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cuts and no quick answers. The Word must   sibility placed on elders to ensure that the
          not only be read – that is important and   saints are fed. Writing in his first epistle,
          good – but it should be meditated upon. To   Peter exhorts the elders to “Feed the flock
          meditate means to ponder, muse and re-  of God which is among you” (1Peter 5:2,
          flect upon what has been read. By meditat-  KJV). Paul uses the same word, “feed,”
          ing upon the Word, we learn what it says,   when addressing the Ephesian elders in
          what it means, and how we should apply it   Acts 20. While this word means more than
          to our lives. It is crucial to take time to ab-  just the provision of food (it covers the
          sorb and digest the Word. This involves   whole thought of tending and shepherd-
          uninterrupted time set aside on a daily ba-  ing), it encompasses the exhortation to
          sis, in a place free from distraction, to ade-  nourish and feed. In the natural realm, it
          quately feed my soul.               would be unthinkable that a shepherd
                                              would not provide food for his sheep.
             Some believers become preoccupied   Elders are likewise required to ensure that
          with the volume of their daily reading, but   the saints under their care have spiritual
          it is far more important to understand what   food to feed upon. That is why one of the
          we are reading than to focus exclusively on   requirements of the elder is that he must be
          the quantity we have read. The issue is not   “Apt to teach” (1Tim 3:2, KJV).
          necessarily the number of verses or chap-
          ters read, but the depth to which the   DELIGHT IN FEEDING
          Scriptures are understood and are allowed   Generally speaking, we eat foods we
          to speak to the heart. In this regard, C. H.   enjoy and we are satisfied. Feeding on the
          Spurgeon once said: “Some people like to   Word should not be approached as a task
          read so many chapters every day. I would   which needs to be done each day, but rather
          not dissuade them from the practice, but I   it should be “the joy and rejoicing” (Jer
          would rather lay my soul asoak in half a   15:16, KJV) of our hearts. As you feed on
          dozen verses all day than I would, as it were,   the Scriptures, may they delight and
          rinse my hand in several chapters.”  strengthen your soul. They have been given
                                              by the Lord Himself. “I have given them
          DUTY TO FEED                        Thy word” (John 17:14, KJV). Look for

             Although it is the responsibility of ev-  Him on every page. May we ever be found
          ery believer to ensure that they are feeding   feeding and drawing on the inexhaustible
          on the Word of God, there is also a respon-  supply of the Word of God.

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