British Columbia

Kamloops: In March, the saints were encouraged by a young brother obeying the Lord in the waters of baptism. They trust that he will go on for the Lord.

Nova Scotia

Halifax: The assembly has been encouraged and blessed in the past few months with the addition of several believers into the fellowship.


Kapuskasing: The assembly held a series of children’s meetings April 3-7 each night with Lorne Langfeld.

Waubaushene: The assembly continues to prepare for construction of the addition to their building. Final design drawings will soon be presented for a building permit application, with construction to begin in late spring or early summer. The Lord quite miraculously provided the funds to meet the original estimated cost of the project. The assembly plans to proceed with the project despite significant cost increases due to the current market situation. They highly value prayer for wisdom and guidance.

Prince Edward Island

Summerside: The Pope Road assembly commenced a series of gospel meetings with David Hierlihy and Jonathan Procopio on March 19. The meetings were also livestreamed via Zoom and on YouTube.


Taylorside: The assembly greatly appreciated a week of wholesome ministry March 12-17 from Jack Gould on the Person of Christ.



Alpena: The assembly plans to have their annual conference on the weekend of October 28-29. The Bible reading passage will be announced later.


Phoenix: The Orangewood assembly continues their series of short Saturday night devotionals via Zoom on the “Person and Work of Our Lord Jesus Christ” to help believers prepare for worship on the Lord’s Day. Brethren taking part to date include David Hamilton (Midland Park, NJ, February 24), Shawn St. Clair (March 11), Gary Sharp (March 18), Bill Lavery (March 25) and Joel Portman (April 1).


Dunkerton: Local brethren conducted a week of Children’s Meetings March 19-24, and were encouraged with the attendance, including several parents.

Garnavillo: Gospel meetings with Mark Bachert and Isaiah Frazier that began February 12 closed after four weeks. Several came out from the community and some good conversations occurred.

Stout: Gospel meetings that began March 5 with Joel Portman and Frank Sona closed March 24.


Methuen: The assembly greatly enjoyed having Dan Shutt with them in mid-February for a one-week visit. A number of SS children and parents attended and heard a clarion gospel message preached. Please pray for the seed planted.

Saugus: Eugene Higgins was with the assembly in March for two weeks of gospel meetings on Future Events. They were thankful for unsaved individuals present at each of the meetings. Despite none showing concern, they trust that the Spirit will work in the hearts of those for whom they have prayed. The topics were of value to the believers, giving confidence in God’s Word.


Battle Creek: Venezuela Relief Fund: Conditions in Venezuela continue to be difficult. Inflation coupled with devaluation of the local currency continues its seemingly uncontrollable rise. Efforts by the government to control this phenomenon have not been successful and the people continue to suffer because of the continual rise in prices that puts so many basic-needs products completely out of their reach. Corruption at the highest levels of government continues to be rampant and the population is increasingly sceptical that a change is possible, even though presidential elections are planned for 2024. In the midst of this scenario, the efforts to provide food and medical support continue. Non-perishable food continues to be shipped from Miami, FL, and local production of varied crops such as rice, corn, black beans, lentils, sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini and peppers continues. These activities continue to be supported by VRF in the measure that the Lord provides.

Jackson: Please pray for tent meetings scheduled to begin in June, D.V., with Larry Perkins and Gary Sharp.

New Jersey

Midland Park: The assembly enjoyed five evenings of ministry in March on “The Christian’s Longing” with Dale Vitale. They also had Willians Alcala (Australia) for ministry and gospel in Spanish and English. He also spoke in English at the children’s treat on April 1. Please pray for planned gospel tent meetings to start July 9 for two weeks and the Vacation Bible School to start July 31, D.V.

Pennsauken: The assembly enjoyed a visit from James Buchanan on March 26. His visit included an update report of the ongoing missionary work in Lutsk, Ukraine, with material provided by his in-laws, Timothy and Rhoda Sloan.


Bryn Mawr: The assembly held two and a half weeks of gospel meetings February 19-March 8. Local brethren Daniel Baker and David Oliver spoke each night on the theme “What Is a Christian?” The believers were encouraged with the attendance of a few unsaved from the area and they continue to pray for their salvation.


