Fort McMurray: The Wood Buffalo assembly was encouraged with the October 22-26 ministry from Alan Smith.

British Columbia

Abbotsford: Frank Sona was with the Parkview assembly for ministry December 6-10 on the book of Ruth. The ministry was also livestreamed via Zoom.


Brampton: Gospel meetings with Liam Hannah (Toronto, ON) and Brody Thibodeau that began October 31 closed on November 21. The meetings were well supported in person in the hall, as well as a decent number joining nightly online. The assembly was encouraged to hold in-person meetings again, and they look to the Lord to bless the seed sown.

London: The Highbury Avenue assembly held an online gospel series December 5-10 titled “The True Meaning of Christmas As Seen in the Christmas Carols’’ with Eugene Higgins. The meetings were livestreamed via YouTube, Facebook and Zoom, and preceded by a prelude of Christmas carols.

Mississauga: The assembly at Applewood Heights was encouraged by a baptism this fall of two young brothers who were saved through the Sunday School work. The saints were blessed by the valued and uplifting teaching from Jack Hay, Craig Munro, Shawn St. Clair and Paul Robinson (Toronto, ON) at their annual Bible readings this past fall.

North Bay: The saints were encouraged when a young man obeyed the Lord in baptism and a young girl of seven trusted Christ. The assembly also enjoyed two weeks of in-person and livestreamed gospel meetings October 31-November 14 in an old school with Bert Snippe and local brother Mike Trahan. Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless the Word spoken.

Orillia: Gary Sharp preached the gospel at the Dominion assembly on November 28. The meeting was in person and livestreamed via Zoom.

Prince Edward Island

Summerside: The assembly enjoyed seven nights of Bible readings November 24-December 1 with John Meekin on the life of Joshua. The meetings were recorded and will be made available on the Pope Road Gospel Hall website.


Taylorside: The assembly was edified through two weeks of enjoyable, wholesome ministry – one week in October from Jack Gould, followed by a second week in November from Alan Smith.



Phoenix: The Orangewood assembly continues their series of short Saturday night devotionals via Zoom on the Person and Work of Our Lord Jesus Christ to help believers prepare for worship on Lord’s Day. Brethren taking part to date include Doug Yade (Kirkland Lake, ON, November 13), Bryon Meyers (November 20), Jim Beattie (November 27), and Tim Woodford (December 4).


Springdale: The assembly was encouraged in November by witnessing two young men obey the Lord in baptism.  Joel Thiessen’s (Omaha, NE) help in the gospel was appreciated on this special occasion.


DeLand: The assembly purposes to have a conference February 4-6 with a few Spanish meetings and four nights of ministry afterwards from Tuesday through Friday. Please see the recent December issue for conference details.


Ankeny: The assembly held three nights of special ministry meetings November 17-19 with Jerry Jennings on Habakkuk. During their December 4 day’s meeting, Sandy Higgins gave appreciated ministry on “Visits to Bethlehem.”

Dunkerton: The believers are rejoicing because a man who attended the gospel meetings with William Skates and Frank Sona in the small town of Dewar last August professed salvation on November 3. He has long-standing connections with the Hitesville assembly. Robert Orr visited the assembly for the Lord’s Day, November 14.

Manchester: The assembly had much joy on November 8 witnessing the baptism of a young couple who were saved in the tent at The Mill truck stop in August.

Stout: Frank Sona visited the assembly and gave Sunday afternoon ministry on November 21. The assembly is planning to hold their annual conference April 9-10, 2022, D.V. Details to follow.


Arlington: The assembly extends a warm welcome February 19-20 to their hall and family homes for their upcoming Arlington youth conference, D.V. Prayer is requested for these meetings (see the conference notice below for contact details).


Brodhead: The assembly commenced gospel meetings with Brandon Doll and Joel Portman on November 28. Close to 3000 Seed Sowers packets that included an invitation to the meetings were delivered around Brodhead and some surrounding towns on Friday, November 26.

