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ach of us needs food to survive. By   on what can only be described as junk food?
               eating a balanced diet, the body ob-  I cannot expect to be a strong believer, fit for
               tains the nourishment it requires in   the Master’s use, if I am starving myself of
               order to function normally. When it   spiritual food.
        Eis starved of food, organs will start to   In the Scriptures, the subject of food and
        shut down until finally, it succumbs to death.   feeding is a large one which cannot possibly
        It is commonly said that, “You are what you   be dealt with comprehensively within the
        eat,” and there is a very direct relationship to   confines of this article. We will devote the
        what we are and what we feed upon.    space here to considering the Word of God as
           Spiritual food is as vital to our spiritual   that which is our spiritual food.
        welfare as physical food is to the health of our
        physical bodies. Just as people who eat a   DESCRIPTION AS FOOD
        wholesome diet enjoy better wellbeing, it is   The Word of God is described as, or com-
        crucial to feed on the Word of God in order   pared to, food in a fourfold way.  It is likened
        to “be strong in the Lord” (Eph 6:10, KJV).   to:
        Similarly, as poor physical nutrition increases   Milk to SUCCOUR: (1Peter 2:2, KJV)
        susceptibility to disease, impairs develop-  “As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of
        ment and reduces productivity, so feeding   the word, that ye may grow thereby.” It is
        my soul on junk food results in weakness,   important to remember that the milk men-
        stunted growth, and spiritual poverty. In the   tioned in this verse is not by way of contrast
        words of C.H. Spurgeon: “Scripture reading   to meat as in 1 Corinthians 3:2 and Hebrews
        is our spiritual meal-time.” God has given us   5:12-14 (see below), but “the sincere milk of
        a rich resource in His Word which we must   the Word” is the spiritual food of all believ-
        use to feed our souls for our spiritual health   ers.
        and vitality. Paul, writing to Timothy, says,   Meat to STRENGTHEN: (Hebrews
        “Hold fast the form of sound (health-giving”)   5:12, KJV) “For when for the time ye ought
        words (2Tim 1:13, KJV).               to be teachers, ye have need that one teach
           Are you feeding on the Word of God?   you again which be the first principles of the
        Have you fed on it today? Or are you feeding   oracles of God; and are become such as have
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