Edmonton: With a large number of Ukrainian families moving into the city, the assembly has been able to reach out to many of them over the past few months. Since the end of last November, the saints have regularly hosted a supper for new arrivals. One couple in the assembly has held weekly ESL classes for them. With many Ukrainians attending the Sunday meetings, the assembly needs the Lord’s help and guidance on how best to communicate the gospel to them.

The assembly purposes to have a children’s camp outreach at the beginning of July again, as this has proven very effective in getting the gospel out to both children and their parents.

The assembly will soon start building a new hall in their present location. It will be a larger footprint with an additional floor above the main auditorium. The assembly is still planning to go ahead with their annual conference and will be hosting it at the nearby community centre, where they will be meeting during the construction.

Grande Prairie: The assembly commenced gospel meetings May 5 with David Swann, who was helped by local brethren. The meetings were also livestreamed via YouTube and Zoom.

British Columbia

Vancouver: Gospel meetings that began April 7 with Eric Fowler and Tom Hoy at the Victoria Drive Gospel Hall closed May 4 with blessing in salvation.

New Brunswick

Sussex: The assembly commenced gospel meetings with Murray McCandless and Robert Plant (N. Ireland) on April 22. The meetings were also livestreamed via Zoom.

Nova Scotia

Halifax: The North Street assembly recently enjoyed children’s meetings January 21-26 with Peter Ramsay and gospel meetings April 7-14 with Bryan Joyce. They are looking forward to having Marcus Cain, A.J. Higgins, David Petterson and Brody Thibodeau lead the discussions during their annual Bible reading conference June 1-2. The passage to consider will be the Upper Room Ministry from John 13-17.

Nineveh: Following their conference in April, the assembly held gospel meetings with David Hierlihy and David Hunt, concluding May 8.


Toronto: The Victoria Park assembly held gospel meetings April 28-May 12 with Marcus Cain and John Meekin.



Phoenix: The Orangeville assembly continues their series of short Saturday night devotionals via Zoom on “The Person and Work of Our Lord Jesus Christ” to help believers prepare for worship on the Lord’s Day. Brethren taking part to date include Eugene Higgins (April 13), Paul Barbour (Waubaushene, ON, April 20), Ken Nicholson (Oshawa, ON, April 27) and Tom Baker (May 4).

The West Phoenix annual conference was held April 5-7 in the hall. Shad Kember, Paul Thiessen and Timothy Turkington gave helpful and rich teaching; there were simultaneous meetings in English and Spanish for the benefit of all. Believers from East Los Angeles, San Diego, Hermosillo, Las Vegas, Cancún and other places were present. Following their conference, the assembly held 16 nights of gospel meetings in Spanish with John Dennison and Shad Kember. God graciously brought in over 50 unsaved souls to hear the gospel, including a number of recent immigrants from Venezuela, Cuba and Mexico, who attended regularly. The assembly was encouraged with several professing salvation. Despite all the challenges and distractions these immigrants face with pending political asylum cases, the saints are praying that more will accept Christ for salvation.


Marion: The assembly held a Seed Sowers distribution May 18-19 with help from Joseph Baker (Jackson, MI) and Brandon Doll. The distribution was held in view of planned children’s meetings June 3-14 in the mornings with Tim Burton (Summerside, PE) and evening tent meetings with Tim Burton and Jason Wahls commencing June 2.

Stout: The gospel series that began March 10 with Brandon Doll and Isaiah Frazier closed April 7.

Waterloo: In late April, Scott MacLeod carefully expounded on Romans 9-11, showing from Scripture the divine choices of a sovereign God in His grace and mercy to the working of His purpose.


Jackson: Please pray for a gospel tent series to begin June 2 with Brandon Doll and Jonathan Procopio, and a scheduled Seed Sowers distribution July 8-12 in Ann Arbor, MI, organized by Joseph Baker.


Cleveland: The Monticello assembly held gospel meetings April 21-May 3 with Frank Sona and Brody Thibodeau.


Evansville: Gospel meetings with Al Christopherson and Ben Wenger (Brodhead) that began April 15 closed April 26 with two young men professing salvation.

