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In addition to needing the discipline of   will be visible to discerning and spiritual be-
          feeding on the Word on a regular and daily   lievers.
          basis, the believer must also involve his or   Take time to be holy, the world rushes on.
          her entire self in this activity. Psalm 119
          teaches us that feeding on the Word of God   Spend much time in secret with Jesus alone;
          affects the complete person. The theme of   By looking to Jesus like Him thou shalt be;
          this Psalm is the preciousness and purpose   Thy friends in thy conduct
          of the Word of God. In it we learn the value   His likeness shall see.
          of the Word and the results of obeying it.  In the example of Job mentioned previ-
             LIPS:  “With my lips have I declared all   ously, we see that, beyond esteeming “the
          the judgments of Thy mouth” (v13, KJV)  words of His mouth” (Job 23:12b, KJV), he
             MIND: “I will meditate in Thy pre-  also embraced the Word, and did not depart
          cepts” (v15, KJV)                   or turn aside from “the commandment of
             MEMORY: “I will not forget Thy   His lips” (Job 23:12a, KJV). This is the secret
          word” (v16, KJV)                    of spiritual growth – it is not only being hear-
             MOUTH: “And take not the word of   ers of His Word, but doers also (James 1:22).
          truth utterly out of my mouth” (v43, KJV)  Often, the reason we do not make the spiri-
             HANDS: “My hands also will I lift up   tual progress that we should is not because we
                                              have not read – or that we do not know – the
          unto Thy commandments, which I have   Word of God, but rather that we fail to obey
          loved” (v48, KJV)
                                              it. When reading the Scriptures, it is good to
             HEART: “I will keep Thy precepts   cultivate a prayerful and humble spirit so
          with my whole heart” (v69, KJV)     that we might apply it to our lives. It was
             FEET: “Thy word is a lamp unto my   Peter’s desire that believers would “grow in
          feet” (v105, KJV)                   grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and
             EYES: “Mine eyes prevent the night   Savior Jesus Christ” (2Peter 3:18, KJV). The
          watches, that I might meditate in Thy   more we grow and develop as Christians, the
          word” (v148, KJV)                   more Christ-like we will become.
          DEVELOPMENT                              Calm in Thy secret presence, Lord,
                                                     I rest this weary soul of mine;
             It is obvious in the natural realm that a
          child’s physical growth and development is   Feed on the fullness of Thy Word,
          related to the adequacy of their dietary in-  And die to all the things of time.
          take. Feeding on the Word of God will in-
          evitably lead to evidence of spiritual growth   DIGESTING FOOD
          and development. This is the teaching of 1   The food we consume for our physical
          Peter 2:2: “that ye may grow thereby”   bodies needs to be digested in order to bene-
          (KJV).  Just as the face of Moses shone   fit us. Often indigestion is caused by eating
          when he came down the mount (Exo    too fast, and the nourishment from the food
          34:29) and  just as Ruth carried the visible   is not properly broken down and absorbed to
          testimony of her gleaning with her into the   meet our body’s need. When it comes to the
          city (Ruth 2:18), so spiritual development   matter of feeding on the Word of God there
          resulting from feeding on the Word of God   is no “fast-food,” that is, there are no short-

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