wound the heart will e’er be spoken!
O this is just what heaven means to me!

There are no tears, nor sadness there, such are gone forever,
No trace of sin in that land we shall ever see;
The Lamb will brighten all in that glorious city.
O this is just what heaven means to me!

While pilgrims here on earth we wait the consummation,
When all redeemed ones shout their jubilee;
Our praises there ascend to Christ in adoration.
Yes, this is just what heaven means to me!

No wonder, we grow homesick for that eternal city,
Where, away from “self-ambition” we shall be;
There we will bask in the blaze of heaven’s sunshine.
O this is just what heaven means to me!

Around the Throne will stand unnumbered saved ones,
Arrayed with purest robes, with palms of victory;
The Bride adorned and loved, dressed in Christ’s beauty.
Yes, this is why heaven means so much to me!

Away with earth, its bitterness, harshness, envy!
May hearts enthrone the Christ who set us free;
Yes, Jesus the Lord should have our supreme affection.
Then the world will know what heaven means to me.

What will it be when we’re transported over yonder
With myriad throngs upon the glassy sea?
The Church triumphant will crown Christ forever.
This, this is just what heaven means to me.

Author Unknown