La Crosse: The assembly purposed holding gospel meetings at the Campbell Town Hall on April 16 with Brandon Doll and Isaiah Frazier. They will be Sunday through Tuesday, and Thursday at 7pm.



Hermosillo: The assembly held their conference in mid-March and they were encouraged to see believers from ten different assemblies present for the teaching. Over the weekend, teaching on the book of Daniel was shared by Marcus Cain and John Dennison. Jesse Klein helped in the gospel and Andrew Zuidema (Midland Park, NJ) taught the Sunday School class from Daniel as well.


Pachuca: The assembly was encouraged both by good attendance at the meetings of late as well as by a sister being received into the fellowship.

Mexico State

Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl: On March 19, a young brother was baptized and a good number of his family were present to hear the gospel preached. There is an open-air meeting the third Saturday of each month, and the believers appreciated the help of Omar Lozada (Venezuela) in March.

Quintana Roo

Cancún: The assembly held two weeks of gospel meetings in March. The believers were encouraged by the attendance, including several new visitors that have continued attending the regular meetings.

Northern Ireland

Co. Down

Drumlough: The assembly commenced a gospel series March 12 with D. Callaghan (Portadown) and M. Radcliffe.

Kilkeel: The assembly expects to have D. Gilliland and A. Steele for a gospel series commencing April 16.

Co. Londonderry

Magherafelt: At the end of February, S. Gilfillan and R. Kirkpatrick concluded six weeks of gospel meetings in the hall. A very large number of local people attended during the series, bringing encouragement to all.

Killykergan: Gospel meetings in the hall with Elton Fairfield and Willie Fenton (Ballintoy) during February and March were well attended.

Portrush: W. Fenton (Ballintoy) and J. Rogers are expected to commence a gospel series in the hall on April 16.

Co. Armagh

Newtownhamilton: A. Colgan and D. Gilliland had eight weeks of gospel meetings in a portable hall.

Kilmore: J. Palmer (Crossgar) and M. Turkington (Lurgan) had an encouraging and fruitful series of gospel meetings in the hall. The meetings concluded after ten weeks and a number of souls professed salvation.

Bleary: The assembly expects to have K. Newell (Kilkeel) and P. Tinsley (Dromore) for a gospel series at the end of April.

Co. Tyrone

Martry: The small assembly is planning a gospel series in the hall with G. Woods and T.W. Wright.

Castlederg: After many years without gospel meetings, the Kilmore assembly sponsored a series in a rented building with J. Fleck and D. Strahan for a number of weeks (from mid-January) in this border town.

Dungannon: The assembly expects to commence a three-week gospel series in the hall on April 16 with G. Woods.

Co. Antrim

Ballymena: The Harryville assembly had four weeks of gospel meetings with Brandon Doll and William Skates.

Larne: The Craigyhill assembly had eight weeks of well-attended gospel meetings with A. Steele and J. Rogers in the Market Yard, located in the centre of the town. Quite a few local people attended and all were encouraged by news of salvation.

Clough: S. Gilfillan and W. Martin will commence a gospel series in mid-April, D.V. Pray for blessing.

Ballybollen: The Ballybollen and Crosskeys assemblies hosted a gospel series in the Ballybollen Gospel Hall that commenced March 5 with J. Fleck and J. Rogers. An encouraging number attended.

Bushmills: The assembly in North Antrim had use of the local community centre for gospel meetings that began March 5 with A. Steele and S. Gilfillan.


Halifax, NS

June 3-4, the Annual June Bible Teaching Conference in the North Street Gospel Hall, 6417 North Street. The book of 1 Peter will be covered. Leading the studies will be Marcus Cain, Matthew Cain, Stephen Grant (Scotland), Sandy Higgins and John Meekin. Contact: northstreetgospelhall@gmail.com.

Portage la Prairie, MB

June 9-11, beginning with Bible readings on Friday afternoon, then continuing throughout the weekend with ministry, missionary reports, gospel and the Breaking of Bread. The meetings on Friday and all meals provided during the weekend are to be at the River Road Gospel Hall, 350 River Road. Lord willing, meetings on Saturday and Sunday (except for the Breaking of Bread) will be in the MNP Exhibition Building, located in Portage la Prairie on the island. The two Bible readings arranged for Friday are to consider John 14. General inquiries: Philip Ronald, Tel: 204-870-1140; Email: pronald@mymts.net. Accom: Shane Griffin, Tel: 204-872-4217; Email: shg152@yahoo.ca. The conference is sponsored jointly by the assemblies meeting at River Road Gospel Hall and Fifth Avenue Gospel Hall.

