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he life of a born-again follower of   As a young man, Ed began his forty-
              Jesus was never intended nor tout-  year career at Bell Canada, where he be-
        Ted to be a life devoid of challenges.   came an important player in the manage-
        The  Lord  Jesus  Himself  in  John  16:33   ment of different operations and teams.
        confirmed that we will see tribulations   His strength of character and Christian
        in this life. Such was the course in the life   morality would cause him to miss out on
        of Edward Miller, devoted servant of his   lucrative promotions at Bell, but he was
        Saviour and heavenly Father. Without an   content with that. He was satisfied to live
        earthly father to guide him in the ways of   a Christ-honouring life, without the need
        truth, Ed’s earliest challenge was one of his   for any laud or approval of man, even if
        toughest: fatherlessness. But by the grace   that would mean a lighter salary and less
        of God, the Lord did not end with the   recognition. In 1958, Ed married Millie
        promise of tribulations in John 16:33: “But   Barker in Sundridge; the newlyweds
        take heart; I have overcome the world.”   settled in South River, where they had
        And it was in this overcoming Lord that   their first two sons. Ed became an elder in
        Ed put his faith and trust, becoming more   the local assembly, where George Shivas
        than a conqueror in Christ (Rom 8:37). His   took him under his wing and became his
        heavenly Father proved to be his source   mentor in the ways of the Lord. George
        of strength and grew him into the man of   was a godly father-figure in Ed’s life until
        God so many came to know, love and be   his home-calling in 1963.
        blessed by throughout his life and devoted   Ed  and  Millie  moved  to  North  Bay,
        service to his God.                   where  Millie  bore  their  daughter  and
          Edward  Handley  Miller  was  born   youngest son. In 1967, Ed gave his first
        on August 1, 1936, in Toronto to Daisy   series of gospel meetings with Clarence
        Miller.  When  he  was  10  years  old,  he   Black. After one of Ed’s  meetings in
        was sponsored to attend a week at Camp   South River, he and Clarence were chased
        Mini-Yo-We in Port Sydney. On one clear   around by several troublemakers before
        night, Ed looked up into the starry sky   managing to lock themselves inside the
        and marvelled at what he saw. It was then   building.
        that he knew in his heart there was a God.   Ed became an elder at the assembly in
        That same July week, he came to accept   North Bay, and later in Sudbury, where he
        the Lord Jesus as his personal and perfect   and Millie moved in 1970. From here, his
        Saviour, and for the first time in his life, Ed   ministry evolved to include home-based
        had a Father who loved him uncondition-  Bible readings, children’s meetings and
        ally and would always be there with him   gospel meetings both in church buildings
        every step of the way. It was here that Ed’s   and in tents. On one occasion, an ill-wisher
        journey of faith began. One year later in   tried unsuccessfully to sabotage the tent
        June 1948, he was baptised at the Victoria   by cutting the supporting ropes. Despite
        Road Conference.                      working full time and raising four chil-
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