British Columbia

Port Alberni: Elton Fairfield visited the assembly October 20-21.

Vancouver: The 106th Thanksgiving Conference took place over the long weekend in October. Brethren who shared speaking responsibilities were Clive Barber, Jack Gould, Scott MacLeod, Dave Richards and Brody Thibodeau. Many expressed appreciation for the flow of the ministry, which touched on present living in view of the glories of the coming Kingdom. Following the conference, brother Barber had a week of ministry in Victoria Drive on Headship, then a second week with the Fairview and South Burnaby assemblies. Elton Fairfield also gave ministry at the Carleton, Fairview and South Burnaby assemblies in October.

Westbank: The assembly held a mini-conference October 27 with Elton Fairfield, who spoke on the Highways of Scripture.


Portage la Prairie: Al Christopherson and Gary Sharp began gospel meetings at the River Road Gospel Hall on October 20.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gander: The children’s meetings Oct 21-25 with Tim Burton (Summerside, PE) saw more than 50 different young people out during the week, along with a good number of adults. Approximately 75 people attended during the last night. The saints were very encouraged. The gospel meetings started October 28 with Tim Burton and Brody Thibodeau.

L’Anse au Loup: The annual conference October 18-20 was an encouragement to all. Marvin Derksen, Murray McCandless, Scott MacLeod, Jon Procopio, Pete Smith and Brody Thibodeau all helped with the ministry and the gospel. The 4 nights following the conference, Brody Thibodeau led Bible studies from 1 Timothy on assembly truth in English Point with help from local brethren.

Sandringham: Marvin and Barbara Derksen were with the assembly for the weekend of October 6. Alex and Jean Stephenson also visited the assembly for the weekend of October 20. Both of these visits were very much appreciated and an encouragement.

St. John’s: The assembly purposed a gospel series November 5-17 with Marvin Derksen and local brother Dave Mullett. Prayer is requested that God will work in salvation.


Deseronto: The small assembly here has been greatly encouraged by the arrival of an exercised young couple and their family. This is an answer to their prayers; the assembly thanks those who prayed for them and would value your continued prayers.

Kitchener: Jon Procopio and Frank Sona purposed gospel meetings beginning November 3.

Straffordville: The assembly had a float in the parade and a booth on the midway at the annual Straffordville Watermelon Festival at the end of August. Many tracts, framed texts, bookmarks, fridge magnets, as well as gospel literature and invitations, were distributed. As a result, newcomers came to Sunday School, gospel meetings, Pathfinders and the weekly Youth Outreach Program. The Pathfinders Children’s meetings run weekly from September through November. Towards the end of October, 78 children were present, along with about 30 parents who don’t usually attend. The Youth Outreach Program continues with 35-40 young people from the area who are presented with a clear gospel message each week.

The assembly is encouraged by the many that have come as a result of contacts from counseling and home Bible studies. Dave and Yvonne Patten are so thankful to the Lord for Dave’s recovery from CIDP after being in the hospital for six months in 2018. They have seen God’s hand in a remarkable recovery and are so grateful for the prayers of God’s people for them. They are currently doing three home Bible studies each week and continue with counseling and discipling.

Windsor: Sandy Higgins visited the assembly September 28-October 2 for a series of five very helpful ministry meetings on Hebrews 11-13. Frank Sona also had an appreciated ministry series October 27-30 that covered all four chapters of Ruth. All ministry sessions were instructive and challenging to the believers, and encouraged further study of these Scriptures.



Phoenix: The assembly appreciated a weekend visit from David Vallance (Stark Road, MI) in October when he spoke on apologetics. They were encouraged to have believers from Hermosillo, East Los Angeles, San Diego and Orangewood (Phoenix) also attend.


East Los Angeles: A Seed Sowers activity held in English and Spanish is planned December 23-27. Room and board will be provided. For further details, please contact Jeremy Kundert, Tel: 747-258-0903; Email: jeremy@relearninggod.org.


Newington: Robert Surgenor had four nights of ministry October 15-18 with the assembly. He also gave ministry at assemblies in Manchester, CT, and East Aurora, NY.


Ankeny: The next Spanish gospel meeting was purposed for Monday, November 18, at the Franklin Avenue Library in Des Moines.

Dunkerton: Bill Lavery spent the day with the assembly on November 3.

Stout: In September, Scott MacLeod and Murray McCandless were with the assembly for one night of ministry. Stan Wells visited for a Lord’s Day and had three nights of ministry. Clive Barber also spoke in the gospel on a Lord’s Day evening. Their help was greatly appreciated.


