Fort McMurray: Joel Griffin was with the assembly for two nights in May and gave a missionary report on the work in Angola that he and his wife Kaleigh are doing. The assembly was encouraged with a young sister recently being added to the assembly in March.

British Columbia

Langley: Sandy Higgins gave appreciated ministry April 29-May 3 on Nehemiah, Ezra, Haggai, Esther and Mordecai.

Vancouver: Gospel meetings with David Hunt and Stuart Thompson at the Deep Cove assembly concluded in mid-April after three weeks.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Sandringham: The assembly appreciated visits by Marvin Derksen on April 18 and Bryan Joyce on April 22 for ministry of the Word.


Fairbank: Blair Martin (Scotland) is expected for ministry June 17-19, each evening at 8pm, in the Fairbank Gospel Hall, 119 Ennerdale Road, York. He is also expected at various assemblies in the Greater Toronto Area, as locally announced.

Kapuskasing: This year’s Easter Conference was sandwiched between two Missionary Report meetings. On Thursday evening, the local saints enjoyed a presentation by Edmund Johnston (N. Ireland), who labors with his wife, Agnes, in Lviv, Ukraine. On Monday evening, Murray Poidevin reported on the work in Zambia where he labors with his wife, Grace.

Spirit-led ministry was given throughout the weekend by Edmund Johnston, Lorne Langfeld, Max McLean (Oil Springs, ON), Murray Poidevin, Murray Pratt, Bruce Rodgers, Malcolm Stanley (Portage, MB), Larry Steers, and Douglas Yade (Kirkland Lake, ON). The gospel was preached Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Niagara Falls: The attendance at the assembly’s last Community Dinner on April 28 was one of their largest, with over 70 present. They look to the Lord to bless the preaching of the gospel. Prayer is requested for a planned Seed Sowers effort for this city starting the week of July 28.

Toronto: The Langstaff assembly requests prayer for their upcoming June 20-23 mini-gospel series. This will be the fourth mini-series held this school year, as the assembly has experimented with having four shorter series in the calendar year rather than one longer series. Stephen Vance, Bryan Joyce, and Michael Da Silva, Jr. (Toronto, ON) spoke at our previous series and new contacts were present on each occasion.


Glen Ewen: The assembly appreciated ministry from Stephen Vance last November and reports from Mexico by Miguel Mosquera and Ricky Sawatsky in December. In January, Marvin Derksen and Peter Ramsay preached the gospel for three weeks, with one confessing faith in Christ. In March, Bruce Rodgers gave ministry on Romans 8-12. Prayer is requested for the assembly and their saved and unsaved young people.



Phoenix: The West Phoenix assembly convened its annual conference at the end of April and was very encouraged by the excellent attendance, with a large number of assemblies represented. The ministry of the Word was shared by Antonio Becerra (Barrington, NJ), Marcus Cain, John Clingen, Shad Kember, Andrew Ussher (Toronto, ON), and Tim Woodford.


Los Angeles: The saints were encouraged at the 21st Palm Sunday weekend conference where they saw and felt the Holy Spirit working powerfully. A man and his sister-in-law both professed to be saved. Armando Fuentes’ testimonial from the four-year-old assembly in Westmorland, CA, was powerful, giving God the glory. They celebrated three baptisms. Ministry from Willians Alcala (Australia and New Guinea), Glen Baker and Tom Baker (Norco, CA), Marcus Cain (Mexico) and Tony Flett (Nicaragua) was spiritually provocative and uplifting. Attendance was approximately 300 at the peak attendance periods on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.


Ankeny: Frank Sona gave appreciated ministry on April 9.

The Spanish gospel meeting on Monday night, April 1, in Des Moines had many Hispanic adults and children in attendance. Juan Bello (Hampton, IA) and Ryan Hayes (Marion, IA) preached the gospel. Another Spanish meeting is planned for early summer, with a date and location yet to be determined. Questions or possible contacts can be sent to Dan Massoth, Tel: 515-556-9470; Email: ankenygospelhall@hotmail.com.

Cedar Falls: The assembly planned a weekend of ministry on relationships, May 11-12.