Mount Sterling: The assembly commenced gospel meetings in person with John Fitzpatrick and Jason Wahls on December 1 but was forced to cancel them due to COVID-19.



Veracruz: The assembly hosted a virtual conference in November. They appreciated the help given from the Word of God by Duncan Beckett, John Dennison, Anderson Hernández, Miguel Mosquera, Harrys Rodríguez, Timothy Stevenson, Paul Thiessen, Timothy Turkington and Tim Woodford.

State of Mexico

Nezahualcóyotl: The assembly held their first-ever conference in November, commemorating 20 years of God’s faithfulness to them as a local testimony in this large city. On Saturday, Miguel Mosquera, Harrys Rodríguez, Paul Thiessen, and Timothy Turkington all shared in the ministry of the Word virtually. On Sunday, the assembly gathered to break bread and hear ministry from Duncan Beckett and Shad Kember.

San Luis Potosí

El Barril: In November, the assembly enjoyed five nights of profitable ministry from Miguel Mosquera on the Holy Spirit.

Nuevo León

Monterrey: The assembly enjoyed a two-week visit from Romer Mosquera (Hermosillo) in October. They appreciated his help in the ministry of the Word and in the gospel.


Hermosillo: Eleonor Mosquera was able to recommence children’s meetings on Saturdays in Laura Alicia Frías after a long hiatus imposed by the pandemic. The attendance was very encouraging, with over 50 children present at times. Some of these children have been coming to the Sunday gospel meeting in the hall as well.


Arlington/Marysville, WA

February 19-20, in the Arlington Gospel Hall. A very warm invitation for all to attend the annual Youth Conference is extended. It will certainly be a great joy and comfort to meet face to face again with saints far and near. May the saints remain unified and encouraged to lift up the beautiful name of our Lord Jesus Christ and each other before the throne of grace! Accom: Jim Klein, Tel: 425-508-2807; Email: kleinklan123@hotmail.com or Phil Kazen, Tel: 360-659-4611; Email: ps.kazen@gmail.com.

Conferences Previously Published:

Tampa, FL – January 15-16 (Youth)

DeLand, FL – February 4-6


Gertrude Kazen of Arlington, WA, on September 2, 2021, age 95, after a brief illness. Gert was saved at age 17 through the truth of John 3:16. She married Don (Bud) Kazen in 1946 and together they served the Lord in the Arlington assembly. Their home was an oasis of hospitality along Interstate 5 at the Arlington exit. She entertained Christians, evangelists, missionaries and stranded travelers from off the freeway and was faithful giving out tracts to any who crossed her path. She was preceded in death by her husband, Bud, in 2010 and her son Gaius in 2014. She is survived by three children, 14 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren. Many of the family know and serve the Lord. Seven family members and Bryon Meyers spoke at the memorial service, followed by Gaius Goff at the graveside. Please pray that all will come to know the Savior.

Diana Brandt of Cedar Falls, IA, on September 15, 2021, age 83. She was born May 13, 1938, and born again on June 23, 1948, through the words of John 3:36. She and her husband, Dr. Larry Brandt, made Hitesville Gospel Hall their sphere of service, entertaining Christians, showing hospitality to travelers, and serving in the community. Diana loved to garden, sew, knit, quilt and read. She was a good listener and gave wise counsel when asked. In July 2020, Larry and Diana moved to a retirement community in Cedar Falls, IA, and transferred their fellowship to the Cedar Falls assembly. Diana is survived by her husband of 58 years, two daughters, and their families. She will be greatly missed. Her private funeral service was shared by her son-in-law, Mark Fitch, and grandson-in-law, Joel Thiessen.

Vernon Paul of Taylorside, SK, on October 11, 2021, age 81. He was raised by godly parents in Taylorside, saved at a young age, baptized at age 18, and received into assembly fellowship. Vernon was committed to the truth of the local church. Blessed with a good singing voice, he often led the singing. Surviving him are his wife Elaine, and three children who share the same blessed hope. A gracious, warm-hearted believer, Vernon will be greatly missed by all who knew him.