La Crosse: Gospel meetings with Paul Barnhardt and John Fitzpatrick closed April 26 with blessing in salvation.


Nuevo León

Juárez: The gospel series that commenced on March 25 concluded on April 12. The believers were thankful for help given and for those who heard the message of salvation. Glen and Paty Baker visited the assembly April 4-17; he helped in the gospel series and in the teaching meetings. On April 28, there was a special meeting to mark “Children’s Day,” and the attendance of both children and youth was very encouraging.


Hermosillo: On April 28, the assembly held a special meeting to mark “Children’s Day,” and they were pleased to see the hall full, including several new visitors.


Guasave: In mid-April, local brethren commenced a series in the gospel and were encouraged to see good attendance to date. Meetings were continuing into their third week.

San Luis Potosí

El Barril: The assembly recently had the joy of receiving a young believer into the fellowship. Several unbelievers have been attending meetings with regularity as well. The special children’s meeting held on April 27 for “Children’s Day” saw good attendance. The brethren continue preaching the gospel in the nearby towns of Chupaderos and Jesús María.


Matilde: The annual conference was held the last weekend of March, and the believers rejoiced to see others from different assemblies appreciating the fellowship and teaching. Samuel Chesney, Duncan Beckett, Harry Rodríguez, Tim Stevenson and Paul Thiessen shared in the ministry and preaching. Nicolas Thiessen (Zapopan) taught the Sunday School lesson.


Los Arcos: A series of gospel meetings began on April 21 in the new hall. Duncan and Anna Beckett have seen the Lord’s guiding hand, allowing them to commence a work in this area. The attendance has been encouraging, and the prayers of God’s people are appreciated. Tim Stevenson and his family were with them for the first week, followed by David Cadenas and his family.


Iguala: The believers appreciated the visit of David Cadenas and his family on April 28 when he gave help in the ministry of the Word, the preaching of the gospel, and the special children’s meeting for “Children’s Day.”


Veracruz: The assembly had a week of gospel meetings at the beginning of April with Samuel Chesney and local brethren, and they were encouraged by the interest shown.

Coscomatepec de Bravo: Every two weeks, Samuel Chesney and Ángel Báez (Veracruz) visit this city and preach the gospel. They are thankful that some are showing interest in hearing the Word of God.

Special Report


Steven Anderson writes: The work is still in its infancy. Gospel meetings are planned in a refugee camp containing mostly Congolese, as well as in a town called Swakopmund where we have seen blessing already. Tract distribution will happen in both places as well as in Otjiwarongo. All these are scheduled in the month of May. In June, we will head north near Eehana,  which is very close to Angola. We will be camping in the bush and working village to village with the gospel. Please pray that we will soon be issued work permits so that we can be active in the country on a permanent basis. We need much wisdom in dealing with false teaching propagated by false prophets, pastors and diviners.

Northern Ireland

Co. Tyrone

Kingsmills: J. Rogers and D. Strahan commenced gospel meetings in the hall on January 1 and continued for six weeks. The assembly was encouraged by many local people in attendance.

Co. Antrim

Ballywatermoy: Gospel meetings commenced February 11 with J. Fleck and D. Strahan in the hall and continued for six weeks. A great number of neighbors attended and the Lord blessed with salvation, bringing joy and encouragement.

Buckna: D. Hierlihy and J. Meekin commenced gospel meetings on January 14 and continued for eight weeks. Many heard the gospel clearly presented.

Burnside: On February 11, A. Steele and J. Rogers commenced a gospel series in the hall and the assembly was encouraged by the good attendance.

Bushmills: The assembly erected a portable hall on the property of a local brother and had gospel meetings beginning January 14 with A. Baijal (Scotland) and R. Kirkpatrick and continuing for a number of weeks. They were much encouraged with blessing seen in the salvation of souls.

Clonkeen: The assembly had S. Gilfillan and W. Martin for gospel meetings that commenced February 4 and continued for several weeks in their outreach hall in Randalstown.