Battle Creek: The Venezuelan Relief Fund continues to ship food and medical supplies monthly to the saints in Venezuela. Many tons of food have already been shipped to them, and funds have been transferred to pay for medical procedures. Thank you for the many gifts and donations received thus far.

Deckerville: Jim Beattie visited the assembly on Lord’s Day, November 3, and gave both inspirational ministry and a clear gospel message, with some unsaved being present. The saints were encouraged.

Jackson: A series of gospel meetings began November 3 with Jonathan Seed and local brother Joseph Baker.


Tylertown: Brethren from Matoaca, VA, Tampa, FL, Tacoma, WA, and Hickory, NC, assisted David Oliver (Bryn Mawr, PA) with two weeks of gospel meetings October 6-19 in a tent. Hundreds of calendars and invitations were distributed. The assembly was encouraged by the attendance of newcomers on the last night of the series. John Nobles also gave his testimony to several teenage boys and staff at a Christian boarding school.

North Carolina

Hickory: The assembly set up a booth at the Taylorsville Apple Festival on October 19 and distributed over 3000 texts, magnets, bookmarks and other items containing Bible verses. The believers gather on the first Friday of each month to make the items. Working together to spread the Word of God was an encouraging time for all.


Crandon: The believers enjoyed ministry and Christian fellowship at the annual Bible conference October 11-13. Speakers were Tom Baker, Larry Perkins and David Petterson.



Nueva Jerusalén: This assembly is one of almost 50 in the state of Chiapas. Marcus Cain and Tim Woodford visited four of these assemblies in the Tapachula area in October.

The university linked with the assembly celebrated its second annual graduation of Master’s Degrees recipients on July 27 with four graduating. Juan Pérez, a graduate from 2018 and nephew of one of the overseers, was selected to give his Master’s thesis at a national congress of computer engineers in Mexico City, where it was well accepted. John Thropay (East Los Angeles, CA) was accompanied by Lydia McNeill (Clonroot, N.I.), Liz Templo (Monrovia, CA) and Matthew Williams (Culver City, CA). The gospel was preached to approximately 200 people in attendance, including all the regional political leaders. Should there be a believer with a desire to visit the assembly for two weeks or more in order to teach English as they witness for the Lord, please contact Dr. John Thropay at Jthropay@beverlyoncology.com.

Nuevo León

Monterrey: A gospel series was held for two weeks in the open air in a plaza. Gospel literature and invitations were delivered prior to the series, and many who passed by during the meetings received tracts as well. Anderson and Mariú Hernández, along with local believers, have begun evangelizing the main area of Juárez with Via magazines.


Chihuahua: The assembly was very encouraged when two believers were baptized the last Sunday in October. A good number of friends and family heard the gospel preached that evening as well. A gospel series in the nearby city of Delicias commenced in November.


Hermosillo: The assembly very much enjoyed ministry on the Minor Prophets given by Carl Knott (Seville, Spain). A good number of believers from the Obregón assembly were present for the three Saturday sessions. A young man, saved ten years ago, was received into fellowship in October, and two other young men obeyed the Lord in baptism. Prayers are appreciated for a Seed Sowers distribution taking place December 23-29, with a gospel series in the south of the city commencing January 1. A storefront has been rented for this purpose, trusting that God will work in this area.


Guasave: Local brethren are visiting a drug and alcohol center each week to preach the gospel.


Zapopan: The attendance at the Sunday School continues to be very encouraging. Around 25 adults are in the adult class, where they are learning truths concerning the local church.


Irapuato: Ricky Sawatsky has commenced a teaching series on the meetings of the local assembly, taking up this theme each Lord’s Day. The assembly is happy to have two brethren back with them after having spent some time working in Canada.


Xalapa: The assembly very much enjoyed a visit from Samuel and Ruth Chesney (N. Ireland) for two weeks. Samuel’s help in the gospel, ministry and bilingual children’s meetings was very appreciated. Timothy Stevenson returned to Tuxpan for another visit, preaching the gospel on two occasions to a good number of contacts, several of whom came for the first time.

Quintana Roo

Cancún: A special gospel series was held October 8-25. David Cadenas, Shad Kember and Timothy Turkington preached during the first week, and then Charles Davidson (Cardy, N. Ireland) helped during the remainder of the series. On October 23, two special teaching meetings were held, the theme being the local church.


From Frank Sona: We were encouraged in our recent trip to Aruba. The gospel went forth in the areas of San Nicolas and Savaneta with 5000 texts distributed. On several occasions we were able to speak in the local YMCA to 20-30 children that had almost no Bible knowledge. Two individuals told us they had been saved, and the possibility of a dear bed-ridden old man coming to Christ is an encouragement. Please pray for a planned follow up visit in January, D.V.


