Book Review: Everyday Evangelism

Paul McCauley & David Williamson, Everyday Evangelism (Kilmarnock: John Ritchie Ltd, 2018), 336 pp.

Reviewed by James McAllister (Donegal, NI)

The call to evangelism is addressed to every believer and every moment of a redeemed life. This book helpfully lays out a framework of principles and practicalities for the believer to apply daily in his or her own sphere. The authors confess that it is not an exhaustive volume, but the blend between general aspects and specific details is sufficiently balanced for the reader to implement and apply in a wide variety of personal circumstances.

The book is divided into two sections consisting of “Tactics” and “Apologetics.” The former fundamentally focuses on commencing evangelism (what it means; how to converse; the need for Christlikeness, conviction and compassion), while the latter addresses how to continue evangelizing (giving a defence in the face of problems and questions). Both parts display a breadth of personal experience and depth of spiritual thought on the part of the authors; it is evident that what is being presented has been tried and tested, and is rooted in biblical authority. The truth discussed, which is underpinned by relevant Scriptures, is highly pertinent for anyone who engages in conversation in modern society.

Everyday Evangelism is an extremely useful, accessible and practical resource for any believer wishing to learn more about what to say, as well as why, when, and how to say it, when bringing the gospel of our Lord Jesus to the lost.