Book Review: For the Whole World or For Our Sins Only? by Walter Boyd

book coverWalter Boyd, For the Whole World or For Our Sins Only? (N. Ireland: Scripture Teaching Library), 264 pp.

Reviewed by John Meekin

As with all our brother’s writings, this book has been well researched and provides an extensive bibliography. Our brother writes in an engaging style and handles the subject with dexterity and sensitivity. The author has evidently been engaged with the subject for some time; opposing viewpoints with their varied arguments are considered and answered. These are handled in a way that is candid, transparent and honouring to the Lord Jesus.

As noted by the title, the subject of the book is the death of Christ and its extensiveness. This book does not deal with all five points of Calvinism; its focus is a biblical rebuttal of “Limited Atonement,” or what others call “Particular Redemption.” The relevant scriptural passages are dealt with clearly (Mat 20:28; Isa 53:11; Rom 5:12,15) and many readers will be interested in the teaching provided in these texts. In his preface our brother advises that chapters 8 and 10 are “must read” chapters. Chapter 10 deals with the writings of Ken Wilson, providing insight into the historical foundation of Augustinian Calvinism. It shows that Augustine was influenced by paganism, Stoicism and Manichaeism and their teaching of non-free will; these, in turn, influenced Calvin and his theology. The “must read” chapter for this reviewer was chapter 5, where the Greek prepositions hyper and anti are handled thoroughly and helpfully.

This book, if read carefully, prayerfully and thoughtfully, will lead us into a greater appreciation of the person and work of the Lord Jesus. It shows from the Scriptures that the death of Christ provided both propitiation and substitution for all men. It is evidently the work of years of thoughtful research. I recommend it wholeheartedly, trusting that it will be a blessing to all and that it will affect both our worship and our work for the Lord.

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