DeLand, FL

February 7-9 in the gospel hall, 109 E. Rosehill Ave. (east off N. Woodland Blvd.) Friday: Prayer Meeting 7pm. Saturday: Ministry 10:30am and 4:00 pm, Bible Reading 2pm, Gospel 7pm. Lord’s Day: Breaking of Bread 10:30am, Bible Reading 2pm, Ministry 4:00pm, Gospel 7:00pm. Bible Readings topic: Features of the Tabernacle that speak of the New Testament Assembly. Lord willing, there will be a few additional meetings in Spanish and four nights of ministry following the conference, starting Tuesday, February 11, through Friday, February 14. Corr: Fred King, 215 Lake Talmadge Rd., DeLand, FL 32724; Tel: 386-943-4000.

Conferences Previously Published:

Saugus, MA – December 7-8

Pennsauken, NJ – January 10-12 (Note NEW date)

Change of Address

Evelyn Abernethy, Unit D, Hilltop Garden Apartments, 4757 – 221st Street, Langley, BC, V2Z 1M7

Change of Address of Correspondent

Fort McMurray, AB: Sam Payne, Tel: 780-742-9762


Theresa Eglseder of Garnavillo, IA, on April 27, 2019, age 40. She was born February 8, 1979, to Dan and Jean Miller of Millville, IA. Theresa attended Clarke College, and subsequently the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, where she graduated in 2004. She was a pharmacist at Hartig Drug for 13 years. Theresa accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior on July 24, 2005, after hearing the gospel from Grant Hagen. She passed into the Lord’s presence after a year-long battle with colorectal cancer. Theresa is survived by her husband Andy of 18 years, young daughters Allison Jean, Katherine Nicole and Abigail Grace, and a six-year-old son, Elijah James (Allison Jean, age 12, professed faith in Christ several months ago). Joe Brandt, Ron Wahls, Josh Coughlin and Mike Coughlin conducted the private funeral and committal.

Sarah Lynne Rodgers (nee Markle) of Toronto, ON, on May 17, 2019. She was called home suddenly at age 52. Her husband Ross, and children Noah, Brea, Laura and Jessie mourn her passing. Sarah was saved in Ottawa through meetings conducted by Bill Bingham and Robert Surgenor in 1979. She continued in fellowship in various Ontario assemblies, including Rexdale and Bolton. Sarah Lynne was actively involved with her assembly family, Sunday school work and missionary support groups. She was marked by her enthusiastic practical encouragement to so many friends, while her home was always open, befriending and providing counsel or support to many in need. Her funeral, held in the Langstaff assembly, was attended by over 600 people who gave testimony to her “Dorcas” character.

Dorothy Gertrude Mitchell of Carnduff, SK, on July 29, 2019, in the Sunset Haven Nursing Home, age 105. She had come to teach school in the Hope School District around 1944. Early in 1945, Sam Hamilton held gospel meetings at the Glen Ewen Gospel Hall, and Dorothy was saved on January 20 during this series. She was later received into happy fellowship with the Christians at the Glen Ewen assembly. She was predeceased by her husband, Sam; son, Harry; parents, Harry and Mary (Quail) Taylor; seven siblings: Herbert Taylor, Florence (Oliver) Farr, Isabel (Gordon) Reid, Irene (Stewart) Smith, Frank Taylor, Edna Wagner (Sam Dill) (Earl Wagner), and William Taylor. Dorothy is survived by her two foster sons, Dwight and Duain, and her brother Ernie Taylor. The funeral was held at the Glen Ewen Gospel Hall with Randy Logue presiding. Sid Griffin spoke at the graveside service.

Beryl Hulcoop of Deer Lake, Port Sydney, ON, on September 19, 2019, age 97. Born in England, she immigrated to Canada at an early age. She was born again in her late teens and was married to Arthur Hulcoop in 1944. They were in fellowship at the Highfield Road Gospel Hall. Many folks of the “older” generation remember being in Beryl’s Sunday School class, where she was faithful in teaching the Way. Living in Barrie, her four children were taught about God and His plan of salvation, and she had the joy of seeing every one of them saved. Ending up in Muskoka, she was in happy fellowship in the Deer Lake assembly for over 40 years. She had a bright testimony to the end; even in her weakness she showed God’s love to caregivers. At her funeral the gospel was clearly presented in a simple, caring way by Brian Crawford.