Clarksville: Jim Beattie was with the Antioch assembly for ministry on April 16 and 18.

Hitesville: Jim Beattie gave appreciated ministry on April 17.

Stout: Jonathan Procopio and Frank Sona closed the gospel meetings on April 7 that began March 3. The Lord blessed in salvation and the assembly was encouraged.

The April 13-14 annual conference was well attended. J. Beattie, B. Doll, J. Jennings, W. Lavery, F. Sona, and A. Summers received help from the Lord to give very profitable ministry. Jeremiah Collins (La Crosse, WI) presented a lesson to the children.


Battle Creek: Venezuela Relief Fund (VRF): The assembly is thankful to the Lord that food and necessary items (toothpaste, soap, deodorant, etc.) continue to be delivered to believers there. Medical needs are being met as well, as the VRF is assisting with medical items, procedures, and surgeries in Venezuela. Contributions intended for medical use should be marked “For Medical Use.”

The assembly continues to appreciate ministry from Jonathan Seed while he is in Michigan.


Blue River: Gospel meetings with Isaiah Frazier and William Skates that began on March 10 closed on April 14. Brian Crawford was with the assembly April 28–May 1 for ministry.

La Crosse: Bill Lavery was with the assembly for ministry May 5-9.

Ontario: Gospel meetings with Brandon Doll and local brethren after Stan Wells had to return home were closed on April 12 after five weeks. The assembly was encouraged by seeing many local people attend. The Lord blessed in salvation.


Quintana Roo

Cancún: David Cadenas and Timothy Turkington held two weeks of gospel meetings in the hall. The attendance was very encouraging, and there were several who came along for the first time.


Xalapa: A three-week series of gospel meetings was held in April, with Timothy Woodford helping Timothy Stevenson for the first week, and Shad Kember joining for the last two weeks. The meetings were blessed by God, and were a source of encouragement to the Lord’s people. John Nesbitt and Shad Kember were both with the assembly on its fourth anniversary.

Mexico State

Nezahualcóyotl: The assembly recently received into fellowship a married couple originally from Venezuela but now residing in Mexico.


La Purísima: During the Easter holidays the assembly held five days of special children’s meetings. The interest among the children was very encouraging despite the increasing opposition during the week; many were prohibited from returning during the series, but thankfully some have continued to attend the regular children’s meeting on Saturdays.


Zapopan: Don Genaro was baptized on April 14, having arrived at the hall some time ago seeking salvation. It was a personal joy to him to see several family members attend the gospel meeting the night he obeyed the Lord publicly.


Guasave: The assembly celebrated its third anniversary in April with a special weekend of meetings. Duncan Beckett, Tim Boddy (New Creek, WV), Shad Kember and Paul Thiessen shared in the ministry of the Word. On the Sunday night a young sister was baptized.

Nuevo León

Monterrey: On April 21 Anderson Hernández and Miguel Mosquera commenced a weekly series of teaching on Egypt to Canaan and the Tabernacle. On April 24 they held a special event for the children on the community basketball court, and more than 40 children and youth attended and heard a gospel message.


Chihuahua: Two local brethren (Blas and Ivan) visited two villages in the Sierra of Chihuahua, San Isidro de Huajamar and Basaseachi. Texts and Via Magazines were delivered and the gospel was preached in this needy area. On the way home they visited the town of Guerrero where they shared the gospel with Ivan’s father.


San Luis Río Colorado: Meetings in the nearby area called Guanajuato continue, and God has blessed in the salvation of two souls.

Hermosillo: A woman who was saved at the annual conference obeyed the Lord in baptism in April.


Augusta, ME

June 22-23, with prayer meeting on Friday, June 21, at 7:30pm. Saturday: Bible Reading (Heb 13) 9am, Ministry 10:30am and 2pm, Gospel 6pm. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 10:30am. Other meetings on Sunday are the same as Saturday. All meetings are in the Gospel Hall, 421 Old Belgrade Road (Route 3). Expected speakers are Paul Barnhardt, Matthew Cain, David Hierlihy and David McClelland. Contact Jim Thompson, Tel: 207-512-2636; Email: jptbooks@gmail.com.