Easter Conference: In the goodness of God, the annual conference was held March 31-April 3 in Belfast City Centre for the ministry of the Word of God, reports of the Lord’s work in home and foreign lands, and for the preaching of the gospel. Encouraging numbers of both older and especially younger believers attended over the three days. Invited speakers P. Colson and K. Oh shared the ministry with local brethren J. Black (Bicester), A. Colgan, J. Fleck, B. Glendinning, P. Mcauley, D. McKillen, M. Sweetnam (Dublin) and G. Woods. R. Pickering preached the gospel at the closing meeting of the conference.

Dunmurray: J. Black and P. Kissick commenced a gospel series in the hall on March 10 and were encouraged with the exceptional numbers attending, many of them from the locality as well as those from the families of believers. The meetings continued over the Easter period.

Whitehouse: The assembly had use of a local primary school to conduct a gospel series that began January 7 with A. Steele and J. Fleck. Response from the locality was poor but the Lord blessed in salvation.

Co. Armagh

Lurgan: On January 28, D. Gilliland and M. Radcliffe commenced a gospel series in a portable hall erected at the lower end of the large parking lot of the hall. The seven weeks of meetings were well attended and resulted in blessing.

Glenanne: The assembly commenced gospel meetings with D. Callaghan (Portadown) and G. Woods between Markethill and Tandragee. These meetings continued over the Easter period.

Co. Down

Portavogie: The New Road assembly in this fishing village commenced a gospel series February 4 in their hall with local brother S. Kyle and I. McKee (Newtownards). Many heard the gospel faithfully preached.

Other Fields


Isaiah Frazier and William Skates travelled to the island on May 6 for several weeks to have bilingual gospel meetings and visit contacts. Please pray for blessing during this time of gospel outreach in Aruba.


Bicester: Gospel tent meetings are expected to commence at the Middle Wretchwick farm June 2-23, D.V., with Jack Hay and Eugene Higgins. Meetings will be every night (except Wednesdays), 8-9pm. For more details, please visit https://www.hebrongospelhallbicester.org.


Pugwash Junction, NS

June 29-30, with prayer meeting on Friday, June 28, at 7pm in the gospel hall, 6120 Thomson Road. The first meeting on Saturday is at 10am. We look forward to seeing all who can come. Accom: Jonathan McClelland, Email: jonkathmcclelland@gmail.com; Tel: 902-245-8776.

Sioux City, IA

July 21, with prayer meeting on Saturday, July 20, at 7pm, with refreshments afterwards in the gospel hall, 120 South Leonard Street. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:45am, Bible Study (Romans 6) 11:15am, Children’s Meeting 1:15pm, Ministry 2pm, Gospel 5:30pm. Lunch and dinner will be served. Corr: Gary Hayes, Tel: 712-223-2398; Email: gh3867032@gmail.com. Accom: Bernie Mertens, Tel: 712-223-0439.

Hampton, IA

August 31-September 1, annual missionary conference in the gospel hall, 9 3rd Street SE. Expected speakers will be Shawn Markle (Zambia), Jonathan Seed (Mexico) and Timothy Sloan (Ukraine). For more information, please contact Ben McCandless, Email: benmcc5000@gmail.com.

Conferences Previously Published:

Portage la Prairie, MB – June 14-16

Corner Brook, NL – June 21-23

Taylorside, SK – June 28-30

Edinburgh, UK – September 9-13


Change of Address

Lorne and Ruth Langfeld: Tel: 705-324-3774


Elroy Kuopus of Hickory, NC, on May 25, 2023, age 82. He was a faithful member of the Hickory assembly for many years. Elroy always had a kind word and a story to tell. His upbeat, positive attitude lifted the spirits of many a believer. Together with his wife, Joyce, Elroy served the Lord and the saints in the Hickory assembly faithfully in any way he could. A machinist by trade, he loved to work with his hands and could often be found around the Gospel Hall fixing something, planting something, or cleaning something. Elroy and Joyce were both saved in February 1967 after having heard the gospel only a few times. Elroy is survived by his wife Joyce, and five children, including his oldest daughter, Tammy, who continues in fellowship in the Hickory assembly. He is sorely missed as he was a great blessing to many.

