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rawing toward the conclusion of   face like a flint” (Isa 50:7 ESV).
               the Itinerary of the Perfect Servant   The disciples were “amazed; and as they
        D(8:22-10:52), we should remind       followed, they were afraid” (Mar 10:32). It
        ourselves of the Lord’s emphasis on His   may be that along with the set of the Lord’s
        impending sufferings. On three occasions   face came the first inkling that the Lord’s
        He took the disciples aside to speak of His   prior predictions of suffering needed to be
        suffering (8:31-33; 9:30-32; 10:32-34). We   seriously considered. Gathering them to
        have arrived at the third and most detailed   Himself, He again described His coming
        of these and hope to show how the lessons   rejection. At Jerusalem, that privileged
        from previous occasions are summarised   city, He would be rejected. Betrayal, arrest,
        by the Lord in this final one.        unjust condemnation, Roman custody,
        The Cross and Glory and Greatness     mockery, scourging, spitting, execution
        (10:32-44)                            – and resurrection – awaited Him there.
          The Lord “took again the twelve, and   None of these details would cause Him to
                                              waver in His service for God. Within these
        began to tell them what things should   few verses the Lord’s courage, exemplary
        happen unto him” (v32).               leadership, prophetic instruction, com-
        The Predictions (vv32-34)             plete submission and confidence in God
          They  were  “in  the  way  going  up  to   are all demonstrated. Here the Perfect
        Jerusalem” (v32). This “way” had com-  Servant fulfils in spirit what Isaiah had
        menced with their confession of Jesus as   foretold: “I was not rebellious, neither
        “the Christ” (8:27-30) and would conclude   turned  away  back.  I  gave  my  back  to
        at the cross. As they travelled, “Jesus went   the smiters, and my cheeks to them that
                                              plucked off the hair: I hid not my face from
        before them.” Only the Lord understood   shame and spitting” (Isa 50:5-6).
        fully what lay ahead for Him, yet He was
        inflexible in His determination to accom-  The Conversations (vv35-45)
        plish God’s will and finish His work. In   James and John approached the Lord to
        Isaiah’s third Servant Song (which cor-  speak about Glory (vv35-40). They were
        responds with this section of Mark), the   cousins of the Lord and, along with Peter,
        Perfect Servant declares, “I have set my   they formed a privileged group whom the
        ¹ Scripture quotations in this article are from the   Lord chose to accompany Him on special
        KJV unless otherwise noted.           occasions. Their confidence in the mes-

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