Pugwash Junction, NS

June 29-30, with prayer meeting on Friday, June 28, at 7pm. All meetings will be held at the Gospel Hall, 6120 Thomson Road, Pugwash Junction. Saturday: Ministry 10am and 2:15pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Lord’s Day: Bible Reading 8:30am, Breaking of Bread 10am, Ministry 2:15pm, Gospel 6:30pm. Accom: Jerry Thompson, Tel: 902-694-8146. Corr: Merlin Russell, Tel: 902-694-8431; Email: m.russell462@gmail.com for more information.

Sioux City, IA

July 20-21, in the Sioux City Gospel Hall, 120 South Leonard Street, Sioux City, IA. Saturday: Prayer 7pm with refreshments afterwards. Sunday: Breaking of Bread 9:45am, Bible Reading (1 Thessalonians 5) 11:15am, Lunch 12:30pm, Children’s Meeting 1:30pm, Ministry 2pm, Dinner 4:30pm, Gospel 5:30pm. Corr: Gary Hayes, Tel: 712-223-2398, Email: george55698@outlook.com. Accom: Bernie Mertens, Tel: 712-223-0439.

Conferences Previously Published:

Bancroft, ON – June 1

Halifax, NS – June 1-2

Saugus, MA – June 1-2

Springdale, AR – June 1-2

Garnavillo, IA – June 7-9

North Bay, ON – June 7-9

Portage la Prairie, MB – June 14-16

Taylorside, SK – June 28-30

Englehart, Earlton, Charlton, Kirkland Lake, ON – June 29-30


Change of Address

Larry Steers, Email: larrygj957@icloud.com

Rhoda Cumming, #305 – 9080 – 159 Street, Surrey, BC, V4N 5T6, Tel: 604-587-6429

Wood Buffalo Gospel Hall, 119 Brett Drive, Fort McMurray, AB, T9K 1V1

Change of Address of Correspondent

Arnstein, ON: Jesse Booth, Arnstein Gospel Hall, Box 106, Arnstein, ON, P0H 1A0; Tel: 705-757-3716; Email: boothjesse@yahoo.com

Deckerville, MI: Greg Trowhill, Tel: 810-404-7852; Email: gregtrowhill@yahoo.com

Fort McMurray, AB: Sam Payne, 118 Bussieres Drive, Fort McMurray, AB, T9K 1W3; Tel: 780-715-0468; Email: mojomago@telus.net

Change in Meeting Times

Deckerville, MI: Prayer Meeting: Thursdays at 7pm.


Glen Johnson of London, ON, on March 1, 2019, age 82. Predeceased by his wife Kathleen 12 years ago, he is survived by Julia (Stephen) Stainton, Andrew Johnson, and seven grandchildren who mourn his loss. Glen was born on May 22,1936, in Grand Bend, ON, where he was saved at 16 and later received into assembly fellowship. There he started an electrical apprenticeship and continued in active work until a few weeks before his home call. He faithfully attended all assembly meetings and was on the constant lookout for ways to help unsaved, saved or assemblies. Many in Canada and Central America can attest to his generosity and diligent work habits. Hubert Gratton and Eric Bell spoke of his life and legacy, and Bert Snippe preached the gospel clearly to a large number of suppliers, workmen and friends who filled the Highbury Hall. His seat is empty; he is missed.

Lois “Jean” (McCandless) Vance of Toronto, ON, on April 5, 2019, aged 69. Following gospel meetings in Sarnia, ON, with Albert Joyce and Archie Stewart, she was saved at age six through Acts 16:31. Jean loved sharing the gospel through Sunday School and ESL classes in Toronto, St. Thomas and Unionville. The many tearful ESL students at her funeral were evidence of the loving relationship she developed with them. She helped with missionary sewing in St. Thomas for many years. Jean demonstrated patient resolve, generosity, joyfulness, hospitality, and a passion for the Lord and His people. Her encouragement of others, continued involvement in gospel work, and submission to the Lord despite her battle with pancreatic cancer in the last year of her life was an inspiration to many. She is survived by her beloved husband John, son Stephen (Cynthia), daughters Ruth (Thomas) Piao and Rachel (Jiwan) Rai, and five grandchildren.