Andreas (Andy) and Vicky (née Bruining) Hofmann of Maberly, ON, on September 15 and July 18, 2023, respectively, both aged 86. Andy and Vicky were married in Holland and later emigrated to Canada, where they eventually settled on a small farm near Maberly. They were contacted by Murray McLeod and Bert Grainger several years later while they were out visiting. That visit stirred up Andy, and within a few weeks he was saved through 1 Timothy 2:5. Shortly afterwards, Vicky professed through Mark 8:36. Several years later, they saw the truth of gathering to the Lord’s Name and were received into the Maberly assembly, where they were in happy fellowship until their homecalls. Vicky was a happy, faithful, hospitable, caring and dear sister who was loved and respected by the saints in Maberly. Andy loved to share the gospel. He was a respected elder and, for years, the “door man” who would welcome people with a beaming smile and a hearty handshake as they entered the hall. They were a blessing in so many ways and will be greatly missed by all in fellowship and those who visited Maberly over the years. Andy and Vicky are survived by their children Irene, Sigrid (Gordon) McCarthy and Robert (Janet), and several grandchildren, some of which are not saved.

Mary Skeffington of Corner Brook, NL, on December 31, 2023, age 93. She was saved on February 17, 1955, and was among the “first fruits” when Herb Harris and Doug Howard pioneered with the gospel in Corner Brook. Mary was also one of the first to gather to the Lord’s Name when the assembly was planted. Known as a hard worker, she was given to much hospitality towards travelling preachers and many Christians from out of town. Mary’s memory is cherished by all who passed her way. Her son, Snowden, gave a fitting tribute at her funeral, where the gospel was faithfully preached by Jim Jarvis. Gordon Hollett, her son-in-law, spoke at the graveside. Most of her family are in Christ but prayer is requested for two unsaved daughters.

Anna Ruth Lucas (née Turnbull) of Lindsay, ON, on January 20, 2024, age 92. Born March 18, 1931, she grew up in Grand Bend, ON, and was saved there in her early teenage years. Anna was a true helper to her husband Hugh both physically and spiritually. She was well known for hospitality and devotion to the assemblies meeting in both the Lansing and Victoria Road Gospel Halls in Ontario as well as in Tampa, FL, during her many winter-season visits. Anna passed away quietly and peacefully at home, which was an answer to prayer. The funeral service was taken by her son-in-law Lorne Langfeld.

Helen Blanche Dredge of Black Duck Cove, NL, on January 25, 2024, age 74. Born on February 26, 1949, in L’Anse-au-Loup, she was the second youngest of nine children. At age seven, she went with her mother and listened to the gospel being preached in the open air by Herb Harris, Bert Joyce, George Campbell and others that were on the gospel boat. Blanche started attending Sunday school and gospel meetings and was saved in a gospel series in February 1965. She was subsequently baptized and received into the L’Anse-au-Loup assembly. On November 20, 1970, Blanche married Edward Dredge and they resided in Black Duck Cove. They fellowshipped in the Flowers Cove assembly, where she taught Sunday School for a number of years and was known for her kindness and hospitality. She leaves behind her husband Edward of 53 years, four children, 12 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, two sisters, and one brother.

Rodney Bain of the Applewood Heights assembly, Mississauga, ON, on January 27, 2024, age 87, after an extended illness and hospitalization, all so patiently borne. Raised in a Christian home in Loring, ON, he was saved at age 36 after marrying Thelma Harrison, also saved then. They were received into the fellowship of the Mimico assembly, and for 51 years, Rodney was a steady supporter of the Lord’s work in every way. He loved the gospel and the Lord’s Supper. He was always available to help the needy, and his warm and consistent testimony was celebrated by the many attending the large funeral. His sons John (Kitty) and Stephen (Sue), and daughter Denise (Rick) Brzakala spoke highly of their father. Heber Caines, Marcel Giraldi and Paul Robinson also spoke the gospel and words of encouragement. Rodney was “a man greatly beloved” (Daniel 10:10). Interment will be in the spring in Arnstein, ON.