Newington, CT

June 10-11, in the gospel hall. The first meeting on Saturday is for ministry at 10am. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 9:45am. Corr: Philip Rockey; Tel: 860-627-5651; Email: prockey@snet.net. Gospel Hall – Tel: 860-666-4342.

Englehart, ON

June 23-25, North-Eastern Ontario Conference with prayer meeting on Friday, June 23, at 7:30pm in the gospel hall.  Meetings Saturday and Sunday will be held in the Englehart and Area Community Arena Complex. Lunch and supper will be served both days on site. Invited speakers are Eric Fowler, Murray Pratt and Bert Snippe, D.V. For more information or accommodations, contact Jeff Taylor, Tel: 705-648-4493; Email: jdtaylor1996@live.ca or Kenton Yade, Tel: 705-567-6214; Email: Kenton_yade@yahoo.com.

Taylorside, SK

June 23-25, with a prayer meeting on Thursday, June 22, at 7:30 pm. Meetings begin on Friday at 1:30 pm. Corr. John Parker, Tel: 306-752-4079; Email: jcpar1951@gmail.com.

Pugwash Junction, NS

July 1-2, with prayer meeting on Friday, June 30, at 7pm in the gospel hall, 6120 Thomson Road. The first meeting on Saturday is at 10am. We look forward to seeing all who can come. Accom: Jonathan McClelland, Email: jonkathmcclelland@gmail.com; Tel: 902-245-8776.

Conferences Previously Published:

Newmarket, ON – May 6

Ottawa, ON – May 19-21

Springdale, AR – May 26-27

Hickory, NC – May 26-28


Charles Spataro of Palm Springs, CA, on November 5, 2022, age 93. He was saved at age 15 and baptized in 1945 in the Italian assembly where he heard the gospel and came into fellowship. In 1948 he married Pat, his childhood sweetheart, and they had 4 boys. They moved in 1955 to Long Beach, CA, where they enjoyed assembly fellowship for four years before relocating to Palm Springs, where an assembly was eventually established. Charles and Pat served the Lord faithfully there for 50 years, showing warm hospitality to the saints. Charles endeared himself to everyone, exhibiting exuberant joy and energy. The memorial service was held January 28 in the chapel at Western Assembly Homes, Claremont, CA, where they had come to reside. Jonathan Spataro and Reuben Thropay shared memories and Martin Baghramian preached the gospel. He is survived by his wife Pat, sons Paul and Jonathan, and their children.

Annabel Shannon of Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, on January 26, 2023. Taught the Scriptures from an early age, she and her husband Hudson were saved while attending gospel meetings with H. Paisley and T. Campbell in 1957. Both were later baptized and received into the Kilkeel assembly. Her life was a testimony to her Lord and a great encouragement to others. Annabel ran a successful guest house in the family home of Morne Abbey, and all received a warm welcome. Hudson was called home in 2001 and their son in 2017. Annabel is greatly missed, but all rejoice that she is now with the Lord. A service in the family home was conducted by nephews I. Annett and J. Shannon, followed by the funeral service in the Ballykeel Gospel Hall, led by M. Bingham, J. Bingham and M. Verner. Please pray for daughters Eleanor, Olive, Gloria and their families.

Mary Lou Trikones of Steubenville, OH, on January 31, 2023, age 87. She was born in Toronto, OH, on August 25, 1935, and was saved on August 25, 1956, at her husband Earl’s baptism, while hearing the gospel spoken by George Baldwin and Albert Klabunda. Mary Lou loved the assembly of God’s people. She loved to have the Lord’s servants in her home, and also her family in her dining room. She and Earl have fond memories of Lorne McBain sitting and playing hymns at her piano while family and others sang. She was preceded in death by her daughter Rebecca in 1967. Mary Lou is survived by her husband Earl, three daughters, six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Dale Vitale and Bill Seale spoke at her funeral service. Mary Lou’s life was a great testimony to all that knew her. She will be greatly missed.