Marlys Behrends of Parkersburg, IA, on March 9, 2019, age 80. She was saved in April 1961 during special gospel meetings held by P. Elliott and R. Orr in a rented building in Ackley, IA. “It is finished” gave her the personal assurance of salvation. Following her baptism, Marlys was received into the fellowship of the Hampton assembly, continuing there until her marriage to Raymond Behrends in 1975 when she transferred to the Hitesville assembly. On December 28, 2018, she slipped and fell on the ice, which led to numerous complications resulting in her passing to be at home with the Lord. Preceded in death by her husband in 2002, Marlys is survived by four nieces and nephews. Robert Orr and Russ Nesbit shared in the funeral service.

Harry Schmidt of Greene, IA, on March 20, 2019, age 90. He was saved July 17, 1967, at 2 a.m. while reading the gospel tract “Is this world all that is worth living for?” Romans 5:6 gave him the assurance of salvation. Following baptism, Harry and his wife Eloise gathered with the assembly that meets in the Antioch Gospel Hall. Faithful in attendance, he was always exercised to express thanksgiving at the Breaking of Bread meeting. Preceded in death by one daughter, Harry is survived by his wife of 67 years, two daughters, and a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Roy Weber and Russ Nesbit shared in the funeral service, which was held in the Greene Community Center.

Tilfred Rierson of Aplington, IA, on March 24, 2019, age 93. He was born in Brooten, MN, and first heard the gospel while working as a farm hand in the Wilmar, Minnesota, area. He was saved August 16, 1955, while reading John 3:36. After marriage to Norma Uhlenhopp in 1960, he and his wife moved to Cedar Falls, IA, where he was active in the assembly. Following retirement in 1995, they moved to Aplington and became a part of the Hitesville assembly. Tilfred was thankful for God’s goodness throughout his life, displaying kindness and patience to those around him. He is survived by his wife, Norma, and many nieces and nephews. The funeral in the Hitesville hall was taken by Russ Nesbit, with Robert Orr speaking at the grave.

Peggy Haan of Parkersburg, IA, on April 8, 2019, age 82. Peggy was saved at the age of 11 through the truth of John 3:16 shortly after a gospel series shared by Leonard De Buhr and George Gould. She was received into the Stout assembly, and after marrying Ervin Haan, they remained there until 1983 when they moved to Florida and enjoyed the fellowship of the saints in DeLand. After retirement, they came back to Iowa and returned to the Stout assembly where they continued in happy fellowship. Peggy was preceded in death by an infant son, and is survived by her loving husband of 62 years, three children, nine grandchildren, and one sister. William Lavery, William Skates, and her son-in-law, Rick Pruhs, shared in the funeral services.

Colette Swieter of Hitesville, IA, on April 16, 2019, age 57. She was born in Manchester, IA, the daughter of Harlan and Arlene Gentz. She was saved at the age of 13 during special meetings with Robert Orr and Herbert Dobson through Isaiah 53:6. After marriage to Donald Swieter in 1982, they resided in the Iowa Falls area, and in recent years were a part of the Hitesville assembly. She was a loving, smiling, caring, warm, fun-loving person who was a great mentor and loved by all. Her diagnosis with cancer was just five weeks prior to her passing to be with Christ. She will be greatly missed by her family, community and the assembly. She leaves behind her husband, two sons, one daughter and two grandchildren. Her brother-in-law Tim Draves, her brother Dennis Gentz, and Russ Nesbit shared in the large service held in the Hitesville hall.

George Thompson of Chapman Valley, ON, on April 27, 2019, age 86. He went home to be with his Savior and Lord after a long illness borne patiently. George was an esteemed elder in the Chapman Valley assembly for many years, but had been severely limited for some time due to bilateral leg amputations and related problems. He will be missed by his dear wife, Alma, who lovingly cared for him through many hours at his side, and by his large family, including grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Saved as a young man in 1957 in gospel meetings in Arnstein, ON, George had a faithful testimony, as evidenced by the large number who attended his funeral. Fred Krause and Don Robinson shared in the funeral service. Prayer for the many unsaved that attended is appreciated.