Gospel: Time For Redevelopment

The world is in a deplorable state. As each day passes, the situation gets worse and worse. The warning signs clearly indicate that the end is near, very near. God has plans for “redevelopment”.

It is absolutely appalling to see what sin has done in the world. Probably the worst horror was the slaughter of jews in what is called the Holocaust. To read it makes one ashamed to be a human being. One writer said “The holocaust showed the horror of humanity itself when it has surrendered to its capacity for evil. It displayed the total depravity of the heart of man when all restraints are removed.”

We have become accustomed to atrocities. Evil is rampant around us as the strong prey upon the weak. Man’s inhumanity to man seems to know no bounds. The senseless bombing in Oklahoma City USA is just one example of how little value is placed on hu- man life. Terror and slaughter have reigned supreme in Bosnia, Rwanda, Burundi, the Philippines and on almost every street in the cities and towns of the so-called civilized world. There are more violent deaths on our streets in any given year than the casualties of any year of the great wars of mankind. The violence and hatred that fills the world is so great, one would wonder how long such wickedness will be allowed!

It reminds me of a house that a friend told me about. The government had built a very fine new home for a poor family. About a year after it had been built, my friend visited it. He was appalled to see holes in the walls, the paint scarred and scraped, floors torn up, appliances broken and windows smashed. The place was a wreck. I thought how it illustrates what has happened in this world. God gave to man a beautiful world to enjoy, but today, it is a world of violence and evil and is in a state of ruin. The very moment that sin entered the world, the creature and the creation were doomed. Don’t let anyone deceive you into thinking that things are getting better. T’he Bible is being fulfilled every day, “Evil men and seducers grow worse and worse”.

Recently, I was impressed with a statement by Dr. David Gooding. “Men may live as if they owned the world, but they are still only tenants, and the Landlord has plans for redevelopment. He will not wait forever before His Son and Heir takes over the property and returns the earth to what He intended it to be.”

Mankind has ruined the world, but God will not allow sin to go unchecked forever. The important question for you is, “Do you want to be part of God’s plan for redevelopment? “The choice is yours, either to continue in your sins and end in hell, or to accept the claims of God and become a part of His great program. God requires you to take your place as a sinner and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. The time for you to accept Him is running out. When the Lord returns, He will wage a final war on sin and Satan, and prepare this earth for a reign of righteousness and peace. What a day of liberation and blessing that will be! I do sincerely hope you will be saved so that you may enjoy this day of glory that is coming soon!