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dren with Millie, Ed would not let this   ailment, saving the pilot and passengers’
        get in the way of his calling to labour for   lives by flying the plane to awaiting medi-
        the Lord. He would spend his holidays in   cal assistance. The Lord’s providence was
        meetings mostly across northern Ontario   on full display by placing Ed, who had
        until he was commended in 1994.       piloted planes years prior, in this position
          In later years, he ministered in southern   for such a time as this (Est 4:14).
        Ontario, Wisconsin, and Iowa as well.   From Sudbury, Ed and Millie moved to
        These meetings, with some such as Ken   Stouffville in 2000. Ed became a steadfast
        Moore, George Patterson and Sam Pat-  brother at the Unionville assembly, where
        ton, saw souls saved. Ed’s ministry also   he and Millie spent several years teaching
        included faithful visits to those who were   English and the gospel at ESL classes.
        ill, elderly or otherwise bedridden.  He also taught Christianity Explored for
          Ed’s desire to labour for his Lord often   several years in Uxbridge with the help of
        took him outside of Ontario, including to   Bob Diebel. All the while, Ed continued to
        Saint Lucia. Between 1978 and 2010, mul-  bring the gospel to many other communi-
        tiple visits to Saint Lucia saw him working   ties. On February 10, 2022, his life-long
        closely with Brian Owen to present the   faithful ministry was finally over; in the
        gospel and help the brothers and sisters   early hours of the morning in Markham,
        there in the work. On Ed’s visit to Saint   Ed was called home to be with his Father
        Lucia in 1979, Hurricane David devastated   after a very trying few years battling a
        Dominica. Undeterred, he ventured to   number of health challenges. Yet through
        Dominica with shipments of supplies to   all of these challenges and the many more
        help with hurricane relief. The ministry he   known  only  to  him  and  the  Lord,  he
        and his fellow workers gave in the region   chose to keep his eyes on things above,
        saw souls saved.                      ever pressing on towards the goal for the
          Ed saw Zambia’s need for the gospel   prize of the upwards call of God in Christ
        and acted on it. In 2002, he began to assist   Jesus (Php 3:14). Ed has now reached the
        MSC’s initiative to load containers with   end of his race, but many of the lives he
        food, clothing, tools, vehicles, etc. bound   has touched continue on, including those
        for Chitokoloki, Zambia, using his handi-  of his wife Millie of 63 years, his four
        ness with machines, like forklifts, to aid
        in this endeavour. In 2006, Ed ventured   children John, Dave (Connie), Liz (Paul
                                              Stainton) and Phil (Jane), and six grand-
        to Zambia on his first of several visits to
        Africa between then and 2014, where he   children. Ed’s desire was for the world to
        presented the gospel to the Zambians.   know Jesus, and in this regard, he was a
        He  helped  install  solar  panels  for  the   true soul-winner whose heart for the lost
        Chitokoloki Mission Hospital, using his   and eagerness to help others will not soon
        invaluable knowledge of electrical work   be forgotten.
        to provide 24-hour power to the hospital,   Ed’s funeral was held on February 17
        which had previously only had sporadic   in Markham, with tributes presented by
        power two hours a day. On one occasion,   his four children and grandson. His dear
        Ed was called into action rather sponta-  friends  Paul  Stainton,  Tom  Browning,
        neously to take over piloting a plane in   Ken Paisley and Paul Markle also shared
        the wake of the pilot’s severe and sudden   at the service.

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