Book Review: A Simple Guide to Prayer by Jack Hay

book coverJack Hay, A Simple Guide to Prayer (Kilmarnock: John Ritchie Ltd., 2021), 56 pp.

Reviewed by Mitchell Taylor

This short work by Jack Hay aims to encourage believers to pray more regularly and scripturally. It is a companion to another of brother Hay’s writings, A Simple Guide to Bible Study. Bringing the reader through a scriptural understanding of prayer, the book observes biblical examples, principles, texts and includes Hay’s own practical advice and insightful wisdom. He covers the Word of God from beginning to end, from the birth of Enos when men began to call on the name of the Lord through to the present. There is encouragement in this present unthankful day to give thanks to God in prayer. Helpful portions address the paradox of praying to a sovereign God, the problem of unanswered prayer, how to pray without ceasing and suggestions for the assembly prayer meeting and personal prayer. Its pleasantly short chapters concisely cover the basics of prayer. As a result, non-readers can sit down and complete this book bit by bit. Brother Hay’s teaching is also simple enough that new believers should read this book to help them understand the importance and necessity of prayer. Older ones also, of course, are never above learning or encouragement to pray, seeing as he says on page 15, “…we are dependent on God, He hears our prayers, and He has the power to meet our needs.”

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