Christ Working For Me

In a clear and lucid manner, our brother Smith draws the attention of younger believers to what older believers have enjoyed for years: the comfort of having a Great High Priest.

As a new believer you are rejoicing in the all-sufficient work of your Savior at Calvary. What He is and gave to the Father for you tells how He is engaged continuously in a necessary and all-sufficient work in the sanctuary of heaven. Your experiences of rest and joy in obedience to His will and of sorrow in trial or disciplines are because of His work for you in the presence of God.

Jesus, the Son of God is our Great High Priest (Heb 4:14). He represents us perfectly, answering for our guilt before the holiness of God. He is also tirelessly occupied with the needs and burdens of His people. He succors (gives sustaining help) as no other can in times of trials and fears. The varied types of testing and temptation we suffer He has experienced, enduring them undefiled, undiminished and victoriously. He is ever ready and able to dispense mercy and grace to troubled hearts (Heb 4:16). He sympathizes, which means He places Himself in the position of suffering believers and is touched with the feeling of our infirmities (Heb.4:15). He suffers with the weary, the brokenhearted and persecuted saints. He has walked where we walk, wept as we weep and grieved as we grieve, apart from our sin. He is our merciful High Priest (Heb 5:8).

“…That He might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God” (Heb 2:17).

Our Lord Jesus is also our Advocate with the Father (1 John 2:1). As the righteous One, His presence, His person and His purposes of grace maintain our position as children of God and our privileges of sonship. He answers for our faults and failures in sins that we are to confess to the Father. As our advocate (one who is called along side), He restores interrupted communion with God.

In his gospel, John uses this word to describe the nature of the Holy Spirit’s work today (John 14:16 & 26). The title, Comforter (advocate), indicates a supporting and enabling feature of advocacy. Thus our Lord Jesus is ceaselessly occupied as advocate upholding our cause and ministering encouragement and consolation to His people.

Let His tireless, loving all-sufficient work in heaven banish our fears, lighten our cares and rebuke our unbelief, that the Peace of God may rule in your hearts (Col 3:15).

Before the throne of God above
I have a strong and perfect plea,
A Great High Priest, whose name is Love,
Who ever lives and pleads for me.